How to Be Free from Suffering and Unhappiness

    Thursday, April 16, 2015, 3:12 AM [General]

    "A lot of your suffering
    comes from what you are putting
    into your mind and body:
    The food you eat,
    the alcohol/drugs/stimulants you take,
    the media you watch, the music you listen to,
    the people you listen to,
    the books you read etc.

    Take away everything unhealthy
    and replace it with healthy,
    get daily exercise and meditation
    and some time in nature,
    and already there will be a feeling
    of health and radiance to your mind and body.

    Most of the other suffering comes from
    your sense or separateness
    and identification with thinking.

    "I don't like this. I'd rather have this.
    I believe this. I have this opinion.
    I like oranges. I don't like apples."

    But what is the common
    denominator in all of it?

    It is the 'I.'

    What is the 'I'
    that does not like apples?

    Is it anything more
    than an identification
    with a thought?

    Take away thought,
    now where is the 'I' that likes
    and doesn't like?

    Don't identify with the thought;
    allow the thought to be
    without claiming ownership of it,
    then where is that 'I'
    that likes and doesn't like?

    Don't resist this moment.
    Allow everything to be just as it is,
    then where is separation?

    You still exist perfectly
    yet you are free from that sense of
    separating yourself from what is.

    That is the transcendental aspect of spirituality:
    to rest in what you are beyond thinking,
    beyond separation
    as consciousness itself.

    It is simply letting go of your involvement
    with mental perception and resistance
    and allowing your attention to relax
    into it's essential nature of consciousness.

    The other side of it is to love.

    Not dualistic love
    of wanting something in return.
    But just to love.
    To give yourself over to being loving,
    being respectful, being devotional.

    That also requires you
    to surrender the sense of 'I'
    that separates itself from everything else
    with all of its endless judgments..

    Whether you love a spouse, a child, a pet,
    an animal, a guru, a god
    or even a teddy bear!

    Just the act of loving
    frees you from duality,
    frees you from suffering.

    Because love is 
    the very essence of this moment.
    And so when you love without conditions,
    then you feel connected
    to your true nature.

    Much love,


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    Oneness in Meditation and in Action

    Thursday, April 9, 2015, 2:29 AM [General]

    "Offer 100 percent attention
    to whatever you do.

    If you do that,
    no matter what the outcome,
    you will be fulfilled.

    There is no real peace or love
    when you scatter your attention
    a little here and a little there
    or you are attached to the outcome
    being a certain way.
    Then you are not alive.
    Then you are separating yourself from peace.

    When you give your full attention
    not in concentration or control,
    but in full surrender, love and awareness,
    you transcend duality
    and feel one with everything.

    Whatever practice you do,
    give your full love and attention to it.

    When you give your full attention to it,
    there is nothing left of separation.
    There is no room for worry, greed, or selfishness.
    There is only freedom; only peace.

    Even if it is just for one second.
    Just for one mantra repetition, one breath,
    whatever you are doing,
    immerse your full attention into that one moment
    with love and humility.
    Then you become one with everything.

    It may take hours and days and months and years
    of practice to get to that point of 100 percent
    or it may be instant.

    It could be an ongoing exploration
    of what it means to give yourself
    completely to this moment
    and immerse yourself deeper into peace.

    Or it could just be the willingness
    to let go of one thought
    you have been holding on to,
    that you have been repeating and identifying with;
    just to let go of it completely for a moment
    and rest in the silence that is underneath it.

    And when you taste that peace of letting go,
    when you taste the oneness
    of offering your attention one hundred percent
    you will want to return to it again and again.

    Much love,


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    Spiritual Awakening: Consciousness is Always Here

    Thursday, April 2, 2015, 9:23 PM [General]

    "Everyone has situations
    in their life where they say
    'It's impossible to be present
    in this situation.'

    But impossibility
    only exists in your thinking.
    You are only holding on
    to a certain judgment about how it should be;
    holding on to a certain idea of yourself
    and refusing to budge from your position.

    It is just about surrender.
    Surrendering the ego,
    surrendering your position.
    In surrender, there is awareness.

    It does not matter what emotions
    or thoughts are there,
    or what the situation is.

    You exist completely transcendent
    of the situation,
    beyond body, beyond mind
    as consciousness itself, as peace itself.

    Consciousness is always here,
    peace is always here.
    It is what everything is made of.

