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    The Purpose of this group is to study God’s Word and to grow closer to our heavenly Father. There are too many groups that wish to bicker and argue. We are going to discuss the Bible, but we are all are going to participate. I will be removing people for the following reasons: 1) Inactivity (going for weeks and not participating); 2) for disrespecting other members with insults and belittling comments; 3) for offering nothing but opinions only. It is a Bible study group and we are expected to grow in our use of Scriptures. Last point: This is a CONSERVATIVE Bible study group.

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  • This Group is designed as a Bible study course that will never end until no wants to participate. How is it to be used? I suggest the ... more

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    I just discovered this group but the post don't look active. Is anyone still in this group?

    July 24, 2011
    4:19 PM
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    Are you asunetos? ἀσύνετος asunetos-n. stupid, witless, not able to understand But the One said, "Yet also you are witless.” There is a sense in the world that certain people do not say certain things. This is because a “mystique” has been created that surrounds them not allowing the real person to be seen. This in fact distorts the message that the person intended to give. Jesus is of course one of those around whom a false image is created to build him up, (it is thought) but it damages the message that He intended. This image is often manipulated by well-intentioned translations that “soften” the harshness of certain words. “And Jesus said, Are ye also yet without understanding?” KJV Matthew 17:16 This translation as well as others, dampens down the shocking statement that Jesus made when he used the word asunetos when He addressed a question by Peter. But the One said, "Yet also you are witless.” Matthew 17:16 JWET Jesus follows with an explanation of what makes a person defiled. What comes out of the mouth, not what go into the mouth. Matthew then leads us to another encounter, one with the Canaanite woman where Jesus makes a couple more shocking statements: Matthew 17:24 But the One after being singled out He said, "Was I not sent if not to those stupid lazy people, the ones being destroyed from house Israel." JWET The word πρόβατον-probaton is an insult when used in reference to people! (stupid lazy person). Then Matthew relates another parable given in two parts, Jesus starts it and the Canaanite woman finishes: Jesus: "It is not good to have taken the bread of the children even to have let it fall to the puppies." JWET Matthew 17:26 Canaanite woman: "Yes Master, for even the puppies are eating from the crumbs having fallen from their masters' table." JWET Matthew 17:27 Matthew 17:28 Then having been singled out the Savior said to her, "Oh woman, your great trust, the thing you ask must have been brought about for you even as you are purposing", and her daughter was healed from that hour. JWET The point of that parable was not to insult the woman--but to show that she knew were she had to go to get relief the Master!

    April 14, 2010
    10:28 AM
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    What has happened to this 'group'? Has it dismantled? It had a good foundation and I've checked periodically. I was reading Mark 9 today and was wondering how I would respond if the Messiah had just told me TWICE in a matter of days that He was going to be betrayed, die, and rise again. Interestingly His disciples didn't seem to *hear* what He had said. I think I'm often guilty of not hearing what is being said to me because I don't like what I'm hearing...even if it's from God and His Word. However, that doesn't change the reality does it?

    November 24, 2009
    11:12 PM
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    I too feel those same sentiments. My son died 4 years ago at the age of 20--total devastation! I wanted to die just to be with him. Instead, my relationship with God has gotten stronger! He was the only one I felt I could really turn to to get me through my despair. I have only recently felt God's spirit within me--I believe I hadn't totally opened up to Him before this time! What a difference that makes! I am so hungry for God's word and am looking for others who feel the same way. I am now ready to learn more!

    April 17, 2009
    12:18 PM
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