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    Be the Next Beliefnet Blogger

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    Welcome to our exciting new contest - to be the next Beliefnet Blogger! Throughout July we will be seeking writers that create interesting journal posts that will engage our readers.
    The contest will start on July 1st and applicants must write to JanaDale (this group's creator) to let her know that they are in the contest. They must create at least 15 journal posts throughout the month of July. The posts must fall under only one of the following categories: News & Politics, Faith, Hope & Inspiration, Entertainment, or Health & Holistic Spirituality.
    Writers may create journal entries up to July 31st. Our guest judges will be two Beliefnet editors and three current Beliefnet Bloggers. The guest judging will end on August 12. The five finalists will be announced on August 17.
    The Beliefnet Community will be able to vote for the final winner until August 31, and finally the winner will be announced on August 31st at 5pm EST.
    Best of luck to all candidates!

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  • Thank you for getting your final entries in over the weekend. We have removed the contestants with less than 15 entries and now there ... more
  • Please be sure to have all 15 entries in your own profile journal by July 31st. All contestants that do not have these in by July 31st ... more

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    What a beautiful message to us all InspireCreatConnect! Thank you, and blessings to everyone who entered the Blogging contest. I enjoyed it, as I know everyone else did too! Love,

    August 21, 2011
    12:55 AM
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    Hello "Be the Next Beliefnet Blogger" Members and Friends, I posted the following note as a comment under JanaDale's "Meet the Contestants!" journal post. But I thought I would submit it as a separate note too, in hopes that more of you would see it: Yay to us "Be the Next Beliefnet Blogger" contestants! Yay to Dondiegodelavega, InspireCreateConnect (me), Beautiful_Dreamer, Sahvanna_arienta, Ordained, Yogashanan, Bouncybaby, littleoma, RevDorris, yogiabroad, PastorBob, Daphne, ToHoldNothing, Mandalatree, Pastor Rich, Kokopelli, Donna K., Myactivetherapy, lisalan333, SisterLovell, Seeker_22, Jolubarsky, onemotherrunner, Jenniferjeanmiller, michelemorgan, BerneataK, Pastorsus, Dharmababe, Ireland, HekateK, Bdavewalters2, Maggiemcc, Monica P., kassel46, phoenix53, Maggiecross, Beingwritlarge, Mkbryson, Jeanwise, Osuzyq58, Stephanie_Walker, Edy, Bsharp, Bill23, tawonda, C. Neal, belleo, Silentcenter, catboxer, and Jeffcourter! Five of us will become finalists in the contest. But all of us gave something of our time, energy, and insights to the Beliefnet community and the wider world. We all made it a priority to write at least 15 posts in July, and collectively, we put some good things out there. Let's recognize that to ourselves and to each other. Yay, us! For non-contestants reading this, enjoy our blogs! And let us know what you think! :-) Namaste, (See my post entitled "Spiritual Practice in One Word" 7-20-11.) ~Patricia Hatch (InspireCreateConnect)

    August 5, 2011
    5:26 PM
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