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    Hi Marie, Thanks for your comments on my journal posts. God sure knows what we need, and I am blessed (as you are, too) to be His willing instrument. Hugs, Pastor S

    February 15, 2012
    3:15 PM
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    thank you Marie for reading my journal and for sharing with me in your comment the love you have for your family and friends,,,i knew this for many years by how you write, you are a very loving person,,thank you for sharing,,,luv annie

    February 4, 2012
    9:38 AM
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    Thanks for the prayer for Lydia and for liking my 1st John post. Love ya', Steve

    February 2, 2012
    10:38 AM
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    your very welcome... but just so that my view is clear- i do not agree pain is good in any way except as a signal to us that we are going something that we need to stop doing. i understand that we human being are complex beings and that sometime our wiring goes awry- but that is a different matter. i hope your had a lovely pain-free birthday and that all your days are without suffering of any kind. >p

    January 30, 2012
    1:10 AM
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    Not a slave but an heir- from your comment on my journal- so very true. Thanks for reading, and as heirs, Jesus is preparing our home and He will return and take us home. Looking forward to visiting all my friends homes above- shouldn't really need one myself, I could just visit all my friends homes in Heaven, and would be quite cosy. Love ya', Steve

    January 25, 2012
    12:23 AM
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    thanks for your comment. I 'm not sure I could agree with you. I think you mean those who replace faith with psychology as we saw in the 60's-80's. This might be a straw-man as these churches are becoming nonexistent in favor of community churches etc. Psychology is a way of trying to think of the human mind - a fantastic thing in itself. Simply, it is a tool - although many see it as a method of debunking the religious experience. Where I see psychology as useful is in helping those active in the church to consider the impact of their personality on their brothers and sisters. Would you believe that many ministers are actually introverts and have technocratic minds in a vocation needing sensitive contact with perople?

    January 14, 2012
    1:17 PM
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    AMEN MARIE! I see His face in every smile that is heartfelt!

    January 6, 2012
    12:27 PM
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    Hello Marie, Thank you for your comment on my post, "Purpose". When you say that I am closely connected to God, someone once told me it takes one to know one. Your work too, has been a blessing to me as well. May this season be the beginning of the best seasons ever for you.

    December 31, 2011
    3:09 PM
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    Wow, Marie. Thanks for your comment on my blog :The Message of the Stable". Indeed, sharing Jesus is moment by moment. Pastor S

    December 28, 2011
    11:26 PM
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    hello marie thank you for your christmas wish and i do wish you a merry christmas, and happy new year also, luv ya annie

    December 17, 2011
    4:53 PM
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