Universal Consciousness in Meditation

    Tuesday, July 8, 2014, 9:47 PM [General]

    his quote is from an excerpt of a recent satsang
    You can hear it on youtube by clicking here

    It's nice to listen to while reading it.

    Hope you enjoy the quote:

    "All and everything is vibrating this.

    But the ego wants to impose
    its own noise on top of it.

    Therefore, the ego cannot hear,
    cannot feel
    this song that is always playing,
    this vibration,
    the light that is always shining.

    At one level,
    that light shines
    from the center of your being.

    So every apparent individual form
    is shining that same light
    from its own center.

    The fun part is
    at another level,
    that light shines
    from no center.

    It shines for all infinity everywhere.
    So then there is no fixed point of perception.

    So at one level, you have that perception
    of still pure infinite consciousness,
    pure universal light
    shining through and as your form.

    You're like the sun
    but you have a center
    like the sun has a center.

    You have no boundaries
    but you still have a center.

    But at another level,
    there's no center.
    There is just infinite light.

    And you can sway
    between the two.

    One has a fixed point of reference.
    One has no fixed point of reference.

    Much love,


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    Awareness, Meditation & Nothingness

    Tuesday, June 24, 2014, 11:59 PM [General]

    "Awareness is not concentration.

    Concentration is narrowing your attention
    on one particular object,
    shutting out everything else.
    Concentration is something you do with effort.

    Awareness is not fixating attention
    on a particular object but rather
    relaxing attention into attention itself
    as all-pervading consciousness.

    It is not a doing,
    but rather relaxing back into what
    is already here.

    Awareness encompasses everything,
    allows everything
    and in that allowing,
    everything becomes one.

    Without the allowing of what is here,
    you cannot be fully aware.

    The beauty of awareness is that
    anything that is in the field of awareness
    gets transformed back into its
    essential nature of peace.

    The sense of separation between
    object and awareness dissolves
    and the apparent object itself
    merges into consciousness.

    If you feel a particular emotion
    or a painful experience,
    in allowing that pain or emotion
    to rest in your awareness,
    it gets transformed into peace.

    Whatever you resist, whatever
    you remain unconscious to
    or distract yourself from
    continues to hurt you,
    continues to dictate your life
    and lead you further into
    separation and stress.

    So if there is unhappiness,
    know there is something there
    you are unconsciously resisting.

    The moment you can be honest
    of its presence and allow it completely,
    then awareness transforms it into peace.

    There might be a tug of war that takes place
    between the ego and awareness,
    between resistance, control and surrender.
    But if you persist in that allowing
    everything dissolves back into peace,
    back into its essence
    of unmanifest consciousness.

    In this way, you feel fulfillment
    in the oneness of consciousness.
    Even outer situations can get transformed.

    And if you continue to rest in awareness in this way,
    then even the sense of me
    dissolves into consciousness.

    Even the body, the mind,
    all sense of self, even the flow of energy
    dissolves into consciousness,
    to a place of zero-point nothingness;
    an absence of everything.

    This nothingness cannot be defined,
    described or understood
    except to say it is transcendent
    and free of everything.
    It is prior to everything.

    In this, you are free from all bondage.

    Recognizing this to be what you are,
    you live in freedom.

    Much love,


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    2 Spiritual Practices for Spiritual Awakening

    Wednesday, June 18, 2014, 2:36 AM [General]

    "Once you have awakened into the experience
    of consciousness and energy,
    there are two main practices:

    One is to rest in the nothingness
    in every moment.

    You go beyond being transfixed
    by the wanting and worrying,
    the seeking, resisting and distracting
    and simply rest completely in the moment
    as consciousness itself.

    To be fully surrendered in this moment
    no matter what pain or pleasure arises
    means you have to give up the 'me'
    that is transfixed by desires and worries;
    that is seeking pleasure and avoiding pain.

