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    Meditation Technique: Take Refuge in The Feeling of Peace

    Thursday, August 27, 2015, 2:39 AM [General]

    "The mind is very manipulative.
    Other's people's mind's are very manipulative.
    Both are constantly trying to suck you
    into a reality that is only made of thoughts.

    Beyond the thought, where is that reality
    that people are so personally invested in?

    But to just try and remain a witness
    to the thinking process is very difficult.

    That also becomes another concept:
    trying to be a witness of it all,
    trying to be perfect enough in awareness
    that one day you will find peace.

    That also can suck you into unhappiness.

    That is why if you are lucky enough
    to find unconditional peace, silence, bliss, love,
    even if it is just a taste,
    take refuge in it.
    Fall in love with it.

    When your attention lovingly takes refuge
    in that peace that transcends all thought,
    then that becomes a sanctuary;
    an oasis where you are truly happy.

    Meditation naturally deepens
    just by enjoying this peace.

    Everything will come to try and pull you out;
    pull you back into the insanity of concepts.
    And you will slip up.
    You will get caught in your own or other people's drama.

    But if you truly love this peace,
    you will automatically come back to it.
    The dog may wander here and there
    but he always comes home.

    And this peace will be your home.
    It will become more real to you than
    any thought, emotion or physical manifestation.

    You will begin to feel everything as this peace.

    And it is not that you have to sit
    in some far off cave to be in this peace.

    As long as your attention is in peace
    you can go wherever you want within reason.

    You might start to prefer being
    in nature or alone more often
    to the noise and drama of being around people.
    But you still can feel this peace anywhere.

    Much love,


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    Attaining Nondual Awareness in Meditation

    Thursday, August 13, 2015, 2:47 AM [General]

    "The intellectual mind
    fixates on subject/object;
    me and you;
    fixates on defining me, naming me,
    defining you, naming you,
    with descriptions and judgments attached.

    Therefore, you never meet me.
    You never meet anybody.
    You only meet your idea of the other person;
    your definition, name, description
    & judgment of the other person.

    You never even know yourself
    because you have an idea of who you are
    and you hold on to that idea rather than
    (directly) experiencing who you are.

    But if you drop that perception;
    if you release yourself from being involved
    with subject/object, definitions, descriptions judgments.

    It doesn't mean you stop or change
    your thinking in any way
    you just stop perceiving this moment through thinking.
    You let go of your involvement with thinking.

    Then where am I and where are you?
    Where is this idea of me and you?

    It's not here.

    There is just formless consciousness
    felt as peace, felt as bliss, felt as energy
    felt as joy, felt as love.

    Again, its not something you hold on to,
    its what's naturally here
    when you let go of your fixation on thinking,
    on doing, on control, on resistance, on distraction.

    When you let go
    of your involvement with these things,
    it's not a doing, its a nondoing,
    a letting go of doing,
    you just release yourself from that involvement,

    then you are what is,
    what cannot be named,
    what cannot be accurately described, defined
    but, which is fulfillment (itself).

    Much love,


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    The Essential Spiritual Practice for Anyone Seeking Enlightenment

    Thursday, July 30, 2015, 2:52 AM [General]

    "In my experience,
    the fundamental spiritual practice
    is fully allowing this moment to be.

    Not to control the thoughts,
    but allow thinking to be.
    Not to repress feelings/sensations
    but allow all feelings/sensations to be.

    Without obsessing over them,
    owning them;
    without dramatizing and without control.

    It's a free flowing of what is
    and in the fully allowing of it,
    your attention is free from identifying with it.

    Attention is released from its attachment
    to the personal 'me'
    and steps back into pure awareness
    leaving that personal 'me'
    which is nothing but thoughts, emotions,
    and physical happenings
    to continue as it wants unhindered.

    But now it is all happening
    in and as consciousness.
    It all gets blurred into one.

    It requires you to be soft, sensitive,
    honest and humble.

    But in the full allowing
    of what is to be
    the naturalness of this moment
    is free to play itself out
    and in that freedom,
    its essence of peace is revealed.

    You realize that this peace is everything
    and everything is made of this peace.

    Much love,


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    The Key to Spiritual Awakening: Fall in Love with Peace

    Thursday, July 23, 2015, 3:27 AM [General]

    "When you fall in love with this peace,
    you're home free.

    When you're not in love with this peace,
    then no matter what you attain,
    what you experience,
    it will not fully satisfy you.

    When you fall in love with something/someone,
    when it is genuine,
    and not just based on needy attachment,
    then it doesn't matter
    if you are always with them or not.

    Because whether you are with them
    or not with them,
    they are in your heart.

    Even if they pass away,
    they remain in your heart.

    In the same way,
    if you taste what is at the essence of this moment
    whether you taste it as
    peace, love, bliss, silence or consciousness
    and you truly fall in love with it,
    then no matter what degree you
    do or don't experience it,
    it is always in your heart.

    And therefore, it never leaves you;
    it's never separate from you.

    Mere attainment, knowledge,
    often leads to arrogance.
    Not always, but often.

    But if you fall in love with it,
    truly, genuinely,
    then what can ever truly be said
    about that love?

    What can be said about that joy?

    It is beyond all words.

    Much Love,


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    Awakening into Silence in Nature

    Wednesday, July 8, 2015, 2:58 AM [General]

    "There's a bushwalk near my house.

    It's not very well kept;
    it's quite rough and wild
    and because of that hardly anyone walks it.

    I can walk 5 or 10 minutes
    down the path and
    there are no sounds of people at all.

    No cars, no noises from houses.
    Just pure nature.

    Although there is the rush of the wind,
    the roar of the sea in the distance
    and the birds chirping and fluttering about,
    you can really feel the silence.

    The birds,animals,trees and plants
    all seem to exist in perfect harmony with that silence,
    as part of the silence.
    It's incredibly nourishing and nurturing to feel;
    revitalizing even.

    Humans have moved far away from this silence,
    making their world more noisy
    more complicated, more selfish.
    Nature is something to conquer;
    to take advantage of.
    Even the natural habitats we choose to keep
    we often micro manage to the point
    where nature is not allowed to be.

    In the same sense inwardly,
    we have stopped being in tune
    with the silence that
    naturally exists at our essence.

    It is all about self importance.
    What I want, I know, I think, I fear.
    And then there is the manipulation
    that comes with that.

    I am really grateful for that bush walk
    as it reminds my whole being
    what life is about.

    That life is nature
    and nature exists in harmony with silence,
    as a manifestation of silence,
    a manifestation of peace.

    Humans have traded in this silence
    for a lot of superficial noise that
    has no soul.

    And therefore there is a lot
    of unhappiness.

    Painting a pretty picture
    on top of the noise
    is not silence.

    But one's willingness
    to be quiet and soft enough
    to realize the silence
    and to learn how to live that silence;
    to me, is the greatest joy.

    Much love,


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