Word of God Retreat

    Saturday, April 23, 2011, 9:54 PM [General]

    What a retreat it had been . How fortunate to have had a retreat master . Father Jack was an older man , quick, severe in some ways  He did have a temper probably due to his Irish descent. He did radiate with a ready smile when he welcomed us . We met in a convent and he spoke to us of Saint Ignatius of Loyola . I  acquired a profound liking for this saint . I would speak to him occasionally .

    The retreat was based on specific scripture . I let the WOrd of God permeate me . I t was quite the journey  and I am profoundly grateful for having had the opportunity to grow with this priest and friends . Some of these people are still in my life . That retreat came to an end on Easter morning . We had been told to take a picture of the rising sun on that day . I was outside by myself wondering if the sun would rise . My youngest son came to sit with me while I contemplated the sky . He saw the struggle and nudged me to trust . God is here , Mom .


    And today I know that God is here . The Spirit of God truly moved me during that retreat that lasted a year . I  truly experienced his love and care . I did shed tears and that was a gift  .

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    A common humanity ?

    Saturday, April 23, 2011, 9:16 PM [General]


    We all share a common humanity; we do not need to win in order to exist. We are not fully independent. Other people are not rivals but partners. The purpose of life, then, is not to climb up the ladder, trampling on those we leave behind, but to help each person to discover his or her unique place in the body of the community, to recognize each person's gifts but also their particular difficulties.

    The abpve is by Jean Vanier . To recognize the gifts but also their particular difficulties .  For me that means that I have to know myself before I can help another . Knowing my difficulties and bringing them to Jesus in time I can see myself differently . I must say I have more confidence in myself since the Baptism in the Holy Spirit . Praying and praising daily keeps me going

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    Friday, April 22, 2011, 10:16 PM [General]

    She was svelte 

    Married at nineteen

    A farm girl

    With a grade eight education

    She had worked

    In a creamery

    Her folks had cows

    They sold the cream

    The owner's son

     Had eyes for her

    Too poor for a dowry

    She married a farmer

    Who had migrated

    to northern Canada

    He was strong

    Most honest in his dealings

    She had a difficult life

    She loved her family

    Worked harder than a man

    Fed the livestock

    Her children also

    She made potato pies

    When the pantry

    Was near empty

    She did what had to be done

    Sewed into the night

    So I had a top to go to school

    She was my mother

    I still have doubts

    About my birth

     That's another story

    I have never been sure

     Of my real identity

    Years of lies impacts a person

    Doudts arise and you no longer know

    Who you really are .

    In Jesus I know I am loved



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    The Cross !

    Friday, April 22, 2011, 9:29 PM [General]

    I saw in front of me a big cross..., I thought that my sacrifice was nothing in comparison to His.
    I offered myself entirely and I do not withdraw the given word.
    God's will whatever it may be, this is my joy, my happiness, my peace.
    I will never be able to thank enough.
    I cannot say but these words: 'My God, your Glory'.
    - Blessed Maria Gabriella (1914-1939) Memorial day April 23

    And I would say knowing the Holy Spirit is my joy , my happiness and my peace . Turmoil we will have . Lets keep our eyes on Jesus .

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    Friday, April 22, 2011, 8:56 PM [General]

    He was a cobbler and so much more

    Watching him intently

    His physiognomy spoke volumes

    Meticulous he was in his work

    The soft tears rolling down his cheeks

    A feeling of being present

    Was it prayer or resignation

    Poverty can keep one close to God

    Poor he was in material things

    A cobbler for a smal village

    His home a one and a haft brick paper house

    Ice cold in the winter

    On rain days the roof leaked

    Hard working during the week

    On the railroad far from family

    Those days are done with

    Now he has a room in a mansion

    Jesus is with him

    His name was Joe

    My father

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    What do I know ?

    Friday, April 22, 2011, 5:06 PM [General]

    This forgiveness that many write about is it the real thing ?  I remember sharing some years back that forgiveness was an act of the will . I was attacked for that . In this man's mind a former former Minister it was not an act of the will . He never told us what it was for him . I am open to suggestions when I am sharing about me or my beliefs .

    I read today on a favorite network  that if one remembers the abuse one has not forgiven . That person may think he has forgiven but he hasn't . Okay  me here, how one comes to such a conclusion I don't know . I do know one thing it did free me to forgive . I did that by speaking to God , I did that by forgiving myself also for anything I may have done . Asking God to bless this person and to free this person totally .

    My memories healed . It was not instantaneus . Do I still remember the abuse ?  Yes I do and it doesn't hurt anymore . Before the forgiveness I use to have horrific migraine headaches .  That had to do with  the rejection I had felt as a child .

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    Behold Jesus Christ in His Agony

    Friday, April 22, 2011, 6:19 AM [General]

    It is for the love of His Father above all else that Jesus willed to undergo His Passion.
    Behold Jesus Christ in His agony. For three long hours weariness, grief, fear and anguish sweep in upon His soul like a torrent; the pressure of this interior agony is so immense that blood bursts forth from His sacred veins. What an abyss of suffering is reached in this agony! And what does Jesus say to His Father? "Father, if it be possible, let this chalice pass from Me." Can it be that Jesus no longer accepts the Will of His Father? Oh! certainly He does. But this prayer is the cry of the sensitive emotions of poor human nature, crushed by ignominy and suffering. Now is Jesus truly a "Man of Sorrows." Our Savior feels the terrible weight of His agony bearing down upon His shoulders. He wants us to realize this; that is why He utters such a prayer.
    But listen to what He immediately adds: "Nevertheless, Father, not My will but Thine be done." Here is the triumph of love. Because He loves His Father, He places the Will of His Father above everything else and accepts every possible suffering in order to redeem us.

    Read more:

    There was purpose for Jesus pain . Do I love my Father in heaven ? Do I trust Him ? Do I know His will for me ?  Jesus show me how to love ....

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    Stay awake and pray ....

    Thursday, April 21, 2011, 11:04 PM [General]

    “It’s our very sleepiness to the presence of God that renders us insensitive to evil: we don’t hear God because we don’t want to be disturbed, and so we remain indifferent to evil.”

    That's a quote from Pope Benedict  . We don't hear God because we don't want to be disturbed . That is so true . Comfort we have and we want to bask in it It is not living the Gospel message . "Go out into the world and make disciples of all nations ...."

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    Thursday, April 21, 2011, 4:19 PM [General]

    I had an appointment with an internal medecine specialist today . I am happy that nothing needs to be done with the goiter . i asked him what the intermittent pain in my cheek was all about . I have tic douloureux . The cause a hit on the head by a falling sign . What next ? I will not take more meds for that pain Hoping it goes away .

    Taking some friends out for dinner  tonight .  Probably going to a church service with the priest a member of the extended family . A pretty fair day so far .

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    This is the day the Lord has made ....

    Thursday, April 21, 2011, 5:34 AM [General]

    O gentle Jesus , we pray that we may be united to you the whole day . Fill us merciful God with the divine light of the HOly Spirit that we may give glory to you in all things and in all people . Yes, we give glory to you for the labour of all men , for the food that strengthens our body , for the light that brightens our day , fro the air that we breathe .

    O Divine Lover of men /women , we offer to your Majesty , glory , worship and praise in union with the myriads of angels and heavenly spirits , the saints and the Virgin Mary , all singing : Holy , Holy,Holy ,God of Hosts , for all eternity . Amen

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