Meditation Technique for Spiritual Awakening: Letting Go of Thoughts

    Monday, October 13, 2014, 10:48 PM [General]

    "When you place importance
    on a thought,
    whether it be an idea, an opinion,
    a judgment, or a belief,
    then you are bound to it.
    It becomes part of your identification.

    That thought then has power over you
    because you are holding on to it,
    you are defining yourself with it.

    And that holding on,
    keeps you stuck in the feeling of separateness,
    of being in conflict with everything else.
    Stress is created out of that feeling
    of separateness.

    So you journey that thought
    for as long as you hold on to it.
    Perhaps for a minute,
    perhaps a lifetime.

    But at some point hopefully
    you realize the suffering of it,
    you realize the stress of holding on to it.
    And so you let it go.

    And in that letting go of it,
    a big chunk of who you think you are goes with it
    and you are left feeling that you are nothing.

    It feels like death in a way,
    of being a zero.

    Usually at this point,
    we quickly grab hold of something else
    to define ourselves.

    But if we are courageous,
    we allow that nothing.
    We don't re-define ourselves
    with another idea,
    or distract ourselves.
    We just allow that nothing.

    We are present in that nothing.

    And although the mind
    will tell you that nothing is the worst,
    if you really feel what is there,
    you will discover it is blissful.

    In nothing, there is just consciousness.
    It is pure peace.
    Not a peace that is happening for any "me"
    but a peace that simply is.

    In meditation,
    you learn to let of of thoughts in this way
    and remain in pure consciousness.
    You learn to remain in the pure state
    of simply not holding on to anything.

    Much love,


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    Meditation is offering 100% Attention to This Moment

    Thursday, September 18, 2014, 10:14 PM [General]

    "Meditation is giving yourself
    100 percent to this moment.

    If you give yourself 100 percent
    to this moment,
    then there is no you and this moment,
    there is only this moment;
    there is only bliss consciousness.

    This goes not just for sitting meditation
    but for doing anything.
    If you are washing the dishes
    and your attention is resting 100 percent
    in the moment, in awareness,
    then that is meditation
    and the action itself is bliss.

    It is not concentration,
    but rather a full surrender
    of concentration.

    In that full surrender,
    the action of doing the dishes happens.
    You are not washing the dishes,
    Shakti, the universal energy of consciousness
    is washing the dishes as the dishes, as everything.
    You feel Shakti animating your body.

    There is no involvement with thinking about it,
    no involvement with thinking about something else.
    There is just the full surrender
    into what simply is.

    Then when the dishes are done,
    there is no thinking about it.
    That whole experience has burned away.

    If you are 100 percent immersed
    in the moment,
    what happened before
    is completely gone,
    what may happen later does not exist.

    Which is not to say your attention
    is focused on the content of this moment.
    But rather your attention rests in its natural state
    of transcendent universal consciousness.

    And that consciousness is beyond time,
    beyond content.

    In that immersion,
    there is only consciousness.
    It is all bliss.

    Give part of your attention to doing the dishes
    and the other to thinking about something,
    then the mind is scattered,
    energy is wasted.

    But fully resting in the backdrop
    that is consciousness
    uses no energy.
    Rather it enlivens you,
    it enlivens everything.

    Everything is felt to be radiating bliss
    as the one bliss consciousness.

    You poke holes in a lampshade
    and all of the individual holes
    are radiating the same light.

    The holes are not doing anything,
    the one light simply shines through
    because its nature is to shine.

    Much love,


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    Transcending All Ideas to Realize Truth

    Wednesday, September 10, 2014, 6:07 AM [General]

    "The nature of truth
    is that it cannot be an idea.
    Truth is free and beyond all ideas.

    Any words attributed to it
    already discolor it.

    So in order to realize the truth,
    one must go beyond all ideas,
    even the idea of a 'me,'
    for the 'me' if you really look
    is also an idea.
    It arises as a thought.

    This does not discount
    teachings on how to get to the truth.
    Teachings may start as an idea.

    The teaching may be 'watch your breath'
    or 'give your full attention to repeating this mantra'
    and just by practicing that,
    it takes you beyond all ideas.
    That is the purpose of the practice:
    not to give you a set of ideas
    to carry around with you and judge others,
    but to give you direction.