    If you are always thinking
    'first I need to change this situation,
    then I can be present'
    or 'first I need to change myself
    before I can be present'
    then you cheat yourself out
    of your own freedom.

    Because that time when everything
    is perfect is never going to come.
    If it does come, it will not be permanent.

    But what is permanent is this conscious peace
    that you are, that everything is.
    This is what must be realized.

    At the same time,
    it is important to create a lifestyle
    filled with meditation, spiritual practice,
    eating healthy, immersion in Shakti
    so when challenging situations do arise,
    awareness is already there.

    Or even if you do lose awareness
    or your sense of peace,
    you can easily bring yourself back into balance
    because there is already that commitment to peace
    that you have been nurturing
    and growing over a period of time.

    That commitment to peace
    on a daily basis is most important
    to realizing your essence.

    If the ocean surface is full of turbulence,
    you cannot see what is beneath it.

    Much love,


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    How to Move through the Various Stages of Meditation into Oneness with Everything

    Wednesday, March 25, 2015, 9:28 PM [General]

    "'I am' and 'everything is'
    are the same.

    You may start in meditation with resting in 'I am,'
    and feeling your sense of being
    that is beyond thinking.

    And that may turn into witnessing.

    And witnessing may turn into
    'everything simply is,'
    the sense of no separation
    between you and the world.

    In this, the sense of 'I am'
    has merged into is-ness itself.

    That is one way to consider it.

    If you are identified with thoughts
    then you are identified with being
    a 'me' that is separate from this moment.

    There is a desperate self importance to it;
    the sense 'these thoughts matter.'
    And then you are imprisoned by thinking.
    Thoughts themselves dictate your experience.
    That is true brainwashing.

    Without identification with thoughts,
    there is no sense of being a separate 'me.'.

    And without that sense of separateness,
    first you may feel a feeling of simply being.
    Then that may open up to a sense of being consciousness itself,
    of just witnessing.
    And in that witnessing,
    there may be a subtle surrender
    into is-ness, where everything merges into one existence.

    When all is one
    then all is peace.

    It is just a matter of relaxing your attention
    out of your thinking,
    out of self importance,
    and into the already existing awareness
    that is the foundation of this moment.

    Allowing this moment to be
    and in that allowing
    you are no longer involved with the
    thinking 'me' and thus you relax back
    into your natural state of awareness.

    It is very simple, very relaxed.
    No controlling or forcing.

    But if there are too many thoughts
    and you find you are getting too caught up,
    you have all the various spiritual practices
    and meditation techniques that you can use
    to purify the mind and body.

    And with enough spiritual & meditation practice,
    the power behind your thoughts dissipates
    and the awareness that you are becomes
    easily realized.

    Much love,


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    4 Keys to Unlock Witness Consciousness in Meditation

    Thursday, March 12, 2015, 8:22 PM [General]

    "There are 4 things required
    in order to be able to become
    a witness to thoughts.

    The first is the full allowing
    of thinking to be.

    If you try and manipulate thinking
    or stop the thinking in any way,
    you will not be able to witness it.

    It is only in fully allowing thoughts
    to naturally happen
    like wind blowing through the trees
    that you can witness them.

    The second is to
    stop making thoughts important.
    If you place importance on any thought,
    it means you are holding on to it.

    When you can let go of self importance,
    then thoughts simply come and go
    without your involvement.

    The third is to fully allow yourself
    to feel this moment.
    Not emotion, not even physical sensation
    although that may be there too,
    but how it feels to exist in this moment.

    If you are no longer thinking this moment,
    you will find suddenly you are truly
    feeling this moment and it can be intense.

    The tendency is to resist this feeling
    by jumping back into thinking.

    You will see that being involved with thinking
    has been a means to escape feeling this moment.

    And in order to fully feel this moment,
    you have to surrender the 'me' that feels
    separate from this moment, that resists this moment.

    In the full feeling of this moment
    you become one with it.
    The sense of separateness dissolves
    and there is just consciousness.

    The fourth factor is what you
    have put into your body & mind.

    What you have eaten,
    what you have watched,
    who you have been around
    all creates a lot of noise
    and hyperactivity in the mind.

    That is why for thousands of years
    many yogis retreat
    to some cave or hut in the mountains
    far away from civilization
    and eat and live very simply.

    The more pure you can keep
    your body and mind,
    the easier it will be
    to realize the peace & silence
    that is the essence
    of body and mind.

    Much love,


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