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    TITLED: "TOTALLY,...BEING!"... Allowing our Maker to accept us, just as we are, helps us accept our interconnection with Him. Until we are willing to accept the unpleasant Truths of our existence, we rationalize or deny responsibility, for our behavior. If our Creator Loves and accepts us, as Sinners, how can we do less?.... Things about ourselves, which we refuse to acknowledge, are given increased power and influence, by our failure to accept them. It is often, that which we avoid, that will most tyrannize us. Before we can surrender ourselves, we must become ourselves, for no one can give-up, what he or she, does not first,...possess!.... Jesus, puts it this way:..."If we are content with simply being yourself, you will become more than yourself"...(Luke 18:14). We search for a missing Spiritual Key, but we tend to look for it, outside of ourselves, where it seems easiest to search. But this key, is inside, in the dark. Pull it out into His Light, for all to see, what we possess. Prayer, is meeting God, in the solitude of that Secret Place !....(Matt. 6:6). Doing this,..."Our Way",...comes naturally, for all of us. We know we are supposed to surrender to God's Will, and may genuinely want to; but most of us, continue to face the almost irresistible tendency, to assert,..."Our Own will". We overhear Jesus' Prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane ,..."Not my will, but Thine, be done",...but have trouble honestly, making it our own!.... Surrendering to God's Will, makes little sense, if we are not first convinced of the depths, of His Love for us. Learning to prefer our Heavenly Father's Way to ours, to discover our identity, demands that we know,..."Love",...deeply and personally. Only then, will it be possible to choose God with,...("THE TOTALITY,...OF OUR,...BEING"),...not just our will... The issue is, that when we approach the task of choosing anything other than our own Self, and its immediate gratification, most of us automatically turn to willpower and resolve. Choosing God, then becomes more a matter of grim determination, than Joyful Surrender. Closer to deciding to cut back on eating enjoyable foods, than to following our Heart, to the Source, of Abundant Life!.... We fail to recognize, that our problem is not so much knowing God's Way, as being utterly convinced, that choosing God, choosing Life!.... Your Brother and Friend, Being Totally Me, as I Seek Him!.... Israel Falcon, (Izzy!...) 9439 San Jose Blvd. Ste. # 159 Jax., Fla. 32257 E-Mail:

    April 14, 2010
    6:45 PM
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    I would love to share my story, titled: "My Godly Story". I have created a journel to enter the contest. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you so much for this beautiful web site.

    April 9, 2010
    8:11 PM
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    THE FINER THOUGHT by Edgar Guest How fine it is at night to say: "I have not wronged a soul to-day. I have not by a word or deed, In any breast sowed anger's seed, Or caused a fellow being pain; Nor is there on my crest a stain That shame has left. In honor's way, With head erect, I've lived this day." When night slips down and day departs And rest returns to weary hearts, How fine it is to close the book Of records for the day, and look Once more along the traveled mile And find that all has been worth while; To say: "In honor I have toiled; My plume is spotless and unsoiled." Yet cold and stern a man may be Retaining his integrity; And he may pass from day to day A spirit dead, in living clay, Observing strictly morals, laws, Yet serving but a selfish cause; So it is not enough to say: "I have not stooped to shame to-day!" It is a finer, nobler thought When day is done and night has brought The contemplative hours and sweet, And rest to weary hearts and feet, If man can stand in truth and say: "I have been useful here to-day. Back there is one I chanced to see With hope newborn because of me. "This day in honor I have toiled; My shining crest is still unsoiled; But on the mile I leave behind Is one who says that I was kind; And someone hums a cheerful song Because I chanced to come along." Sweet rest at night that man shall own Who has not lived his day alone.

    February 26, 2010
    7:32 AM
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