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10 years ago  ::  Nov 20, 2008 - 11:08AM #1
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  .................How unfair is it that people have to go through this illness, feeling they are worthless and unlovable.... Feeling ashamed of who they are...Running from the people they love only  so there loved ones dont see the person that they are becoming....the person that they come to believe they are, the illness that they try to cover up, that can not be dealt with in such a way of running, hiding, forgetting.... It takes strengh and courage to battle the illness, it is easy to lay in bed for days...weeks...months...years, and not battle the illness,...once you realize that the illness is a part of who you are, its much more easier to understand that you are not from mars...that all of you that suffer with bi-polar illness, too can be happy.  If an un-medicated person with the illness is alone and feeling unloved,  worthless, hateful and just down right unhappy, how do they feel once they have shut every thing/one that is in there life out.? They are suffering with something that can not be controlled by them selves.. They are hateful, alone, afraid and just feeling like they let a lot of people down from the way the illness affects the way they think, feel about others and the constance feeling that they  are not normal... How is a person (like my self) go about forgetting, let go of the people they love, that have the illness? I have a dear x boy friend that has this illness, he is 51...he has suffered with this for a long time...he is un-medicated and very bitter about the things that he has caused me and the pain that i and my two girls has went though... He is running away from me, he feels he can not make me happy... Is this the illness talking??? Is it because he feels like no med's can help...He was taking Limictal, then he stopped after two years of taking it.. He felt the same on it as he did off it...Now he is hiding from the ones that stood by his side,, he is running from me because he feels ashamed of himself..

As people tell me to move on in my life, to stop worrying about him and worry about my children instead....How,...if I truely love this man,.....can I just walk away from him...let him go, not worry about him any more...He needs some one to support him, give him good words of advise and tell him he is loved unconditionally....regardless of the illness... People tell me i will never be happy with a man that has the desiese, that is like telling some one that finds out that there loved one has cancer, to walk away....... They have the illness, they did not chose to have this...and if love conquers all....then love is the medication that all bi-polar people need. LOVE AND SUPPORT... from there family...friends...and them selves.... If they do not love them selves, how can others love them?  Bi-polar people have a lack of love for them selves because they feel inadequate and 'no good'... I want to say that i love him still, and i will support each and every one that is going though this illness....alone or with some one,...medicated or un-medicated...It takes a very strong and understanding person to forgive a un-medicated bi-polar person...

There fault for not getting treatment??? Maybe,...but if we all show we care and love them...then maybe...just maybe...that is all they need is a boost to get the right med's and get on the right path to the life that god has gave us.......


                        CAREING ALWAYS,.....NICOLE
















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9 years ago  ::  Dec 04, 2008 - 2:11PM #2
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Hi Nicole, I'm Lori.  I went years before I was diagnosed with bipolar. My first psychiatrist was just treating me for depression.  That's why none of the meds. worked. I was also seeing a counselor at the same time, he was the one that figured out I was bipolar.  I changed psychiatrists, and we had to try different meds. to finally find the right ones that worked. Before I was diagnosed I thought that that was just the way I was supposed to be. After the dianosis I was a lot better.  My husband is bipolar as well, and some how we keep our marriage together. Just give your boyfriend the love and understanding he needs. Maybe eventually you can help him get to the Dr.s and start trying meds. It does take a lot of hit and misses to find the right combination to work. I pray that you are able to help him get the help he needs. Your friend in Christ,  Lori
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9 years ago  ::  Jul 19, 2009 - 12:07AM #3
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Nicole, I just wanted to let you know I agree with you on so many things you talked about in your post. I have ignored my symptoms of being bipolar for years now. It has gotten to the point I can't do that anymore. I seriously feel I dont know who I am at times. One moment Im on top of the world. The next I dont want to get out of bed. My boyfriend is aware of what Im going through and wants to help me. Even though I know he loves me I cant help but wonder if my being bipolar will run him off or make him leave me. Im glad I found this group. It opens my eyes a bit.. that Im not alone. I know I shouldnt have to deal with this without medication any longer. I can't. I have made an appointment just for this. So Im wondering if anyone knows of the medications that are being given for bipolar disorder at this time. If maybe some are better than others.. maybe some to stay away from. As I dont like taking medication.

Take care! Drew

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9 years ago  ::  Aug 02, 2009 - 1:45AM #4
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few people understand the strenght it really takes to be successfully medicated, it doesn't just happen, it takes work, hard work to find the balance. that is different for everyone, there is no miracle drug to make bi-polar "go away", I WISH there were, but it takes more work to stay as healthy as possible than it does to stay ill and do nothing. my lousy decision making has once again thrust me into a situation that could have been avoided had i felt i was empowered to change my circumstances & avoid people out there who take advantage of my giving nature. i have decided to no longer live by myself, knowing that my 23 year old son is more adept at reading people and will help me make better decisions. i have no choice, i hope its not too late and i can recover from this recent mistake of trusting someone that used & abused me by using my condition to expose my vunerabilities. it truly does seem as if this is another compromise in my life that i'm making to accomodate my illness but  i cannot imagine going back to being un-medicated, i know, without doubt, my life would be far worse without it...its manageable most of the time, as long as i do my part.

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