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6 years ago  ::  Mar 31, 2010 - 4:30PM #1
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HEAVEN #3413 You Will Be the Majesty, March 30, 2010

God said:

When you feel disappointed, who has  disappointed you, beloved? It is yourself you are disappointed in.  Perhaps it is you who has not maintained your integrity. It is you who  did not live up to your promise. Otherwise, why would you be so dashed  by someone else's doing or not doing?

You are disappointed to the degree you are disappointed because you  hold yourself worthy according to the other person's implied  consideration of you. Are you really responsible for what someone else  lives up to or doesn't not live up to?  Are you the cause of someone  else's falling short?

Beloveds, I am telling you not to become distraught about what does  not come true as you thought it would. Nor are you to become so inflated  about what does come true. Your worth is not based on your expectations  or another's. I assess your worth. I don't keep assessing it. You were  given full value the moment I thought of you. You were never less than  the full value I set you at. I don't care what misdemeanors you have  kept about yourself. The slate is clean, beloveds. You are 100%.

This is not a free pass I give you. This is a statement of fact that  every moment is new. Every minute is for the first time. We are always  starting anew. How many times have I urged you to step out of the past?  You are already beyond the past. Stop shoveling the past all over  yourself again. In this moment, you are baptized anew.

There is no limit to the opening statements you can make. There is no  limit to the chances you have. There is no limit to the changes you can  make in one moment, even in this one moment. At every moment you draw  on a new slate with a new piece of chalk. You can write yourself in all  new.

You, who you are in this very moment, are opportune. You are on the  verge of beginning anew. This is the moment when you can be whatever you  want to be. In this moment, you can become the Greatness I gave you to  be.

Right in this moment, you need never disappoint yourself again. You  will be the majesty of you at every turn in the road. What care you what  the other drivers do? Let them swerve in and out. Let them grow as they  do, and you grow as you do.

Whatever you may find yourself disappointed in, no matter how  innocent you are, the moment has already passed. It is in the past. That  is what I am trying to tell you. Yesterday's newspaper has already gone  to bed. You would never cry over spilt milk, but you are, you are  crying over spilt milk now when you hang around in the past. The past is  tired of your hanging around it. The past is over. Disappointment is  over.

In every moment, you are rescued. Time rescues you. Rescue yourself.  The very moment your heart gets singed with disappointment, step out of  that moment. As soon as the last dance is finished, bow to your partner  and dance the next dance. You were just dancing a waltz, and now you  dance to a different rhythm and to a different song.

This is how your mind chooses other thoughts as well. You can only  dance where you are now. You can only be in the space you are in now.  You can only be in the time you are in now.

Despite all your blather, what does the past really have to do with  you? That was then. This is now.

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"Gratitude is the music of the heart its chords swept by the breeze of kindness"
~Author unknown~
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6 years ago  ::  Apr 01, 2010 - 7:58AM #2
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thats beautiful thank you one day at a time Embarassed

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6 years ago  ::  Apr 01, 2010 - 7:06PM #3
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you're most welcome holyone - here's another i really like:

HEAVEN #3414 This One Simple Advice May Change Your  Whole Life, March 31, 2010

God said:

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Fault is too.

You don't like to believe this because there is validity in the fault  you see. Of course, there is, yet you are the one who has seen it and  thought about it.

Beloveds, let sleeping dogs lie. Let life be what it is. You are not  meant to be the editor of the Universe.

If you want to improve life in the world as it is, then, without  question, find that which you like. This has been said so often, and is  such a simple thought that you may pass right by it.

The most valuable thing you can do today is to find something you  like about something.

When you are in a good mood, this is easy to do. When you are not in a  good mood, this is harder to do.

But look around you, beloveds. A bird sings every day. A bird never  says: "I don't feel like singing today." A bird sings because that is  what birds do.

A human being has a choice, to find joy or to find fault.

The question posed to you isn't: "What do you feel like doing today,  or what do you feel like saying today?"

It is the same as when you go to work. Mostly you are not in the  position of asking: "What do I want to do today?" Most likely you have  to ask: "What needs to be done today? What is important that I do  today?"  You may not feel like adding up numbers, but that may be what  has to be done.

In your life, what is optimum for you to do today? Every single day  of your life, regardless of the weather, regardless of where you are, it  is for you to note something you like. Even if the weather is cold and  blustery.

When there is someone you see fault in, then look for something in  the person that you don't see fault in. There may be ten things you  don't like about the person, but will you, as a favor to me, find one  thing you could like? If he is a nit-picker, perhaps like you, he may  not care about what you care about, but he cares about something.

