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    The Essential Reconciliation of the Divine Masculine & Feminine

    Thursday, May 8, 2008, 7:58 PM [General]

    We all go though life facing our many common and also individual circumstances; both challenges and opportunities. In the best of worlds life is truly a journey of awakening. Every moment choices are made and then sustained. Certain moments seem to delineate the stages of our lives. These special moments, when they awaken in us a more subtle depth of awareness or understanding we could call our initiation on the universal path of awakening. Not every new idea is really an initiation, many are just steps along the way, but every once in awhile we experience a new kind of awareness which changes our thinking and feeling from that moment on. These moments of transformation truly are divine gifts and may delineate the stages of our initiation on our journey of awakening.

    If I describe certain of my own lives experience I may begin to somewhat suggest the path we all follow in our own way. I’ve convinced myself that I remember somewhat my emotional state as a child in the crib. I was of course very innocent and as a result I felt happy, peaceful and content. I can’t really remember when I first felt insecure, it seems to have something to do with recognizing others as strangers who didn’t know me and whom I didn’t know. As a result I felt uncertain, imposed upon, as though others had expectations which might be hidden from me, and I wasn’t sure how to act. This sense of uncertainty could make me feel uncomfortable and ill at ease. I clearly remember this feeling going to kindergarten on the first day. I didn’t really feel insecure about myself, family, or friends rather it seems I felt insecure about strangers. Only much later I learnt to feel insecure about everyone.


    I never really felt very insecure around nature, I was always curious about the world; or rather creation and the entire universe. I remember as a child laying in the tall grass and watching the wind blow across the field, or on my back watching clouds pass by, or gazing into the blue sky wondering about it and what was beyond; always what was beyond. I wondered about us and what was beyond. I wondered why if we lost something we couldn’t just know exactly where it was. Why this void of not knowing? It felt somewhat like a humiliation to me. I wondered why god humbled us in this way. This boy thought we could grow up to be like Superman. This limiting awareness was my first loss of innocence which struck me so strongly. I haven’t really gotten over it yet. Then there was the age when you really know Santa Claus isn’t “real”. I got over that one rather easily, after all this lie was “mans” doing and kind of cute. After all, myth itself has some truth to tell, this one about our spirit of goodness.


    Finally comes our great loss of innocence regarding our sexuality; we leave childhood behind when we have sex with another. This is one of life’s initiations for sure, because everything changes after this. Our whole world view changes. We become addicted to the world. Before that we were just playing, now it’s serious. We want power and influence from then on, even if we may forget why. The search for power seems like a point of no return, but it’s not really. In fact we are truly lost only if we never find the way of our return to innocence.


    Of coarse spiritual liberation is not the same type of innocence we had as children, it’s much deeper, like the innocence of the great souls who show us the way of awakening from the dream we have created; the dream of our false aspirations of playing the game to win. If some must win then some must lose and this is the real delusion of the world; that some can win while others loss. This kind of thinking can not be trusted, and when we think this way we can not be trusted. This is why we can’t really trust each other, until we can realize that your loss is my loss. Only when we have this realization and are irreversibly dedicated to acting appropriate to this fact, only then can we trust and be trusted.


    For all I’ve written and I write a lot, mostly for myself; I don’t recall ever writing about sexuality, basically because I never had anything interesting to say about it and I prefer writing when I feel that I have an idea that moves in a constructive direction. I don’t really know what I’m going to say; yet I must say that I feel our loss of innocence is related to our sexuality and our ability to trust ourselves and others.


    If you look at history, most of the cultures we know are all about control and domination. This is what has corrupted most of the churches throughout history. Let me be clear, I’m not saying sexuality is bad, I’m suggesting that an addiction to a desire for something that is not within our power to control leads to a belief in conflict and a desire for control. This is our basic relationship with the world and with our “God”. We are conflicted because of our perceived self interest, we know that without power we have no control and we fear that we will not have our desires met if we aren’t in control of our world. But how can we control the world when we can’t even control our own heart and mind. We become conflicted and at war with God and our Self. This is a battle which can never be won.


