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    I'm glad you enjoy our little group. Your sense of humor is delightful and makes St. Petes' a much grander place. Thank you Neo

    October 9, 2009
    12:59 AM
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    Just stopping by to say "Hi!"...I've been missing you, WolfScout, ReikiNurse, TreasurePeace, and all of my other firends on EP. Hope that you and yours are doing well. Sending you love, light, laughter and joy :) Namaste,

    April 26, 2009
    6:15 PM
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    Just wanted to say thank you for your detailed response to my questions that I posted. Your words have me thinking as for whatever reason, they seem to resonate within me. I feel like I relate to what you say without even knowing why or what the relation is. Thanks for all your thoughtful words in your postings. Have a blessed day.

    January 25, 2009
    5:57 PM
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    Your proposal was an intersting one and got some attention, I wonder though whether its necessary to reinvent the many wheels that do exist and function quite well? Nothing stopping us of course! Your enthusiasm is well noted and well accepted with us however. IT sure is a refreshing thing to have on any of our groups webpages. Certainly will be seeing more from you I can tell! And glad for it! Your friend, dusty!
    January 10, 2009
    3:36 PM
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    I love the new look. The turtle "cruisin through the hood without a care in the world" Love it!!

    December 11, 2008
    1:30 PM
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    ... groovin' through his world. Thanks for accepting my friendship request. Peace and blessings. Wendy

    December 10, 2008
    1:56 PM
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