How to Witness this Moment in Meditation

    Wednesday, March 12, 2014, 12:38 AM [General]

    "How do you witness this moment?

    By allowing it to be exactly as it is.
    You do not get involved with it,
    dramatize it, analyze it
    or try and change it.

    You just let your experience
    be as it wants to be in this moment
    and in that allowing,
    naturally there is awareness.
    Witness consciousness
    reveals itself in that allowing.

    Your attention un-contracts
    from being stuck in the 'me'
    and can relax & expand back
    into its true nature
    of all encompassing awareness.

    In witnessing this moment
    you feel yourself as consciousness itself.

    Consciousness is
    the essential nature of everything
    and it is untouched by everything
    because it is prior to all experience.

    Yet consciousness is felt
    as unconditional peace, unconditional bliss,
    unconditional love.

    That bliss is there at the essence.

    And so by witnessing this moment,
    you remain as that bliss.

    That bliss does not move.
    It is the backdrop of everything.

    Whatever your experience is
    you both feel yourself as that
    essential nature of peace
    that is transcendent of all experience
    and you feel your personal experience
    vibrating in that peace.

    The two become one.

    You no longer are dragged around
    by feeling good, feeling bad,
    feeling happy, feeling sad.

    Those things play themselves out
    in consciousness
    but there is that constant
    vibration of bliss that is consciousness;
    that is what you are.

    It is not that in witnessing
    you are separated from your experience.
    Your perception has simply been freed
    from identifying solely with personal experience
    so it can rest in all-encompassing awareness.

    If you are inside the racing car,
    then you are frantically steering,
    you are whizzing by things,
    things are whizzing by you
    and you have to make sure you don't crash.

    It's all very important.

    But if you are on the stands
    watching the race take place,
    cars are just whizzing by
    by themselves.

    It really makes no difference
    what one car does or doesn't do.
    It is all part of the race
    that you are a witnessing.

    The real freedom is in that watching.

    Yet by remaining the witness,
    your outer experience is also transformed.
    Your outer experience gets permeated
    in the bliss of consciousness
    and that bliss transforms everything.

    But it all begins in that allowing.
    You allow and watch this moment.
    You allow and feel the sensations.

    You watch the thoughts come and go
    like cars whizzing by
    and automatically
    witness consciousness happens.

    Much love,


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    Excerpt from Recent Satsang "Experience the Ocean of Joy"

    Thursday, March 6, 2014, 9:56 PM [General]

    This is an excerpt from a recent satsang.
    You can hear it by playing this youtube video.

    "You can get to that place where
    there's just the purity of consciousness.
    It's completely clean.
    There is no 'you' allowed in it.

    It's extraordinary peace.

    You relax into consciousness,
    you relax into the energy,
    you relax into love or bliss or peace,
    however you are feeling it,
    and that peace starts to burn
    your sense of 'me' away;
    starts to dissolve it.

    From the perspective of the ego
    this is no fun!

    Society has made the ego
    the all-important one
    and any idea of what is underneath it
    is (believed to be) only a myth, only a belief.

    And so it can be difficult for many people
    to be willing to surrender this 'me' in this moment,
    which is to say to surrender your self importance;
    to surrender all thoughts and beliefs and emotions
    and experiences that you consider important
    to you.

    You can have them all back later.
    They're not going anywhere.

    But that attachment, that obsession of this me
    of making my experience important,
    my thoughts. important, my beliefs important,
    my position;
    'I am right, I deserve to be acknowledged in this.'

    When you let that go,
    even though the ego doesn't want to let it go,
    even though the ego feels like that's death.

    'Why would you want to be nothing?'
    That's what the ego says.

    The ego says that until there is just
    that one little point
    where there is just enough surrender,
    surrendering that me
    and then you realize that
    which is underneath that ego,
    the extraordinary peace.

    The ego is afraid of being nothing.
    It wants to be a someone.
    But the moment you truly
    experience being nothing,
    your whole world is just blown apart.

    'Oh my God there is ecstasy in this moment!
    I am that ecstasy, I am peace itself!
    I want to wallow in this and bathe in this
    and sing about this!
    I want to breathe this!
    I want every action to be
    a movement in this nothingness!

    That real nothingness.

    See, the ego gets tricky,
    the mind gets tricky:
    it experiences a nothing
    which is just a controlled nothing,
    ego is still there and says
    "ooh this is awful, this does not feel good.
    All those people who have been talking
    about nothingness have been lying!"

    But then through enough purification;
    purification of the body, purification of the thoughts
    purification of the emotions,
    you realize the joy of nothingness

    that is not for the 'me.'
    Because it's underneath the 'me.'
    It's for the joy of your true Self.

    And its not that being a person is bad
    or wrong or even separate from this nothing.
    Because the self, this person is made of nothing!
    It is created out of this nothing.

    You realize that
    then there is no problem with the person.

    There is nothing here.
    Everything that is here
    is of that nothing.

    It's so fulfilling
    so freeing.

    And it all comes down
    mainly to attention;
    where you place your attention.

    If your attention is on
    attention itself,
    then it's moving
    in that nothing
    Attention is not leaving attention
    to become something.

    if attention is on a Guru or Saint or God
    that you are devoted to,
    that also becomes you.

    That is not separate
    from that nothing.
    That is everything.

    It all merges into one.

    With that attention
    there can be love.
    You don't even need (an object like) a saint or guru or god (to love).
    You can just love nothing.