    One of the epic wars people have tried to negotiate throughout the ages is what has been called the battle of the sexes. Again here is a war which can’t be won, so people try to negotiate a settlement, but it’s a tenuous, fragile peace. You may have recognized by now that my thinking is influenced by certain precepts which can be found in many teachings; such as Taoism, Buddhist Madhyamaka teachings or A Course in Miracles. My basic believe is that no war can really be won, because your loss is also my loss. The basic delusion we worship is the belief in a conflict between heaven and earth; and that one can win while another loses. This to me is an irreconcilable position, because first I can not accept that we are divided, separate, and so there is no true opposition. Creation, life and evolution is more like a dance than an armed struggle. Our belief in opposition is the delusion which arises when we worship our needy sense of incompleteness.


    Unfortunately with an adversarial position conflict pervades our world, heart and soul. One of the innate, naturally found medications which spiritual masters, like the Mahasiddhas, have administered, as a cure for this universal delusional disease of greed is their tantric yoga teachings. Aspects of these teaching addressing this issue of duality are not well understood, so I’d like to comment on them here hoping somewhat to reconcile them within myself. Unfortunately from my position as a male I can’t speak for the female expression of sexuality in relation to reconciling desires, needs, and expectations. Therefore I can only address tantric principles from a personal internalized yogic view. This view I do not consider to be a limitation at all; if fact for most people an outward expression of tantric principles is very likely to be a huge obstacle without first developing a well grounded inner realization. By that I mean that sexual drives outwardly expressed are powerful enough to overwhelm anyone I personally know of. You will notice in Buddhist tantric iconography images of coupled male and female deities. Appearing as two they are in fact one in union. This is an essential tantric realization. In other tantric icons you can find what seems like a hermaphrodite; both male and female in one. This seems more to the point I would suggest; that first we must reconcile the conflicts within us, so that we can dispel the delusion of worldly conflicts which do not serve to advance our journey of awakening.

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    Resolve for Spiritual Community

    Wednesday, April 9, 2008, 11:32 PM [General]

    A Resolve for Spiritual Community.


    I’ve made a resolution to share “my life’s dream” with certain people I meet. If you will bear with me for a few moments, I feel I have something to say to you, or I would not offer it.

    Around 1975 I came to the conclusion that unique opportunities and achievements could be realized within “a well considered matrix of intentional spiritual community”. Since then I was twice involved in “community” and have confirmed this premise and learned to recognize the obstacles we face as well.

    In case you have no such thoughts, ideals or intentions you can stop here. But the reason I’m now still only wondering and talking about sharing and more fully living my spiritual ideals is largely rooted within my own self delusion; of doubts and fears. Many years ago I decided I must first work on freeing myself from doubts and fears. I’ve done this personal work to the point where I finally have to face the fact; that in our culture I can only fully address many of my doubts and fears with attention to honest open relationship, with others. I truly feel that a dedication to a spiritual life in relationship is like a crucible for our refinement; and a more focused integrated, holistic lifestyle is a catalyst for clarity and the fulfillment of our life’s dreams. You and I are like mirrors for each other and if I want to truly respect myself I must be dedicated to respecting you as well. Through our mutual dedication of respect, our agreements become empowered by honesty, trust and trustworthiness.

    With a foundation of dedication to fellowship ideals we can begin to imagine how true spiritual fellowship might manifest. First of all on a practical level several considerations come to mind. First among these is “the therapeutic value of holistic living”; living in relationship with our social & environmental culture; which is to actually know and relate to all the people and things within our environment. Second is “the value of shared goals and resources”. For one person to have a garden, or a business, or a car & truck or a swimming pool, or any other resource or responsibility becomes overly burdensome. But for 20 or 50 or 100 people to share the benefit and responsibility of those resources; they become much easier to bear. People in the all the arts; including healing, education and spirituality, are especially benefited by community fellowship. Part of it is shared resources, but more importantly is a critical mass of energy and environment which nurtures & supports sustainability of vision and ideals. Thirdly as a generation baby boomers and beyond “we all must recognize the dangers of an uncertain future; or for that matter even the risks of the status quo”. How are we to live long and well?

