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    That was very thoughtful! My birthday was great! Thanks again!!

    November 22, 2008
    8:09 AM
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    I seen you played soccer too awesome nothing wrong with being a bookworn :p once again sorry it took so long to get back but hope to keep in touch.

    November 19, 2008
    7:33 AM
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    Bea, you are trully an inspiration ! I have to say I've been touched by the wisdom you carry - the light of Christ illuminates your heart. Know that within your heart is hidden treasure, God's Spirit. His gifts are your talents; shower the world with God's peace and grace. You have so much to give ! I have reason to believe that Jesus has great things in store for you. May Jesus abide with you always on the tender lotus bud of your heart bestowing an ever flowing river of Divine inspiration. God bless you Bea. Christopher

    November 1, 2008
    6:53 PM
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    I just want to say hi and thank you for the nice comment on my profile page. Also, I read your profile and I agree with everything that you are saying there. I think you are great!!!!!! In our world today the majority, and leaders, sometimes think only about money and competition and in the meantime the weakest and vulnerable in our society such as elderly people lose out and are forgotten. It's true, we should all accept each other instead of pointing to others and saying I'm right and you are wrong ( Anyway, enough of me ranting and raving about the world.....God bless and hope to see you soon somewhere around Beliefnet:) Ray

    October 26, 2008
    8:59 PM
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    Thank you for your kind words, we are getting thru considering what we've gone thru. We have been trying to stay busy, my son has church, good friends and football to keep him occupied. We talk to each other quite a bit, he has a lot of questions and he is so strong that I can't believe he is my son sometimes. We can always use more friends, friends have been there for us during the hard times and we can definetly use friends for our future. God bless

    October 24, 2008
    3:40 PM
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    Oh I sure agree with what you said. I only wish that everyone else thinks like that. The world would be a much better place :). it's just that most of the news today (may be not exactly today, cos of the Olympics and the conflict between Russia and Georgia :)) has got a lot to do with Muslims. And the very fact that there are those who commit suicide (an act which is actually prohibited in Islam) in the name of God, I think gives a very wrong impression of the religion. I tend to think that religions can never be judged by solely looking at its followers. And I believe that's some thing that we can all say amen about. :) May God's grace and compassion be with you always! God bless!

    August 19, 2008
    5:42 PM
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    Dear blancamarin . . . . May love and laughter light your days .. and warm your heart and home .. may good and faithful friends be yours .. wherever you may roam .. may peace and plenty bless your world .. with joy that long endures .. may all life's passing seasons .. bring the best to you and yours!     =:0]  

    August 14, 2008
    6:11 PM
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