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Double-Couples? Is anyone else here involved in a relationship with another mental health consumer? I have bipolar disorder with severe psychosis, and my partner has bipolar disorder. He had... 0 Replies
My life goes on...? Hello, I just read your post, in fact I just joined this group. I am not a doctor by any means but I am an MRI Technologist. I was wondering if you have ever had an MRI done on... 4 Replies
unmedicated bipolar disorder few people understand the strenght it really takes to be successfully medicated, it doesn't just happen, it takes work, hard work to find the balance. that is different for... 4 Replies
unmedicated bipolar disorder Nicole, I just wanted to let you know I agree with you on so many things you talked about in your post. I have ignored my symptoms of being bipolar for years now. It has gotten... 4 Replies
In my room... Hi Alexia, I'm glad you've joined our group. I wasn't leaving any posts here, because noone elese was. It seems like everyone just wants to leave everything under comments on... 6 Replies
In my room... Hi Lori, I'm new here, and you are right a year pass and I wonder how she is doing, I hope she face her fears, and may be got a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I have a lot to... 6 Replies
In my room... Hey y'all, What's going on here? We have 144 members, yet noone is posting. I say we try to kick it up some and start postiing. I'm sure there are people that need our... 6 Replies
In my room... Daze,I have been having the same problem. I'll get outside and have an anxiety attack so severe I have to call a family member to com and get me, pick me up and put me back in... 6 Replies
HI i'm new Hi Paula! Well it seems you fit right into our group here. I think most of us here are mental cases in one way, shape, or form. It sounds like you've got a lot going on with... 10 Replies
HI i'm new Hi Sarah, I know how you feel. It took the drs. about 2-3 years to find out I had bipolar and not just depression. I know how hard it is to remember everything you have, but... 10 Replies
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