    Intentional community will obviously reflect the intention of everyone who is a part of it. As a gardener I would see the value of preparing the soil and recognizing appropriate timing & placement. With that in mind I can image some ideas, possibilities and structures which intrigue me. For example I could ultimately envision an international network of Intentional Spiritual Communities associated in such a way that members could act as world citizens, working and traveling for extended periods of time. For me right now I’m willing to dedicate myself to a branch of that broader network. A branch located in the western USA. Each smaller community would reflect the intent of its members. For my part I would like to promote the establishment of “a network of new age universalist holistic spiritual retreats”.It seems as each aspect unfolds way it deserves broader consideration, and I have done that elsewhere, but for now I would like to bring this to a conclusion with a few suggestions.

    I favor the term new age with a very specific intent. For me new age implies an ageless ideal; one might say a vision that is forever new, meaning it never grows old because it is always vital in the present, unencumbered by the burden of limiting conditioning we all carry in our assumptions. Any group endeavor, if it is to grow strong and healthy depends upon direction and balance; it has purpose & order. It is time to awaken a new order, one of service & loving honor; in this way higher group endeavors are guided by service and humility. In this way the least becomes first. Today it seems everyone wants to be a teacher, or some sort of celebrity. The type of fellowship envisioned here allows us to be first and foremost humble students, serving “the One within all”. I am certain in this way, we can find our way.


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    Just Love

    Wednesday, April 9, 2008, 3:47 AM [General]

    Friends, we suffer from the loss of innocence.

    As a child we may realize we don’t even understand the myth of Santa Claus.

    Then perhaps a friend breaks our heart somehow.

    Finally we realize our vision is very limited; it seems we’re not “all seeing”.

    In some way we feel alone perhaps abandoned, or even betrayed by God.

    We wonder what we have done to deserve this doubtful blinded state.

    Then blessed kindness, open heartedness, reminds us of the priceless value of forgiveness.

    Letting go, simply loving is knowing forgiveness for the other; for God is in the other.

    Embodying forgiveness; for, and in our self, since really there is no other.

    Forgiven once again we awaken and turn from the dream of separateness.

    When our judgments end we are forgiven.

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    Mind moments

    Monday, February 18, 2008, 2:19 AM [General]

    Mind moments of Creative Consciousness;  

    Seed Thought –

    Mind, like the Universe is a Bubbling Matrix

    of Luminous Clarity


    When I find that indeed I have no self;

    Then I will know I’ve stopped acting for my self.


    Until then I will ardently strive to understand;

    what is in my very own self’s very best interest.


    I know that seeing either people or things;

    as being in opposition to my self,

    is not in my own best interest.


    Any sense of opposition breeds conflict;

    a sense of separateness and incompleteness,

    all of which leads to unhappiness.


    Therefore seeking happiness;

     it is in my own best interest to see all others;

    deluded or awakened as my very own Self.


    Since I want to be happy,

    finding love & compassion everywhere,

    I will see no separateness in other  people or things.

    Their happiness & wellbeing will be my very own.


    As we are one, I know we seek happiness; I will find

    & do everything which awakens happiness in us.

    I know we will not find happiness though conflicts,

    separateness; the loneliness of need & emptiness.


    I will see myself & thus others as full of luminous clarity,

     wisdom & compassion.  As one undivided;

    full of harmony there is joyous peace, no me or you;

    no before or after, only oneness now.

    There lies happiness; now & always, everywhere.