    It all dissolves into
    that same ocean of joy
    that is everything,
    that is nothing.

    Much love,


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    Liberation through Fixating on Consciousness Itself

    Tuesday, February 25, 2014, 10:58 PM [General]

    "One meditation method would be
    to become completely enamored
    with consciousness;
    to let your attention be
    completely fixated on itself.

    Whether you experience
    consciousness as being,
    or as the witness,
    you let your attention
    rest fully in that.

    Usually you are involved with thinking.
    You are enamored with
    your thoughts of desires, fears, judgments,
    and distractions,
    or you are involved with the thought that
    you are a person
    trying to become aware,
    trying to become conscious.

    Let all the thoughts be
    but don't let your attention stray
    from attention itself,
    don't let attention
    be enticed by thinking at all
    but only enticed by consciousness itself.

    Another way to do the same thing
    is to not let your attention leave this moment.

    If you become involved with thinking,
    you are leaving this moment.
    So find a way to remain here,
    which is not a holding on
    but rather a not-holding on,
    a letting go of separating yourself
    from this moment.

    Regardless of whether this moment
    feels good or not good,
    just be here,
    allow yourself to be here,
    allow all feeling in this moment
    without any pulling or pushing.

    If it is too difficult because
    the pull to thinking is strong,
    use a technique like self inquiry
    to get you started.

    But ultimately
    you just become fixated
    on what is prior to thought,
    on that which cannot be denied
    nor defined.

    It can be intense.
    That feeling of awake-ness
    will expand very quickly,
    it will become very strong.

    Awareness is so vast
    it takes up everything.
    It leaves no room for
    any distraction, resistance
    or sense of separate self.

    It is all-encompassing.

    Much love,


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    Realizing The Infinite Peace of Pure Consciousness

    Wednesday, February 19, 2014, 9:45 PM [General]

    "In pure consciousness,
    there is no 'I.'

    There is the absence of any object or subject.

    And that is profoundly peaceful;
    profoundly satisfying.
    A feeling of completely being at home.

    Yet that peace is not there for a me.
    If you bring a 'me' in there to enjoy that peace,
    the peace fades.
    That me obstructs the peace.

    In nothingness
    there is pure peace.

    You are not a you,
    you are just peace,
    there is just peace.

    At another level
    everything is arising out of that peace,
    as peace itself.

    The person arises
    out of that peace.

    The natural expression
    of thoughts, feelings, physical happenings,
    the 5 senses
    are all expressions of peace,
    expressions of consciousness.

    In this,
    everything is felt as a flow of energy,
    as a flow of bliss.

    But the more fixated you become
    on the person, on the thoughts,
    on the content of the happenings,
    then you experience a separation
    from that peace, you experience conflict.

    The more you build yourself up,
    the further you feel from peace,
    the deeper you move into conflict.

    And so you learn in meditation
    to abide in that nothingness,
    in pure consciousness.

    You learn to rest as awareness
    without needing to contract into
    being a person, into being a thought.

    And then outside of sitting meditation,
    you learn to remain surrendered
    in that nothingness.

    You learn to perform every action
    as that nothing-ness.
    Every movement becomes empty.

    And that emptiness is not desolate,
    because pure emptiness is pure peace.

    You feel most alive
    as that emptiness.
    Pure satisfaction
    of just being consciousness.

    And it takes a while
    to get used to such satisfaction
    because you have associated satisfaction
    with desire, with seeking, gain,
    with trying to change, improve, escape.

    But the truth is the opposite.
    When you have whittled yourself down
    to nothing, to just silent awareness,
    that is when you feel the greatest bliss.

    Much love,


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    The Importance of Solitude for Enlightenment

    Tuesday, February 11, 2014, 8:20 PM [General]

    "It is good to spend
    an extended period of time alone
    if you are able.

    When you are alone
    and not distracting yourself
    with social media, emails or phone;
    when you give yourself the time
    to live simply without a lot of stimulation,
    then you can really move deeply
    into silence.

    At first there maybe the craving
    for company or stimulation.
    But if you surrender
    those cravings when they arise,
    which means you let go
    of your attachment to them
    and surrender your attention
    back into silence,
    then silence begins to consume you.

    Silence begins to permeate you.

    If you are around people,
    then there is an identity
    that is created of you.

    People think of you in a certain way,
    you think of yourself in a certain way
    and so there is that unconscious drive
    to be that person.

    You are always taking on
    other people's vibrations.

    But when you are alone,
    you do not have to be a person,
    you do not have to maintain an identity.

    And that is scary for many people,
    to let yourself just fall into silence;
    to not have to be a person.

    But I think those that do
    spend a lot of time alone
    discover something very sacred and pure.

    If you are alone,
    it is just your thoughts that are there.
    And when you begin to surrender your thoughts,
    then what is here?

    You become transparent.
    There is the wind in the trees
    and there is only that.
    You are walking
    and there is only that.

    You do not need to eat so much,
    do so much,
    be entertained.

    There is just the purity of presence,
    of being alive
    which is harder to feel when
    you are constantly stimulated
    by outward things.

    Even a little bit of time by yourself
    in a quiet room is important.

    Where outward seeking and stimulation
    are removed
    and you can just be with yourself.

    You can let this experience of you
    unravel and untangle itself
    until you are completely undone
    and only presence is left.

    And if you can't be alone,
    just close your eyes
    and sink into that same aloneness
    within yourself.

    Much love,


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