How to Awaken into Silence & Stillness in Meditation

    Thursday, May 14, 2015, 3:02 AM [General]

    "Silence is not a cessation of thoughts.
    Stillness is not a cessation of movement.

    If you try and stop thinking,
    that is an action of repression.
    The thinking has not stopped
    you are only holding it back.

    It is an action on top of the action.

    Silence and stillness
    is at the root of allowing.

    When you allow thinking,
    when you allow all happenings
    to naturally happen,
    then you are both no longer
    involved with the happenings
    and no longer trying to control the happenings.

    It is a completely 'hands off' experience;
    completely passive.

    You will find the very allowing
    is silence, is stillness.

    In allowing,
    your attention sinks deep
    into this moment
    underneath all happenings
    and falls into the silence and stillness
    that never moves,
    that is eternally here.

    And in resting in this silence,
    thoughts fall into the silence and disappear,
    happenings fall into the stillness and disappear
    and this silence & stillness
    that is the essence of all experience
    rises to the surface
    and encompasses everything.

    Much love,


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    Meditation Technique for Spiritual Awakening

    Thursday, May 7, 2015, 3:08 AM [General]

    "Turn your attention to consciousness.

    Whatever arises,
    allow it to arise
    but keep your attention
    resting in consciousness.

    We pay far too much attention
    to the noise of the mind
    and not the consciousness
    that is the essence of mind.

    Consciousness is silent.
    It is prior to noise.

    By remaining in consciousness,
    the silence of consciousness
    begins to become louder,
    it begins to take over the noise.

    All noise seems to dissolve
    into that silence.

    When the energy of consciousness
    is strong in you,
    you no longer need to keep your attention
    on consciousness.

    you are pulled to surrender
    into the silence, into the stillness.

    It feels like a losing battle
    to try and go against it.
    And in losing the battle,
    in full surrender to silence,
    you find you are free from all suffering.

    You are free from everything
    when you are perfectly resting
    in that silence
    which is the same as resting in yourself.

    Then you can really see how destructive
    noise can be, the human noise;
    the outer human noise we are bombarded with
    and the busy-ness of thinking;
    the over stimulation of noise to the point
    where awareness is forgotten.

    You can see how
    you create your world with thinking
    and how your involvement with thinking
    can kick you again and again.

    Something painful happens,
    or might happen in the future
    and the mind keeps repeating it
    so you live it over and over.

    And so you add more noise on top of it
    to distract yourself from the hurt.
    And it gets louder and louder,
    busier and busier.
    More imbalanced, more stressed.

    You can see how humans
    have gotten completely out of balance
    with the natural world;
    the silence that exists
    so beautifully in the natural world.

    The silence that is simply aware.

    Turn your attention back into consciousness.
    Don't let the noise of being involved with thoughts
    dictate your experience.

    Allow the thinking to be.
    But come back to what is naturally here
    prior to the noise
    and reclaim the peace that is
    the essence of all experience.

    Much love,


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    Spiritual Awakening & The Purpose of Peace

    Thursday, April 30, 2015, 11:03 PM [General]

    This quote is from our last online satsang.
    You can hear it by playing this youtube video
    It's nice to meditate to while reading.

    "The purpose of this peace
    is not to give you more money,
    not to heal your body,
    not to make you happier,
    not to make you enlightened.

    The purpose of this peace
    is peace itself.
    Because that is fulfillment itself.

    And because it is fulfillment itself
    it does wash into every area of your life.

    But if you see this peace
    as something you can manipulate
    something you can use
    for your own benefit,
    then you're not really going
    to realize this peace in it's fullness.

    Ultimately you surrender fully into this peace
    and you live this peace.

    And in living this peace
    the idea that this peace is here
    for some egotistical benefit just
    does not make any sense- that's ugly.

    That doesn't mean you have to
    give up your desires or your goals.

    It's just about how you approach this moment,
    how you approach the peace
    that is at the essence of this moment.

    That's why there's all those eastern practices
    of bowing, of being humble.
    It's an act of surrendering to this peace,
    surrendering your ego,
    your sense that
    'I am more important than anything.'