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    Advice to My Self

    Sunday, February 17, 2008, 6:24 PM [General]

    Normally I'd be reluctant to write this way. But if I could go back in time I would advice myself to recognize that the way to happiness arises of itself though the end of suffering. I know the only advice one can offer is that which one is able to receive. I remember the curiosity of youth as well as my own innocence. Good advice depends upon receptivity and it should be based on shared experience rather than opinion. With this in mind and a caring heart I offer this perspective looking back at what is known.
    One should recognize and accept the fact that if you live well, youth is brief and truly all your life is spent growing older. Childhood last about 15 years, and young adulthood may be another 15 years; women peak physically earlier then men, and males reach their athletic peak by 30, when highly trained. If not well trained one peaks sooner and at a lower level of capacity. You will see that only a few exceptions can truly compete athletically after 35.
    So from 30 to 80 are 50 years of aging; which demand maturity. If you smoke and drink, worry or hate; you begin to grow old almost immediately at least within a few years. It's well known that there is a universal law of cause and effect. It works in physics as well as in all that we do. It works on mental and spiritual levels as well as the physical. You can try to deny the obvious, but it won't go away. All our stress is cumulative and it's much easier to avoid, rather then try to mitigate it after the fact.
    No matter what your poison; whether it's fat or sugar, drugs or alcohol, hatred or greed, it will have its way with you. You know the saying you are what you eat? Don't doubt it; because you will also eat the way you are. All your thoughts and feelings leave a mark on your own psyche. Whenever and whatever you `dump' upon one another will stay with you and sicken within you.
    In case you don't know this; you have to face it now; we all suffer. The only way to mitigate that fact is; to be wise, and to do `good'; or to die. Those are the three choices we all face; to suffer, to mitigate suffering, or to die; and the third is the easiest of the three. The second is the most rewarding and the first is the hardest. We can't change others, but we can understand our self. Any issues we face are rooted within us. We can't change others or the past, but we can learn something from our every thought, feeling and action; and this we must do. If we learn, and we change, and act, the world will be a better place, and if we don't, suffering will increase.

    So when you find a way that you truly feel will lead you to a deeper peace and a perception of truth; then remember it always and never forget to follow that way. This seems clear to me. I wish you all the best; wisdom, peace, true love for all and happiness.


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    A Rosemont Way

    Sunday, January 27, 2008, 7:04 PM [General]


    Exploring Universal Paths

    Illuminating Ageless Wisdom

    We can observe how many spiritual teachings have been promulgated throughout the ages and how many books have been written on these many teachings, all of them testaments of faith and understanding. Yet all these faiths and writings act as distractions from the path of truth, if one is not clearly focused on way and means of spiritual awakening.

    Spiritual awakening occurs as a process of purification by which ones true nature becomes unveiled by dissolving our illusions of separateness from God. The sun of our divine nature rising in our vast sky of consciousness acts as a fire of awakening which dissolves the clouds of our delusive separateness. Thus we awaken to our eternal divine presence.

    Can more religion and scholarly study advance the cause of spiritual awakening? It’s clear we don’t need another religion. Every new religion is just more of the same we have enough. The religions we have could be revitalized, but reforming individuals reaches more to the root of the matter. Reading books on spiritual topics may enlighten us about these topics, but will not awaken us to the divine presence within us here and now.

    A Rosemont Way
    suggests a way to encourage spiritual awakening and a means of encouraging universal fellowship. A seeker of universal ageless wisdom may embrace a particular faith while respecting all wisdom blossoms. A Rosemont seeker is one who as a Universalist embracing the divine essence behind all faiths.

    A Universalist may be a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Jew or none of these. A Universalist may in practice embrace a particular faith, or by honoring the one in all may explore a deeply personal Rosemont path. A Universalist in each moment honors the oneness of all creation. A heart such as this will recognize that a robe of glory enwraps and sanctifies all sincere hearts; thus a universalist honors all paths leading toward the one good. 

