How to Move through the Various Stages of Meditation into Oneness with Everything

    Wednesday, March 25, 2015, 9:28 PM [General]

    "'I am' and 'everything is'
    are the same.

    You may start in meditation with resting in 'I am,'
    and feeling your sense of being
    that is beyond thinking.

    And that may turn into witnessing.

    And witnessing may turn into
    'everything simply is,'
    the sense of no separation
    between you and the world.

    In this, the sense of 'I am'
    has merged into is-ness itself.

    That is one way to consider it.

    If you are identified with thoughts
    then you are identified with being
    a 'me' that is separate from this moment.

    There is a desperate self importance to it;
    the sense 'these thoughts matter.'
    And then you are imprisoned by thinking.
    Thoughts themselves dictate your experience.
    That is true brainwashing.

    Without identification with thoughts,
    there is no sense of being a separate 'me.'.

    And without that sense of separateness,
    first you may feel a feeling of simply being.
    Then that may open up to a sense of being consciousness itself,
    of just witnessing.
    And in that witnessing,
    there may be a subtle surrender
    into is-ness, where everything merges into one existence.

    When all is one
    then all is peace.

    It is just a matter of relaxing your attention
    out of your thinking,
    out of self importance,
    and into the already existing awareness
    that is the foundation of this moment.

    Allowing this moment to be
    and in that allowing
    you are no longer involved with the
    thinking 'me' and thus you relax back
    into your natural state of awareness.

    It is very simple, very relaxed.
    No controlling or forcing.

    But if there are too many thoughts
    and you find you are getting too caught up,
    you have all the various spiritual practices
    and meditation techniques that you can use
    to purify the mind and body.

    And with enough spiritual & meditation practice,
    the power behind your thoughts dissipates
    and the awareness that you are becomes
    easily realized.

    Much love,


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    4 Keys to Unlock Witness Consciousness in Meditation

    Thursday, March 12, 2015, 8:22 PM [General]

    "There are 4 things required
    in order to be able to become
    a witness to thoughts.

    The first is the full allowing
    of thinking to be.

    If you try and manipulate thinking
    or stop the thinking in any way,
    you will not be able to witness it.

    It is only in fully allowing thoughts
    to naturally happen
    like wind blowing through the trees
    that you can witness them.

    The second is to
    stop making thoughts important.
    If you place importance on any thought,
    it means you are holding on to it.

    When you can let go of self importance,
    then thoughts simply come and go
    without your involvement.

    The third is to fully allow yourself
    to feel this moment.
    Not emotion, not even physical sensation
    although that may be there too,
    but how it feels to exist in this moment.

    If you are no longer thinking this moment,
    you will find suddenly you are truly
    feeling this moment and it can be intense.

    The tendency is to resist this feeling
    by jumping back into thinking.

    You will see that being involved with thinking
    has been a means to escape feeling this moment.

    And in order to fully feel this moment,
    you have to surrender the 'me' that feels
    separate from this moment, that resists this moment.

    In the full feeling of this moment
    you become one with it.
    The sense of separateness dissolves
    and there is just consciousness.

    The fourth factor is what you
    have put into your body & mind.

    What you have eaten,
    what you have watched,
    who you have been around
    all creates a lot of noise
    and hyperactivity in the mind.

    That is why for thousands of years
    many yogis retreat
    to some cave or hut in the mountains
    far away from civilization
    and eat and live very simply.

    The more pure you can keep
    your body and mind,
    the easier it will be
    to realize the peace & silence
    that is the essence
    of body and mind.

    Much love,


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    Meditation: Become Comfortable Resting in Consciousness

    Thursday, March 5, 2015, 9:52 PM [General]

    "Become comfortable
    just being consciousness.

    Become aware of awareness itself
    and let your attention remain there.

    Don't look to get anything out of it,
    just let your attention rest
    in consciousness itself.

    If you spend time during your day
    resting your attention in consciousness
    rather than always being lost in thinking,
    then your experience of being consciousness
    will grow, will expand.

    Wherever you place your attention,
    that will be what you get
    both in this moment and in the future.

    If you keep fixating your attention
    on your problems, your desires,
    that is what you will have now
    and that is what you will have later.

    But place your attention on consciousness itself,
    and your experience of consciousness
    will grow, will expand.

    It may not feel like much at first,
    but over time you will recognize
    that nature of consciousness
    to be fulfillment itself.
    That what you are is peace itself.

    You begin to rest in consciousness in meditation
    and then you learn to do it while doing other things.

