Spiritual Awakening Happens through Grace

    Wednesday, June 11, 2014, 12:14 AM [General]

    "The real process of spiritual awakening
    cannot be known; cannot be put into words.

    Because ultimately Grace itself,
    Shakti itself awakens you
    in ways that will be both unique to you
    and mostly unexplainable.

    Spiritual practice is very important.
    But spiritual practice is not a science
    where you can say
    'do this and this will happen.'

    Sometimes it will,
    sometimes it won't.

    We talk about awareness, being
    devotion, witnessing etc.
    but these things only really get you in the door.

    What happens then will be unexplainable.

    If you go in for an operation,
    you do not instruct the surgeon
    on how he will do the job.

    Someone puts you under
    and stuff happens!

    Meditation is the same.
    You can be present,
    you can give yourself fully
    to a practice,
    you can feel the Shakti,
    you can even surrender.

    But then what happens
    has nothing to do with you or what you know.
    If you try and make it a certain way,
    meditation will not happen.

    That is why holding on
    to spiritual knowledge as a belief
    can be dangerous.

    If you impose your knowledge
    on how awakening will happen
    on to this moment,
    then awakening cannot happen.

    Only in full surrender
    do you get put under
    and extraordinary things happen
    that cannot be put into words.

    In fact, the deeper you go,
    the less can be said
    until nothing can be said.

    Because it goes beyond all understandings.

    Everything gets wiped out at some point
    and what can be said about what is there
    or what happens?

    Except to come back and say
    there is incredible bliss,
    infinite oneness, unfathomable peace.
    But even then these things are poor
    descriptions to that which is
    beyond all name and form.

    Much love,


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    Meditation Can Be As Easy As Letting Go

    Wednesday, June 4, 2014, 2:40 AM [General]

    "Meditation can be as simple as
    not being caught up in thinking;
    not holding on to anything.

    Thoughts arise
    and you grab hold of them;
    you get involved with them.
    That is where all trouble starts.

    So first,
    be willing to recognize
    when you are caught up in thoughts,
    regardless of the content of the thoughts.
    That is a huge step right there:
    seeing that you are caught up in thinking.

    Then you can let go of the thoughts
    your are involved with.
    You don't let go of the thought
    to grab something else.
    Rather, you just rest in letting go.
    You rest in that place of
    not holding on to anything.

    Then you are no longer a something.
    You are formless consciousness.

    However long you are not identified with thoughts,
    you are free from the ego,
    you are free from separation
    and all the suffering that goes with it.

    You will discover how incredibly
    complex the thinking process is
    to constantly create your world of separateness
    yet how simple it is to let it all go in an instant.

    And as you remain in that letting go,
    all of the tendencies to be pulled back
    into thinking begin to get burned away.
    And you begin to feel that this place
    of not holding on to anything,
    is your natural state.

    If you are not holding on to anything,
    then you simply are,
    everything simply is.
    and you are fulfilled
    in that is-ness.

    Because your very nature is fulfillment.
    Your very nature is delight.

    It may take a while to get used
    to that contentment
    because you are so used to the habit
    of seeking something separate from you
    to fulfill you.

    You have to get used to this feeling
    of being free; of being formless.

    Much love,


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    Consciousness is Looking Through Your Eyes

    Wednesday, May 28, 2014, 2:45 AM [General]

    "It is helpful to recognize
    that the one infinite consciousness
    is looking through your eyes;
    is aware of this moment
    through and as your form.

    If you really look,
    you will see it is not
    'your consciousness" that is looking.
    It is consciousness itself.

    The God or Guru or Formlessness
    that you love or seek
    is looking through you,
    is aware in this moment;
    is always awake and watching
    in this moment, as this moment
    whether you are or not.

    If you recognize this,
    then your actions are going to be
    far less casual.

    You're not going to be so inclined
    to just indulge in habitual
    gossip, judgments, complaints, desires,
    worries and distractions.

    You won't be lost in autopilot
    while you are thinking about being
    somewhere else if you realize
    Infinite Consciousness/God/Guru
    is present in this moment.

    Rather, you will be more drawn
    to be present in every action.

    Every movement will be an act of devotion,
    an act of meditation.

    You will also no longer feel alone.
    You will not feel separate
    from God, from Consciousness, from Guru.
    You will feel that what you have been seeking
    is always present in this moment;
    is both always with you and is you.
    That you are loved and are love.

