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June July 2012: 1-10 scale rating your mood Hi Phillip...(7-8) Fairly strong sense of peace and contentment, of gratefulness and of connectedness to others; functioning almost at "the top of one's game" acts according... 4 Replies
June July 2012: 1-10 scale rating your mood I'm 32 yrs old have 2 kids ages 3 and 6, I recently separated from their father who is an abusive alcoholic and I grew up in an abusive alcoholic household and also drug abuse... 4 Replies
Welcome New Members Hi Lichen , I too live in the North . For me it is northern Canada . When and why my mental illness started fragments of it come to fore once in a while . depression was part of... 42 Replies
Welcome New Members Hello, My name is Lichen and I live in the North. Lately, I have been really strugging with my depression/anxiety.Looked at Therese's 10 Things NOT to darned true.... 42 Replies
Prayer, Scripture , Quotes, Poetry Corner ! Inspirational Snippet: We have the ability, through the Spirit of Truth, to discern the truth and to feel uncomfortable with lies. 469 Replies
What are we reading ? So you can't forgive...? Moving towards freedom is at once comforting and challenging. In this easy read, Brian Lennon SJ makes the necessary distinction between forgiving and... 16 Replies
Prayer, Scripture , Quotes, Poetry Corner ! Look at Him again - laden on the cross, and not allowed to take a breath. He will gaze at you with those beautiful, compassionate eyes, brimming with tears, and will forget His... 469 Replies
What are we reading ? When Life Doesn't Go Your Way: Hope for Catholic Women Facing Disappointment and PainKatrina Zeno Most women have a mental "script" or plan for their lives. And, of course, that... 16 Replies
What are we reading ? I am reading the Circle maker by mark batterson. He uses the illisttration of walking around Jehrico to talk to us about our prayer lives and putting action behind the words.... 16 Replies
Sometimes our sorrow ... Yes your so right...friendship can be such a powerful force expecially when dealing with dissapointment...something that we all have in common and can help each other through.... 1 Replies
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