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    Beliefnet Circle of Reason (BCOR) is a virtual "local circle" of The Circle of Reason ( -- a fellowship of the religious and non-religious who believe communal commitment to reason will transform the world. We are a truly ecumenical site to find, recruit, converse with and encourage -- from all walks of life, all biologies, all beliefs, all societies -- those who are your own kinsmen and kinswomen - the reasoning kind!

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  • The Small Soul, The Great SoulGreat Sky River flowed above two raven-haired women of a forest tribe, long ago. One young woman lived her ... more
  • The Sunflower, The BarrenwortThe Sunflower dwelt in a small, tree-lined garden. It grew tall, sinuous and broad of leaf in the fulsome ... more
  • Parable of the Week The Leaves, The CompostFar above the earth, a great tree arched over a mountaintop. In a raging maelstrom of rain ... more
  • Aphorism of the Week We have conquered that which is without -- now we must conquer that which is within. Dedicated in admonishment of ... more

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    Sorry folks, BNet has a glitch that is preventing us from posting new blog entries in the "Parable of the Week" series. Perhaps someday the site folks will get back to us on a workaround, but meanwhile, the Parables are still posted weekly at Thanks, Frank Burton (BCOR moderator)

    Frank Burton
    August 15, 2010
    4:56 AM
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    Hi all, The new B'net hosts say they're still working to restore all past BCOR threads and posts. And ignore the above "last post" dates for the most recent Group Forum threads -- these dates don't update correctly (one more problem B'net is working on), making our forum look less frequented than it is. Frank

    Frank Burton
    March 14, 2009
    8:29 PM
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    No complaints.

    March 7, 2009
    2:54 PM
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    Hello, The posts may not be retrievable. I'm going to give Beliefnet a couple of weeks to see if the forum posts and my profile are fixed. I don't have a problem navigating the site or the ads. But they lost a tremendous amount of information. Who's running this pop-stand anyway? I suspect it's gender related. love

    March 2, 2009
    10:02 AM
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