    If you have to wash the dishes,
    learn to wash the dishes as consciousness itself
    rather than wandering about in your thinking.

    Consider everything you do
    and how you can do it
    while being consciousness itself;
    while including everything
    to be consciousness.

    And it does not have to be consciousness.
    If you already feel a certain peace, bliss, love,
    devotion, silence or stillness,
    nurture it by letting your attention rest in it.

    Or if you have a guru,
    you can just think of your guru.
    No story around it,
    just give your attention to your guru;
    could be their image, their name,
    the feeling you have around them.
    But really they exist in you
    as grace itself.

    And in thinking of them,
    it is their grace that comes alive
    in you and as you.

    If don't have a Guru,
    keep your attention on the peace,
    or in consciousness itself.

    Always remember,
    you are awareness itself.

    The sense of being a person can only be
    because first you are awareness
    and that person is made of awareness.

    Much love,


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    Realizing Infinite Joy in Meditation

    Thursday, February 26, 2015, 7:58 PM [General]

    "When you immerse your attention
    into the peace that is the essence
    of this moment,
    you find that it is limitless.

    It is completely formless
    and that formless peace
    goes on forever.

    The emptiness is so vast
    so intoxicating, so fulfilling,
    there is no end to exploring it.

    I call it peace
    but the peace is synonymous
    with love, with bliss, with joy.

    It is unfathomable joy!

    And when you come out of that peace
    a little bit so that you are aware of form again,
    you find everything is vibrating this peace.

    The joy that is the essence of everything
    cannot contain itself.
    It must burst open and manifest into
    billions of forms.

    And so every form
    is just made of this vibrating bliss.

    You can be walking in the woods
    and you can't imagine
    anything more fulfilling, more blissful
    than that walking.

    So delicious!

    But many people seem to settle for the words.
    Settle for some understanding of it,
    some idea of it.

    Some little clever saying
    that makes your ego smile
    as you pass by in search
    for the next tidbit of knowledge.

    It's like driving all the way to the ocean
    and not getting out of the car.
    Not feeling the sand on your bare feet,
    not feeling your body immersed
    in the dancing salt water waves.

    Just sitting in your air conditioned
    car with the windows up
    listening to talk-back radio.

    That's what dead people do!

    This peace is beyond the words,
    beyond understanding,
    beyond all ideas and beliefs.

    You not only have to do the work,
    you also have to get really get naked.
    Strip away all of your ideas
    and perceptions and dissolve
    into this moment full on.

    No half-assed intellectual consideration
    about how it fits in with what you know
    and who you think you are.
    You have to give it all up
    and dive into this moment.

    It's so hard to even make any sense
    in this peace,
    because it is senseless, limitless joy.
    There is no comprehending it,
    no getting your head around
    the vastness of it.

    Yet the ego mind is always
    trying to put it into a box;
    something it can define
    and know and carry around
    like a lucky charm.

    But how do you bottle up
    the ever expanding limiltless joy
    that goes on forever?

    You have to let everything
    dismantle into nothingness
    and dissolve into unfathomless peace.

    When there is no 'you' left in nothingness;
    when there is just the vaccum that is consciousness,
    then you will realize infinite joy.
    You will have become joy itself.

    Much love,


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    Zen Enlightenment & The Art of Clear Seeing

    Thursday, February 19, 2015, 9:53 PM [General]

    "An object
    does not become an object
    separate from you
    until you define it.

    In order to not define it,
    you simply remain in awareness.

    You do not allow your attention
    to leave awareness
    to become fixated on thinking;
    rather, attention remains resting
    in itself as consciousness.

    When you remain in awareness,
    then any object you see
    is experienced as part of awareness.

    When you look outwardly in this way,
    you do not experience a bunch of separate objects,
    you see and experience everything
    as one consciousness.

    Only when you get into definitions
    does everything become separate objects.

    So you can practice
    remaining in awareness
    without getting involved in definitions,
    without getting involved with thinking.

    If thoughts come,
    you can treat them in the same way.

    If you remain in awareness
    without getting involved
    in the content of the thoughts,
    then the thoughts do not become
    separate things
    but remain as consciousness itself.
    They may not even fully form into thoughts.

    But the key is to let your attention
    remain fully resting in awareness.
    If you do this, thoughts will stop all together.

    Much love,


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    3 Paths to Spiritual Awakening

    Thursday, February 12, 2015, 12:55 AM [General]

    "To be alive
    is to be conscious in this moment.