    And what is that "I" that is more important?
    It's your thoughts, your opinions,
    your judgments, your desires.

    When peace becomes the most important,
    then you are fulfilled.

    Much love,


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    The Process of Surrender in Meditation

    Friday, April 24, 2015, 1:03 AM [General]

    "Meditation techniques & spiritual practices
    are extremely important
    but do not necessarily
    take you directly into meditation.

    They might, they might not.

    For many,
    practices take them to frustration.

    You might find that no matter
    how focused you are on the practice,
    you feel further and further away from peace.

    And eventually that frustration turns to despair.

    And if you are really blessed,
    you surrender to that despair.

    You surrender to your own longing for peace
    and your despair in not achieving it.

    And in surrendering to the despair,
    meditation happens.

    You have finally gotten out of the way
    so that meditation can happen.

    That does not mean you should not practice.
    It just means you get to a certain point
    where meditation takes over.

    The very idea that you can do meditation
    keeps you from meditation.

    But in order to get to that point,
    you have to practice;
    you have to make an effort.

    You make an effort until
    you see effort is futile
    like your wheels are spinning
    a hundred miles an hour
    but you aren't moving an inch.

    Then you see how useless your ego is;
    how useless it is to believe
    that you can do meditation.

    And when you surrender that doer
    that has failed miserably,
    then what is left is meditation.

    If you try and take a shortcut
    by never doing any practice
    and just believing you are not the doer;
    that you are already consciousness,
    then you most likely end up in a
    conceptual understanding of meditation
    which is worst than not meditating at all.

    Because that conceptual understanding
    can keep you from meditation.

    And also,
    it is not that you do practice to a certain point
    and then give up all practice
    and meditation takes over.

    It is that meditation takes over
    and then the practices themselves
    become infused with meditation.

    You have a new realization of practices.
    They become a direct link to meditation.

    Much love,


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    How to Be Free from Suffering and Unhappiness

    Thursday, April 16, 2015, 3:12 AM [General]

    "A lot of your suffering
    comes from what you are putting
    into your mind and body:
    The food you eat,
    the alcohol/drugs/stimulants you take,
    the media you watch, the music you listen to,
    the people you listen to,
    the books you read etc.

    Take away everything unhealthy
    and replace it with healthy,
    get daily exercise and meditation
    and some time in nature,
    and already there will be a feeling
    of health and radiance to your mind and body.

    Most of the other suffering comes from
    your sense or separateness
    and identification with thinking.

    "I don't like this. I'd rather have this.
    I believe this. I have this opinion.
    I like oranges. I don't like apples."

    But what is the common
    denominator in all of it?

    It is the 'I.'

    What is the 'I'
    that does not like apples?

    Is it anything more
    than an identification
    with a thought?

    Take away thought,
    now where is the 'I' that likes
    and doesn't like?

    Don't identify with the thought;
    allow the thought to be
    without claiming ownership of it,
    then where is that 'I'
    that likes and doesn't like?

    Don't resist this moment.
    Allow everything to be just as it is,
    then where is separation?

    You still exist perfectly
    yet you are free from that sense of
    separating yourself from what is.

    That is the transcendental aspect of spirituality:
    to rest in what you are beyond thinking,
    beyond separation
    as consciousness itself.

    It is simply letting go of your involvement
    with mental perception and resistance
    and allowing your attention to relax
    into it's essential nature of consciousness.

    The other side of it is to love.

    Not dualistic love
    of wanting something in return.
    But just to love.
    To give yourself over to being loving,
    being respectful, being devotional.

    That also requires you
    to surrender the sense of 'I'
    that separates itself from everything else
    with all of its endless judgments..

    Whether you love a spouse, a child, a pet,
    an animal, a guru, a god
    or even a teddy bear!

    Just the act of loving
    frees you from duality,
    frees you from suffering.

    Because love is 
    the very essence of this moment.
    And so when you love without conditions,
    then you feel connected
    to your true nature.

    Much love,


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