    There is great joy in this oneness.

    And in this joy,
    you will naturally treat yourself and others
    with a deeper respect.

    You will feel life is sacred,
    this moment is sacred.

    You won't have the desire
    to waste this moment on petty things.

    You will want to live this moment
    completely and fully.
    Not to get something out of it,
    but simply as an act of pure love and devotion.

    Just by remembering,
    pure consciousness is present.
    'That which I have been yearning for
    is present and aware in this moment.'

    Much love,


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    How to Experience Consciousness as Limitless

    Tuesday, May 20, 2014, 11:44 PM [General]

    "Try and feel this moment.
    Not emotionally, not mentally,
    but through sensation.

    That does not mean
    feeling your bum on the chair
    because that is thinking.

    You are thinking
    'my bum on the chair'
    and that thinking
    is getting in the way
    of actually feeling this moment.

    So close your eyes, relax
    and notice the sensation
    that you are existing.

    Without thinking about it,
    just feel yourself existing.

    Let your attention
    rest in this feeling of existing.

    Take away your thinking;
    take away your definitions,
    descriptions, judgment and memory,
    and all that is left is this feeling
    of existing.

    This feeling cannot be taken away.

    If you are feeling it,
    you will feel that it has no boundaries,
    no limitations, no solidity, no sense of time,
    no sense of a personal 'me' and
    no sense of separateness.

    Only in thinking do these
    things come about.

    Stop using thoughts to perceive this moment
    and there is only existence,
    only consciousness.

    Now I call it existence
    but that is only to point
    to the experience.

    The moment you label it
    The Self, Being, Existence,
    the mind is trying to grasp it,
    trying to know it,
    trying to put it in a box.

    The thinking 'me'
    is trying to hold it
    in its mental perception
    and in doing so loses it.

    But if you let go of these definitions,
    then what is here is limitless.
    This experience that we are calling
    existence expands and expands
    beyond all comprehension.

    It ultimately expands to the point
    where nothing can be said about it
    as it sucks up all words and understandings
    like a black hole.

    The moment the mind labels it,
    then it becomes a thing
    that does not expand.

    But just by letting your attention rest in it
    without letting thoughts define it,
    then it is limitless.

    It moves you into unmanifest consciousness,
    the ever expanding infinite silence
    that sucks up everything and dissolves
    everything into itself.

    Limitless, ever-expanding consciousness.

    Much love,


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    The Intensity of Being

    Tuesday, May 13, 2014, 11:33 PM [General]

    "If you watch your thoughts,
    you will see that a lot of things
    you claim you want,
    you don't actually want.

    If you are hungry, you desire to eat.
    When you eat, that desire is fulfilled.
    That desire was true.

    But if you are not hungry
    and you still desire to eat,
    there is no truth in that desire.

    When you eat, you won't get that
    feeling of fulfillment you had when you were hungry.
    You will only feel unwell from overeating.

    A lot of wants are like this.
    The thought comes that you want it,
    but if you actually fulfill that want,
    you realize you didn't really want it.
    Indulging in it actually made you less happy.

    Because these wants are not
    there for fulfillment,
    they are there only to escape this moment,
    to escape the intensity of this moment.

    Because there is the intensity of being
    in this moment.
    It is peaceful, it is blissful
    but if you remain in being
    it becomes intense.

    The energy of being
    becomes so strong and gigantic
    that the sense of 'me' wants to avoid it;
    wants to escape it.
    Being is pushing against this me,
    consuming this me.

    And so the mind
    is constantly hatching escape plans:
    ways to distract yourself from being.

    A big part of spiritual awakening
    is about learning to remain
    in the intensity of being.
    Learning how to function in it,
    learning how to live in it.

    You begin to eat lighter,
    exercise more
    even think less.

    Because you find involvement with thoughts
    rubs against the enormousness of being.

    Being keeps expanding and expanding
    so there is no room for anything else.

    So you surrender the thoughts.
    You surrender this me
    so that there is only being,
    there is only consciousness here.

    You automatically learn to surrender
    the separation because there is just
    too much pressure to keep existing
    as something separate from being.

    But if you really look without
    the ego/thoughts getting in the way,
    you will find that this intensity of being
    is pure joy.

    The joy is so strong
    it is impossible to contain it.

    It is infinite joy,
    limitless joy.

    That is what this intensity is
    and when you recognize
    that it is joy
    life becomes pretty amazing.

    Much love,


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