    There are many ecumenical movements, whose endeavors are to be admired. All loving heart may Journey on a Rosemont way, but embracing many various religions is not the essential intent of A Rosemont Journey. A Rosemont Journey is fully and lovingly embraced by openhearted souls seeking to serve the one in all; by celebrating an end of judgment and displaying a personal culture of Universal Fellowship.

    A Rosemont Journey is our very personal journey of awakening to an expression of Universal love more akin to the way of awakened sages and mystics. A Universal Path is found in the essential teachings of all Mystics, Gnostics & Yogis.  A Rosemont explorer finds just one loving sweetness in all paths whether Christian mystic, Ishmaelian Sufi, Kashmiri Shaivite, Raja Yogi, Dhyani Buddhist or some other way. A Rosemont explorer surely respects each kernel of truth, but worships only it's everlasting sweetness. This is the heart essence of your very own way.

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    New Age Universalist

    Wednesday, January 23, 2008, 10:36 PM [General]

    New Age Universalist

    The last years of western culture's second millennium were ripe with indication of modern humankind's potential for realizing the nature and value of Universalist ideals. Modern science has evolved to the point where science and spirituality may be seen as two galaxies, once separate, now merging, to someday create a new awareness of a singular reality. To even scratch the surface of new emerging paradigms requires unending discourse with countless implications.

    Here and now my intention is to rather briefly enshrine in your heart and mind an image of "Universalist Ageless Wisdom" which has been revealed for us though the lives and teachings of all true modern mystics. In the rarified field of highly spiritual adepts, the Universalist vision is a golden coin miraculously obtained by all the great souls of our time. Their many vessels sail the universal ocean of the infinite. Let us visit just a few of these sacred vessels.

    The great Avatars, Prophets, saints and sages of all traditions have embodied the Universalist tradition throughout the ages. The great ones never say they have a unique exclusive answer to life's mysteries, they rather say there is only one way to realize the nature of the spiritual reality. The way is by awakening to your true nature as a vessel of the unconditioned reality just as the great one's have awakened. Considering modern manifestations of Universalist ageless wisdom it becomes relatively easy to follow their line of descent throughout the historic ages beyond which lie the realms of speculation and metaphysical revelation.

    Just as the present moment, with all its potentials and realizations has sprung from the previous moments of our lives, so to the current flourish of modern Universalist perception has risen from seed planted in the past. Because of this flow of continuity it's impossible to identify the beginning of Universalist traditions in that each tradition is a flowering of an eternal principle, for this reason I call these traditions Ageless Wisdom traditions in that they are founded on divine principles, which are both eminent and eternal.

    Not only is this Universalist perception represented throughout ageless wisdom traditions it is also represented in different ways though many fields of endeavor such as religion, politics, science, business and social work. In order to pursue a focused reachable objective within my own area of interest this work is restricted to a consideration of certain modern streams of Universalist revelation. These streams seem to mingle and mix until, the more deeply one looks the more difficult it becomes to distinguish one from another.

    Clearly all Universalist streams, are drawn by one sun, from one ocean, to which they all are bound to return. Some streams we can readily identify as being Taoist, Buddhist, Vedantic, Kabalistic, Hermetic or Gnostic. Yet all of these and even more primordial streams are interwoven one with another. During the last few hundred years there has been a modern unfolding of Universalist ageless wisdom traditions.

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    Spiritual Community

    Saturday, January 12, 2008, 4:17 AM [General]

    During my college years I studied primarily economics and spirituality; which led me to feel that it would be difficult to live a truly holistic spiritual lifestyle in our modern commercial society unless one had a significant ability to strongly influence ones obligations and environment.


    Today people say in order to be truly happy, you should love what you do and do what you love. What I’m suggesting is almost as simple as that. But it’s more than that too. I would add that; I hope you do what enriches you spiritually; meaning that it establishes love & wisdom in your heart & mind.


    I believe the most enriching life is to have a deep personal connection to all the people and living beings in your life and though them to all life on the planet and spirits everywhere. And I do mean having a deep meaningful relationship with all the people in your life; your co-worker, your boss, your doctor, your neighbors, their families, the people you disagree with, and the ones who disagree with you.