And now we come to you, beloved. If you are a nit-picker with  yourself, find something about yourself that you like. Turn yourself  from a nit-picker into a good-natured person easy to please yourself.  Perhaps the best thing you can be today is a person who is amicable.

Perhaps you can find as many good reasons to be pleased as you used  to find to be displeased.

What if a person you are dealing with now rubs you so much the wrong  way that you can't, try as you may, draw a clear breath in his presence.  There is not one single thing you can think of that pleases you. I will  tell you what to do then. This one simple advice may change your whole  life. Here is what I suggest when you are stymied and someone simply  cannot please you. Here's what you do:

Think of something you can do to please the person. Can you get him a  cup of coffee? Give him a stick of gum? Ask him to tell you what you  can do for him? Ask him about his daughter or his dog? What would be the  cost to you, beloved? What might be the reward to the person?

No matter how trying a situation with someone may be for you, you  have the power within you to ease it. If you cannot ease it for  yourself, then see what you can do to ease it for the other person.

Isn't it strange that I would have to ask this of you when all are  your brothers and sisters, and you, theirs?

"Gratitude is the music of the heart its chords swept by the breeze of kindness"
~Author unknown~
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6 years ago  ::  Apr 02, 2010 - 7:04PM #4
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HEAVEN #3388 The Dawn of Peace as It Rises above the Horizon,  March 5, 2010

God said:

Behold the dawn of peace as it rises above the horizon. The naturalness and  neutrality of peace is at your fingertips. Peace is within the pause between the  words you think and the words you utter. All is at peace until there is  commotion.

Peace is a deep longing of your heart. Even as you enter into drama, your  heart yearns for peace, and yet you enter into drama, and you lock-down the  peace in your heart. You won't let it out. Instead, you encourage drama to  reign, and you sacrifice peace, and so you sacrifice your heart.

You say it is your heart that is immersed in drama, yet it is you, beloveds.  You use your heart as a decoy. Your extravagant emotions are not your heart's  doing. They must be your mind's. A heart of love is at peace, and your heart is  a heart of love. Excuse your heart from the fray you may involve yourself in.  Let your heart stand above everything you impose upon it.

Do not make your pure heart a victim of estrangement from itself. Your heart  is not meant to be a ruffian who engages in lesser emotions. Your heart is not  meant to be a gang-member. Your heart is meant to be a prince. Your heart is  meant to wear a crown of gold, radiating love wherever the head of the prince  turns. Give your heart its due. Give your heart a chance to be what a heart is,  a calm strong agent of love and peace. The human heart was never meant for  furor.

Let your heart have its way. The way of your heart is not to be broken into  any kind of shambles. The human heart is a glorious thing, and it is modeled  after Me, not after rowdies in the streets.

Your heart of love longs for the peace and sturdiness that love brings with  it. Love brings comfortable cushions along with itself. It is a steadying force.  Peace is like the sun rising in the sky, Peace opens the heart of itself and  smiles and shines on all.

When hearts long for peace, how can the commission of peace be forestalled?  How can bungling and warring arise out of a call to peace? Peace is more  prevalent than warring, yet friction seems to star. I don't understand it  Myself. How can war even get a start when the cry of peace is heard in every  heart?

One has to be hard-hearted to contemplate war, and, yet, no heart was ever  born hard. No heart was born encased. All hearts were born free of dissension.  From where did dissension arise and overtake so many hearts of peace?

This has to be an anomaly. Scars must have grown from where no wound was. An  imagined wound picked at itself, and battles were fought, even though there is  no one to spar with except one's self. All warring is a game of solitaire,  played with the tin heart of tin soldiers.

I say an end to anything that is not peace. I say that rough elements must  leave all hearts. The rough elements must disband and leave the field of hearts  to love. Hearts belong to love, and nothing else.

Your heart is to be fortified with love. There is nothing like simple love in  the human heart. Simple love in the human heart asks simply to be filled with  love and to distribute it everywhere, to distribute it hand over fist, to  distribute it as if nothing else but love mattered. There is nothing else that  does.

"Gratitude is the music of the heart its chords swept by the breeze of kindness"
~Author unknown~
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6 years ago  ::  Apr 03, 2010 - 12:48PM #5
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HEAVEN #3417 Silver like the Moon, Golden like the  Sun, April 3, 2010

God said:

You can't dodge the relative world,  and you can't dodge the spiritual. You can cover your eyes, yet you  nevertheless live in both worlds. While you are on Earth, you can't have  one without the other.

