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    discussion of issues relating to poets and poetry especially as it affects the world in which we live in today. the group fosters the meeting and sharing of ideas, supports and encouragement for poets and poetically inclined members. it is an exiting place to be in beliefnet community

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  • Men sit in judgment Judging the quick and the dead Truth stands on the dock Mortal men throw stones At him whom is judged as ... more
  •     Take this yoke off me Free me now and let me go God crafted me free   Break those iron bars Free me now and ... more
  • I have since quitSpitting at heaven’s faceFor all my spitKept spattering on my faceIt didn’t help one bitThe odious ego just didn’t ... more
  • what if the universe is just a point of a needle?what if existence is a dificult riddle,to whch we have answers, confusingly little?what ... more

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    hello miasma. the journal button is on the left side of the group page. click it and next click your preferred option. nice poem you had here. chin up

    April 21, 2009
    1:51 PM
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    please someone tell me hoe to start out on journal and continue -more Small town,main street,driving pass a car wave,someone one the porch wave might not know who it is but it is someone Everyone waves back and smiles Now town grows,city people do not wave Instead complain about tractors WHO YOU WAVE AT,THEY PULL OVER when they are able,sorry you are in such a hurry Run over the Amish in their carts complaim,complain the city peoplOH yes they do the one finger wave-I wish that I did not wish them away

    March 28, 2009
    11:33 AM
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    That was very very good,I see a lot of people on this group,hey glad that while you were spitting ing G ods eyes you did not piss into the wind,I know perhaps I should not say things like that but being female and unable to matbe that is why it amuses me,you do have a gift.

    March 25, 2009
    10:40 AM
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