    We are drawn to ideas,
    to holding on to ideas
    because they build us up.
    They give the ego,
    that sense of 'me' a sense of empowerment.

    But when you immerse yourself
    in whatever technique or teachings you practice,
    when you receive Shakti,
    then all ideas of who you think you are
    and what you know start to fall apart.

    Even your ideas of what is truth
    must fall apart.

    And when you let everything crumble away
    that can crumble,
    what is left is truth.

    If there is a 'me' and the truth,
    if there are 2 things there, it is not truth.

    When it has all been reduced
    to one or none
    then that has to be truth.

    Because nothing can be reduced further than that.

    Even the word 'reducing' is misleading
    because if you are actively trying to reduce
    then there is a 'me' there hiding behind the act
    of reducing.

    So that reducing must happen on its own.
    You relax into the essence of this moment.
    You may start off with a technique
    but the technique is just like getting on a train.
    You may get on the train, but the train
    takes you to where you are going.

    You can and should
    take all the steps you can towards truth.

    But it is only when everything is surrendered
    truth is revealed.

    And then that truth is seen
    in everything.

    Much love,


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    Meditation & Realizing the State of Nondoing

    Thursday, August 28, 2014, 11:35 PM [General]

    "This moment is.

    Your experience is.
    It's a happening.

    Doing this moment
    means you're involved with thinking,
    you're involved with action;
    you're trying to impose your idea
    of what should be here
    on to this moment.

    In nondoing, in relaxing,
    we're not adding to this moment,
    we're not trying to manipulate this moment
    in any way.

    We're allowing our experience of existing
    in this moment to be.

    And in that allowing, naturally,
    this sense of "I," this sense of "me"
    that is an individual, that is separate from
    this moment dissolves.

    Everything becomes pure;

    the sense of separateness dissolves.

    And if you get caught up in thinking,
    just relax back into this moment.

    That relaxation is the most important.
    Then that which is this moment
    is allowed to take the helm.

    And that which is this moment meditates you.
    Consciousness itself meditates you.

    The energy form of consciousness
    which is Shakti meditates you,
    vibrates your form;
    nurtures you & purifies you.

    Much love,


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    Peace is at the Essence of This Moment

    Thursday, July 31, 2014, 11:00 PM [General]

    "Peace is not something you attain.
    It is what you are.
    Peace is at the essence of this moment.
    Everything in this moment
    is made of this peace.

    So then we can conclude
    that you are the doorway to peace.
    You, as you are in this moment
    are the doorway to peace.

    It is just a matter of relaxing
    that incessant search for something
    outside of this moment
    or the need to change this moment
    so that you can begin
    to rest in this moment as it is;
    to feel the sensations
    of existing in this moment.

    Just by letting yourself be as you are
    in this moment
    and being honest about how you are
    in this moment
    and just resting in that, allowing that
    peace reveals itself.

    The ego seems to
    impose its idea of
    how you are supposed to be,
    how this moment is supposed to be
    on to this moment
    and therefore you are unable
    to actually experience what is here.

    The constant trying to change
    this moment, manipulate this moment,
    distract yourself from this moment
    makes you in opposition to what is really here;
    in opposition to the essential peace that you crave.

    Its a self destructive tendency
    to not allow yourself to be as you are.

    The most judgmental people
    are usually the unhappiest.
    The need to impose their idea
    of how this moment should be,
    how they should be, how others should be
    is just self hatred.

    So you see, in the end
    it is not about getting somewhere
    or attaining something.

    It is about being honest and allowing
    of what is here in this moment
    at every level.

    All spiritual practices
    are not to get you
    to somewhere different in time
    but to go deeper into what is here.

    For the peace is this moment.
    The peace is you.

    If you are lonely in this moment
    and you allow that loneliness,
    then you realize unconditional peace.

    If you are being a jerk
    and you are honest that you are being a jerk
    and you accept that,
    then you realize unconditional peace.

    Just in the allowing
    the separateness and rigidity of everything
    dissolves into oneness & peace.

    You don't have to change anything
    in this moment.
    You just have to slow down enough
    to become aware of what is here.

    Then outer experience
    and inner experience
    become one.

    It becomes self evident
    that everything is peace.

    That it is all one consciousness.

    Much love,


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