The relative world is physical. That means you trudge, you fly, you  walk through snow, and you wade through water. You go frontwards. You go  backwards. You get up, and you get down, or you can't get up, or you  can't get down.

The spiritual world is, well, spiritual. You cannot touch it. You  cannot keep it in a locket around your neck. You can't pore through a  magazine of spirituality itself because even magazines are physical and  use words. The spiritual is beyond words. It is beyond description. And  yet it is known. It can't be Xeroxed or filed, and yet it is known. It  cannot be accumulated, and yet there is always more.

Pictures cannot be taken of the spiritual. Spiritual paintings are  renditions. Paintings are physical portrayals that evoke something of  the spiritual. The day sky and night sky and all the splendors of the  world also evoke the spiritual.

The relative world is mundane. It may be exciting and fascinating,  and yet it is mundane. The world is the world. And, yet, there are  aspects of the mundane world that are spiritual. You, for instance.

You are as mundane as you can get, and yet you are as spiritual as  all the angels put together. Only you do not see this angel aspect of  yourself. You do not believe in it. Even if someone were to point this  out to you twelve times a day, you still hold the idea of your  spirituality at arm's lengths. The physical seems to dominate. It is too  obvious and too demanding. Even all your fears are based on the  physical aspects of life. Even so, the physical aspects of you are  worthy. Like a cake, you are made of many ingredients. And yet, how  divine a piece of cake is.  How divine you are.

You can't escape the physical, beloveds, so long as you are in a  body. You can escape the spiritual never.

You and I are spirit. You have appeared as physical, and yet with or  without the physical embodiment, you are spiritual. You exist. You and I  exist. The spiritual is the basis of you. The spiritual is your  foundation. Spiritual is your Being.

For a while, your spiritual endowment is clothed in a physical body.  Your body is no more than a snowsuit you put on in winter. It is no more  than a tee shirt in summer. Your body is a convenience or  inconvenience, and its value changes. Your perception of its value  changes.

It is not surprising that you think your existence is your body. No  matter how little you may value your physical body, you are attached to  it. Despite yourself, you love it. You hold your hands to your face. You  lick your lips. You love to eat. You love to move and to sit down and  get up. Your body is quite a conveyance. It has its endearing aspects.

And, yet, your physical body without your spirit is no more than a  pile of old clothes. This is not your body's fault. It is no one's  fault. It is a blessing that your physical body is impermanent. It  serves its purpose. It is useful for a while. It is even beautiful for a  while.

The spiritual aspect of you is silver and gold. It is silver that  doesn't need polishing. It is like the moon. It is golden like the sun.  It is like Aladdin's lamp.

"Gratitude is the music of the heart its chords swept by the breeze of kindness"
~Author unknown~
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6 years ago  ::  Apr 04, 2010 - 5:52PM #6
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HEAVEN #3418 Look Again, April 4, 2010

God said:

There is not a day that goes by that  you are not in My heart and thoughts. There is not a day that goes by  that I do not bless you. I do not pray, but if I did, We could say that  you are in My prayers. There is no way that I ever take a step away from  you. Everyone keeps treasures close. I keep you close. I never let you  out of My sight.

Then how is it that you sometimes have felt that I am far away and  that you perhaps have been abandoned? How is it that some of My children  feel worse than abandoned, perhaps feel put upon or singled out for  hard times? At the same time, what you see as evidence of neglect,  someone else would welcome. Someone else with your troubles might think  he was fortunate. Would you trade?

If you feel down in your luck, if you feel I overlook or discount  you, look again, beloveds. That is your thinking, your perception, not  Mine. And that is your downfall. You neglect or persecute yourself. You  emphasize an outcome that you don't want. Sometimes it seems that you  covet being neglected, that you would rather blame Me than look up. You  would rather blame Me than be happy. You would rather find lack in Me  than acknowledge Our love for each other.

What is there about Our love that you would relinquish it? Is it too  much for you? Do you want My love so much that you would deny it? Why  would you overlook My love for you? Why would you possibly prefer to  feel unloved than loved? And have you not been mistaken before? Can you  admit the possibility that you are mistaken now?

And what are We going to do about the situation? What are We going to  do about you?

I suggest you favor yourself a little bit more. Instead of being  irate or dismayed or put out by what you perceive as love withheld from  you, will you start from the premise that you are loved? Will you look  for clues of how loved you are? Will you accept My love at least as a  possibility?

