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    Spiritual Mood: determined
    Status: Although, I know not why I am on the path I am on, I am determined to live for God.

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    Hi there! Thanks for the rainbow post - it's a good reminder to be patient now and then. phoenix53

    August 23, 2011
    6:05 PM
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    Hi BerneataK, I'm such a novice to this whole social network thing - it just dawned on me, I put a comment on my journal comments, instead of posting it to your guestbook, which I should have done instead. Sorry for any breach of netiquette. In any case, I wanted to thank you for your comment. It was nice of you to look in. I've enjoyed reading your intelligent, warm and thoughtful posts. Don't stop, just because the contest is over! Your posts are thought provoking and beautiful. You'd make a terrific pastor (my sister and brother-in-laws are both Lutheran pastors, so I'm familiar with what it takes to be a good one). In any case, thanks for the insight you've added to Beliefnet. Best to you, Phoenix53

    August 21, 2011
    11:01 AM
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    Hello my new friend! :-) Thank you for the lovely words on my wall! It is a pleasure to meet someone so postive like yourself. I am looking forward to knowing you. Diana

    August 11, 2011
    6:05 PM
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