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  • Last month (August) was a beautiful month for me. I feel that it was a wonderful Birthday present from God (my birthday was August, ... more
  • Prayed to God all night last night till I fell asleep. It is something I recently started doing and plan to keep doing every night. It ... more
  • Love life, be happy, stay positive, have faith, read bible daily and pray. It's the best way to communicate with our wonderful and ... more

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    Blessed, thanks for the invite to connect here on Beliefnet. Peace Love Stardove

    September 13, 2013
    1:56 AM
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    Hi Bless! It's very nice to meet you and thank you for the friendship request. Welcome to Beliefnet. I hope you enjoy it here, I'm sure you will. I've been here for 5 years...I think. (lol) Bouncybaby and I play the games on the forum "Village Green." Feel free to stop by and play. You might like it if you enjoy simple word games. Many Blessings And Welcome Again, Callielou....Brenda

    September 5, 2013
    1:19 PM
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    Hi- Thank you so much for your friendship. I hope we may be a blessing to each other. Love ya', Steve

    September 4, 2013
    12:32 AM
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