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    Bringing Back Masculinity: God as The Creator

    Wednesday, December 3, 2014, 8:07 PM [General]

      Too often young men are put off by the idea that Xtrianity is effeminate.  Not only is this untrue but it is highly destructive in that many capable and intelligent young men find themselves steered away from church due to the common perceptions of the people

      But Christianity has many aspects to it that are 100% masculine: God is all about power, wisdom, working together in an organized fashion, and dealing with problems.  But among all of them I think the idea of God as The Creator entails the most masculine stereotyping.  Men like to build, whether it's cars, gadgets, entertainment equipment or their own bodies, the idea of forging and hammering away bring to mind very active and strength-oriented tasks.

      Christ was very creative and very manly, and I hope stories of Nazoreans and Creators will help to facilitate the idea of Christianity's  most masculine aspect.

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    A Fish Is A Fish And A Dog Is A Dog

    Sunday, October 27, 2013, 12:58 PM [General]

      When The Spirit Of God moves among the people and things happen and new ideos and collectives are formed, it's important to remember that a thing is just that thing and not another.  What do I mean by that?


      The Evangelical section of Xtrianity has, in the last decade or two, either become absorbed into the so-called "Neocon" politics of America or has become the religious branch of the Republican party (which personally I think is a bunch of bologna, I'm Evangelical and I'm not a lackey for the elephant!).  When a new group of people start out and the idea that unites them is that God has done something among them and they want to particpate (and continue) His' work, than soon enough they will find themselves pulled in several directions.


      Should they become politically involved?  If so, should members of opposing parties be denied access to their meetings?  If they fight for the Pro-Life cause, are Pro-Choicers denounced and excommunicated?  If they decide to be nothing but a "spiritual movement," what do they do when Hindus and Buddhists show up?  What if a person or people start hammering away at a list of rules one must follow or believe in order to be a member?


      I'm not saying groups shouldn't get involved or do any of the things I'm stating.  I just think that people, especially those precious small groups of dedicated people, need to understand from the get-go the general pathos of what God is doing among them. 


      I think the Pentecostals learned this the hard way here in America: in the beginning many of their groups were assimilated and absorbed utterly by pet causes, rival 'denominations,' and politics (some of the early Pentecostal leaders segregated fellow black pentecostal leaders, as in the case of Charles Fox Parham). 


      If you are blessed with membership in a group of people who feel God is moving among them and they must do something collectively, you don't need to write a code book on what you have to do to be a member.  But neither should you ignore this collective work and drift in and out of the cause.  You (plural, all of you) should have a basic understanding of what God wants (ie, you must all discern His' intentions together).  Only then will your group work like a team!

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    Difference Between Good Xtrians And Really Good Xtrians

    Saturday, February 23, 2013, 9:12 PM [General]

      Good Xtrians try hard to live up to the standards of other Xtrians, to win the respect and standing they want within Xtrianity.


      But truly good Xtrians don't care.  They life for God, even if all the other Xtrians didn't like them (hypothetically speaking) they would still serve God.  They have taken their relationship with Jesus and made it truly their own.

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    It Is The Child's Mind That Considers Evil

    Saturday, February 23, 2013, 9:07 PM [General]

      In some way, evil is linked to immaturity. While I would say that it is a gross oversimplification to say that evil is an issue of adolescent development, I think an argument can be made that it is the childishness within people that thinks that in any given scenario evil is greater than good.

      Evil is never better than good.  While evil often assumes the appearence of being the better option, generally because weak humans preffer the quick and easy over the hard (and being good is hard, at least the two are associated in the popular mind), it is prudent of us Xtrians to remember that evil's gains are an illusion. 

      This is what the childish simplicity inside all of us needs to hear.

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    How To Explain Spiritual Exeriences Outside Of Xtrianity

    Saturday, February 23, 2013, 8:58 PM [General]

      Pastors should talk more often on this issue.  Spiritual experiences come from spirits (shouldn't take a genius to figure that out).  But there are many spirits besides God and His' angels. 

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