    In order to be conscious
    you have to fully allow everything
    in this moment to be as it is.

    Awareness can only fully reveal itself
    when there is full allowing.

    In the full allowing of this moment,
    you, as a separate person
    is no more.

    You still are here;
    you are fully here,
    but as pure consciousness,
    pure peace.
    You are joy itself.

    Try this in this moment.

    Close your eyes and
    fully allow everything to be;

    allow all thoughts, feelings
    physical happenings
    but rest your attention
    not in the content of it
    but in the full allowing of it,

    are you not free from yourself?
    Are you not free from separateness?
    Free from stress?

    This is one path.

    Another path would be
    to feel this moment completely;
    feel your very existence in this moment.
    Because in being involved with thinking
    you are avoiding feeling.

    The other is just to love this moment.
    To love what is here at your essence.
    To sing to it, to chant to it,
    to silently repeat a name of it
    with every breath.

    But to distract yourself from this moment
    or to try to live this moment
    only through thinking,
    you are not alive in that.

    You are hiding from life in that.
    It feels synthetic
    because you are letting words
    dictate your experience.

    And that is no way to live.
    If you are living solely through thinking,
    you are just playing a video game
    in your own mind.
    And your involvement with it
    keeps you feeling separate from life.

    It can be as simple
    as allowing this moment to be
    and resting in that allowing.

    Already in this,
    you will feel the essential joy
    that is animating everything.

    Much love,


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    Story of Shiva and Shakti - From a Live Satsang

    Wednesday, February 4, 2015, 8:41 PM [General]

    This quote is from a live satsang
    and best listened to while reading it
    as it contains a lot of bliss!

    You can hear it by listening to this youtube video below:

    "There's a story of Shakti and Shiva.

    Shiva resting in his silence,
    his transcendental consciousness
    yet deeply attracted to Shakti.

    Shakti says
    'Hey, Shiva!
    I've created this amazing world
    with all of these amazing things in it.
    You can experience so much.

    Shiva the nerd says
    I don't want any of that!
    I like my silence.
    I like the bliss of silence.
    I don't want to leave it and get
    caught up in a world.'

    Shakti says
    'Don't worry, Shiva,
    I did something really neat.
    The essence of everything in this world,
    the essence of every experience
    is consciousness itself, is bliss itself.
    So you can experience it all,
    and never have to leave your bliss.'

    Because Shiva was in love with Shakti
    he said 'Okay.'

    I bet he said
    'As long as you hold my hand through it.
    As long as you are always here with me.'

    Because remember Shiva's heart
    was melting in love for Shakti.

    Much love,


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    Create a Fertile Environment in Which Meditation Can Happen

    Thursday, January 29, 2015, 10:30 PM [General]

    "It's important to first create a fertile
    environment within yourself
    for meditation to happen.

    You eat a very light
    and healthy diet,
    you become disciplined
    in what you put in to your body,
    how you take care of your body.

    You immerse yourself
    in spiritual practices that both
    purify and awaken you into bliss.

    You immerse yourself in Shakti
    with the CDs, with enlightened teachers
    where you can actually feel the bliss
    vibrating in your body.

    You strengthen your awareness
    with meditation techniques and practices.

    When you do this on a daily basis,
    very naturally, there will come a time
    when meditation will pull you to do nothing at all.

    You will have times where meditation techniques
    seem to only get in the way of meditation.

    It is in this that you can really let go
    into surrender and non-doing
    and allow meditation to naturally happen.

    You learn to allow thoughts,
    allow sensations, allow emotions,
    allow breathing, allow the body to be still.

    And in this allowing,
    awareness naturally is,
    everything naturally is.

    You realize the natural
    movement that is life itself,
    that is consciousness itself.
    That is the entirety of everything.

    And there is no doing in that.
    There is the complete letting go
    of yourself into the naturalness
    of this moment.

    There is extraordinary peace in this;
    pure fulfillment;
    unconditional joy.

    But if I said from the beginning,
    'just allow this moment to be as it is'
    without doing the practices, disciplines
    and receiving the shakti,
    you will find some relaxation in it.

    But you most likely won't fully awaken into
    the infinite peace and bliss that is your essence.

    There is a whole awakening that happens
    in the very cells of your body and mind
    that cannot happen through one teaching alone.

    In my experience,
    all of the practices and disciplines
    should be utilized.

    What works for you will be unique for you.

    But when you come from a place
    of doing the work, of being full of shakti,
    then there is an intensity that grows inside you.
    And then, when you fully surrender,
    that intensity of consciousness becomes unleashed
    and meditation takes over.