    Basically I’m suggesting that a deeper sense of intentional spiritual community more fully supports our deeper aspirations then any other environment. I’m not suggesting a cloister by any means, for that is a more specialized approach. I’m thinking of a “free” mutually supportive environment of spiritually mature individuals who are dedicated to the welfare of their family, friends, community, society and world.


    How can this be? Well seeing the answer to that requires deep consideration, commitment and discussion. There’s virtually nothing that I’ve given more consideration to in my life. I’ve observed, participated, both failed and succeeded. There’s not much point in discussing details and making specific suggestions here unless we can agree on the premise of this proposal.


    I propose to suggest that if you believe this type of an Intentional Spiritual Community, Culture & Universal Fellowship has the potential to change your life then it deserves your sacred consideration. And if that is so, it is your sacred obligation to make it a reality in your life and in the lives of all whom you care for.


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    Where you'll find me

    Friday, January 11, 2008, 9:16 PM [General]

    "That's where you'll find me"

    Have you ever considered the mythic nature of
    The Wonderful Wizard of "OZ"
    This Iconic image; "over the rainbow"
    reminds me of our soul's journey of awakening,
    the nature of which is expressed by
    the Buddhist ideals of Samsara and Nirvana.

    While there can be no representation of Nirvana,
    here the rainbow is a gateway to remembrance,
    of the beyond; beyond the tumult of Samsara.
    The tornado reflects our sense of self,
    sucking everything into it's own vortex of conflict.
    If we can attain a view, which is the end of judgment.
    In that moment we can see there is only one sky.
    And in the loveliness of that vision we see

    The luminous clarity of love & wisdom always everywhere.
    What is past & future?
    I've heard what is real transcends what is known.
    The eternal moment; ever now.
    Day & night are one in the timeless now.

    Awake, always, see,
    there is only one sky.
    Both light & dark,
    All clouds are passing.

    Here are two works by Paramahansa Yogananda

    I want to build a Rainbow-Bridge of Self-Realization.

    The gulf of ages lay between Thee and me,
    and widened as the waters of my oblivion of Thee grew through the centuries.

    I stand by this rocky shore of matter,
    looking for Thy smooth shores of peace, beyond.
    My inner architects are building for me a bridge
    of my constant remembrance of Thee.
    The girders of my strength of self-control
    are all being riveted together.

    My dreams of Thee are gathering together
    to make a rainbow-bridge of Self-realization,
    by which I will soon reach Unto Thee.

    The fire of my ambition and all my rainbow-dreams, are for Thee.

    The fire of ambition has been waxing strong,
    fed by the fuel of my rainbow-dreams.
    As often as old dreams faded,
    fresh die-hard hopes burst into new, thirsty flames,
    that swallowed up many a sturdy tree of my fresh powers.

    My garden was green with life.
    Now, gray ghosts of half-dead vitalities glide amid dark doubts,
    to frighten my timid footsteps marching toward Thee.

    Come Thou to my aid, Divine Friend,
    and usher me ever forward with Thee.

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    The Only Thing

    Thursday, January 10, 2008, 2:23 PM [General]

    Here we are -
    With the only thing truly meaningful in life and death;
    The love we feel for one another and those most dear to us.

    We suffer for that love, but it's a price worth paying,
    Because in the end it's the only thing left with meaning.
    Everything else falls away, but our love and memories of the love we have shared.

    The past is gone, but in our memories
    and the future is uncertain.
    Whether you believe in heaven or not,
    the only thing that truly matters
    is the love we have for one another.

    I believe in spirit
    and that we are more than just the body.
    Because the Great Ones who love us say it is so
    and they wouldn't lie to those they love.
    Love is like an Angel in our heart,
    and Angels are the best company we can keep.
    Although now we are only human,
    in their company we become like Angels.
    And when we love they surely touch our hearts.

    Bhima Noel

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