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    Beliefnet's Favorite Clergy Award

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    Nominate your clergy!
    Why is the head of your religious congregation or group special to you, your community or even the world? Tell us about their work and its impact. What are his/her talents and unique qualities, and how do they inspire you and the group? Share your thoughts here, and give your nominee a chance to be honored on Beliefnet. If you have a photo of your clergy person, please include it with your post and encourage others in your congregation or group to contribute a post as well.
    We’ll select 10 finalists and one grand prize winner to feature on Beliefnet as Beliefnet's Favorite Clergy Person. See the "Contest Rules" post below for more details and instructions.
    Get started now...the winners will be selected by June 1, so post your entries quickly.

    TIP: *If you'd like another way to upload a picture of your nominee, simply upload a photo to your Profile and tag the photo "MY CLERGY"

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