    Meditation is not a doing.
    It is allowing your natural state to be;
    fully and unhindered.

    But you do have to create
    the fertile environment within yourself
    for it to happen.

    Much love,


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    Satsang and Guided Medtiation: Invitation to Peace & Fulfillment

    Tuesday, January 20, 2015, 10:21 PM [General]

    This quote is from last weeks satsang/meditation.
    You can listen and meditate to this excerpt
    by playing this video below:

    It is a bit long (10 mins) but if you take the time
    you might experience the deep peace & fulfillment
    I am conveying in the talk.

    "You can't do it with thinking,
    you have to let go of trying to do
    it with thinking and surrender.

    There's really no doing in it.
    It's just relaxing;
    relaxing into what is already here,
    what is already happening
    below the mental chatter.

    Below the mental chatter
    is just consciousness, peace,
    freedom, bliss, love.
    It's all of this.

    The pure, clean, intoxication
    that is life itself.

    You just keep surrendering
    deep into this moment.

    It's like those alka seltzer tablets,
    you put them in the water
    and they dissolve.
    They dissolve bubbling into the water
    until there is nothing left.

    When there is nothing left,
    there is just peace.

    This is the offering that is in this moment.

    Once you're in this peace,
    even if you are just feeling it a little bit,
    then you're home free.

    It's just letting your attention
    sink more into this peace;
    into this divine intoxication
    that is life itself.

    That is not somewhere else
    that you need to go to.
    It's the essence; this moment.

    At one level you can drink it in every breath
    yet at another level its beyond breathing all together.

    At one level it's what every thought is made of
    it's what every thought is vibrating.
    At another level, it's completely beyond thought.

    At one level, it is in every action,
    it's the expression of every action.
    At another level, it exists
    beyond all action as utter stillness.

    It's the same thing,
    just different levels of experience;
    one level no better than the other.

    But first we get you to the stillness.
    First we get you to what is beyond thought.
    So we can get really drunk together on life.

    However you are is totally perfect.
    It is just allowing that.

    And in that you start to sip
    you start to taste, you start to sink
    into the peace that is the essence of everything.

    There is no mental discourse here.
    no intellectual beliefs, no philosophy.
    All of that is ugly compared to this peace.

    I'm inviting you to directly be
    what you are at your essence.

    Much love,


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    The Ocean of Peace

    Wednesday, January 7, 2015, 8:47 PM [General]

    This quote is from last week's satsang.
    You can hear it on Youtube Here
    It's nice to meditate to while reading.

    "Whatever thoughts arise,
    just offer them
    to the radiance of this moment.

    Any idea of yourself,
    offer it to this radiance.
    Let it burn away in this radiance.

    You are separate from this radiance
    only because of what you hold on to.

    You think this thought is important,
    this emotion is important,
    this idea of myself is important,
    this opinion, this knowledge,
    this experience that happened before.
    If you are holding on to these things
    as something important,
    then you feel separate from this moment.

    But if you offer them
    to the radiance of this moment,
    then they burn away in bliss
    they dissolve into peace;
    they are free to dissolve back
    into their true nature.

    Do you see that?

    A thought is never a thought.
    A thought is always this peace
    this consciousness.
    But in holding on to it,
    it becomes something else.
    When you get involved with the content of it,
    it becomes something else separate from peace.

    But it is just peace.
    It arises by itself
    and naturally wants to dissolve
    back into peace.

    Have you ever seen a flying fish?
    They fly out of the ocean.
    And they are joyful flying out of the ocean
    but then they dive back into the ocean.
    It's just for fun.

    Don't argue with me about the biology
    of flying fish.
    In this instance, in this image,
    the flying fish jumps out of the ocean for fun
    and dives back into its home,
    dissolves back into the ocean.

    It's the nature of life.
    It wants to arise out of consciousness
    and experience duality
    and all of its ups and downs
    and then it wants to dissolve back
    into the ocean of peace.

    But the realization
    is not just to remain in the ocean
    24/7 eyes closed legs crossed
    dissolved in nothing.
    But rather, to recognize
    that a flying fish is never separate from the ocean.

    Not intellectually, but to feel it.
    Every thought every feeling
    every experience, every action
    is a movement in bliss.

    Much love,


    The most important factor to spiritual awakening
    is Shakti, the energy that awakens you into enlightenment.

    Usually you can only receive Shakti from a Shakti Guru,
    but you can now also receive Shakti through sound.
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