    You surrender that one
    that wants it to be a certain way,
    not to become a someone
    that is accepting everything,
    but rather to dissolve in every moment
    as nothingness itself.

    Full acceptance means
    it all dissolves into one.

    In that nothingness,
    everything is consciousness,
    and everything is emptiness.

    The other practice
    is to be devoted to
    the bliss that is here;

    to let your attention
    be in love with and immersed
    in the feeling of bliss, peace or love
    that is at the essence of this moment.

    Perhaps that devotion is towards
    a God, Guru or to Formlessness itself.
    It makes no difference what you outwardly call it
    as long as it reflects for you
    the feeling of unconditional bliss, peace or love.

    Both practices are equally important.

    One awakens you into love,
    and the other dissolves you into silence.

    Much love,


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    Spiritual Awakening Happens through Grace

    Wednesday, June 11, 2014, 12:14 AM [General]

    "The real process of spiritual awakening
    cannot be known; cannot be put into words.

    Because ultimately Grace itself,
    Shakti itself awakens you
    in ways that will be both unique to you
    and mostly unexplainable.

    Spiritual practice is very important.
    But spiritual practice is not a science
    where you can say
    'do this and this will happen.'

    Sometimes it will,
    sometimes it won't.

    We talk about awareness, being
    devotion, witnessing etc.
    but these things only really get you in the door.

    What happens then will be unexplainable.

    If you go in for an operation,
    you do not instruct the surgeon
    on how he will do the job.

    Someone puts you under
    and stuff happens!

    Meditation is the same.
    You can be present,
    you can give yourself fully
    to a practice,
    you can feel the Shakti,
    you can even surrender.

    But then what happens
    has nothing to do with you or what you know.
    If you try and make it a certain way,
    meditation will not happen.

    That is why holding on
    to spiritual knowledge as a belief
    can be dangerous.

    If you impose your knowledge
    on how awakening will happen
    on to this moment,
    then awakening cannot happen.

    Only in full surrender
    do you get put under
    and extraordinary things happen
    that cannot be put into words.

    In fact, the deeper you go,
    the less can be said
    until nothing can be said.

    Because it goes beyond all understandings.

    Everything gets wiped out at some point
    and what can be said about what is there
    or what happens?

    Except to come back and say
    there is incredible bliss,
    infinite oneness, unfathomable peace.
    But even then these things are poor
    descriptions to that which is
    beyond all name and form.

    Much love,


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    Meditation Can Be As Easy As Letting Go

    Wednesday, June 4, 2014, 2:40 AM [General]

    "Meditation can be as simple as
    not being caught up in thinking;
    not holding on to anything.

    Thoughts arise
    and you grab hold of them;
    you get involved with them.
    That is where all trouble starts.

    So first,
    be willing to recognize
    when you are caught up in thoughts,
    regardless of the content of the thoughts.
    That is a huge step right there:
    seeing that you are caught up in thinking.

    Then you can let go of the thoughts
    your are involved with.
    You don't let go of the thought
    to grab something else.
    Rather, you just rest in letting go.
    You rest in that place of
    not holding on to anything.

    Then you are no longer a something.
    You are formless consciousness.

    However long you are not identified with thoughts,
    you are free from the ego,
    you are free from separation
    and all the suffering that goes with it.

    You will discover how incredibly
    complex the thinking process is
    to constantly create your world of separateness
    yet how simple it is to let it all go in an instant.

    And as you remain in that letting go,
    all of the tendencies to be pulled back
    into thinking begin to get burned away.
    And you begin to feel that this place
    of not holding on to anything,
    is your natural state.

    If you are not holding on to anything,
    then you simply are,
    everything simply is.
    and you are fulfilled
    in that is-ness.

    Because your very nature is fulfillment.
    Your very nature is delight.

    It may take a while to get used
    to that contentment
    because you are so used to the habit
    of seeking something separate from you
    to fulfill you.

    You have to get used to this feeling
    of being free; of being formless.

    Much love,


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