Beloveds, do you see My love for others? On what do you base this?  Why then do you weep, and why do you feel out of favor?

It is fine to want what others have, yet there is a difference  between wanting and feeling unloved.  You crave more evidence of love.  You want to be loved, and you want to know that you are loved.

Then come over here to Me and get your love. Lift up your eyes. Let  Me look into your eyes and fill them with My love.

You may have discounted yourself or picked on yourself or have gone  out of your way to feel bad. It would seem that you would rather prove  you are unloved than to see that you are loved. Perhaps you have even  deigned to feel the most overlooked and unloved of all, as if that gives  you a distinction. Have you been desiring displeasure and disagreement?  Have you been desiring to be denied?

Today, start desiring love and start giving it. Get out of your  errant mood. You have been petulant. You have achieved discontent. Now  allow yourself joy, and be such a grand giver of love that you know how  much love you have received.
"Gratitude is the music of the heart its chords swept by the breeze of kindness"
~Author unknown~
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6 years ago  ::  Apr 06, 2010 - 10:52PM #7
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HEAVEN #3420 In the Pause between Dimensions, April  6, 2010

God said:

You move in and out of many  dimensions. Even in the relative world you do. You don an apron. You  take an apron off. You drive a car. You ride a bus. You go fast. You go  slow. You read a detective story. You read poetry. You are going in and  out of layers of dimensions all the time. Entering other dimensions is  really not anything new to you.

In the pause between each dimension, you enter the Divine. Much of  relative life itself is divine. When you feel joy, you have entered a  dimension of joy. When you feel sad, you have entered a dimension of  sadness.

You do not have to be happy every minute. Be in the dimension you are  in, and know you can leave it and enter another dimension at will. Let  Us say you are in a dimension of sadness. You don't have to stay. You  don't have to escape either as if a dragon were chasing you. Enjoy your  sadness for a while, and then get up and leave.

Between each dimension in the relative world that you enter lies a  depth of silence. You like to be in this depth, and sometimes you are  aware that you are. Much of the time, you are not aware. That is all  right too, believe it or not!

You are released from even having to be happy! Your life on Earth is  not really a chapter about achieving. It will come as a relief to you to  know that it is all right to be an underachiever! You do not have to  achieve happiness every moment. Happiness in the relative world doesn't  seem to work like that anyway.

Happiness usually comes unbidden. Of course, you can go for  entertainment. You can enjoy a good musical. You can enjoy a cup of  java. You can watch a good movie on TV. These are perfectly legitimate  activities. For a while, you entertain yourself and so distract yourself  from your huddled thoughts of sadness.

Of course, I do not tell you to settle down into sadness and get  comfortable there and stay there for as long as you can get away with  it. I say rather that it is one chair you sit in. You have other chairs  to sit in. Get up from the Sadness Chair and take another seat. It is  not bad to be sad. It is just a chair you sit in, but you don't want to  hog the chair you happen to be sitting in for a while. You get up and  try out another seat or another bed the way Goldilocks did.

Do not tell yourself that you must never sleep in the Sad Bed. You  try it out, that's all. In a store, you would try out various kinds of  mattresses. Nothing wrong with that. And whatever mattress you buy, you  do not keep it for life. No mattress is permanent, beloveds. No chair  is. No mood is.

Between each mood lies a Bed of Silence. Underlying each mood is the  Bed of Silence. You can be more aware of it. Beneath sadness lies this  rich silence. Beneath great joy lies this rich silence. Beneath pain.  Underlying everything is this rich range of silence. You can't lose,  beloveds.

There is one bed you are always lying in, and that is the Bed of  Silence. It is utterly yours. We lie down in this bed together, and We  never get up. Meanwhile, you dream you go to a department store, and try  out other beds. I accompany you regardless. Even in your dreams and in  your illusion, I stay by your side. I don't leave you.

"Gratitude is the music of the heart its chords swept by the breeze of kindness"
~Author unknown~
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6 years ago  ::  Apr 07, 2010 - 8:55PM #8
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Another great reminder:

HEAVEN #3421 Energy and Greatness, April 7, 2010

God said:

You have a vitality that you don't  know you have. You have energy beyond your awareness. You have unlimited  energy.

Even when you feel your feet dragging and you can't stay awake, you  have endless energy. It is all there. You have a huge reservoir of  energy. There is no end to the energy you have. At rest or at play, your  energy is intact.

Energy is a form of light, and you are a light being. A light being  cannot be without light. Light does not really sleep.

When you feel energy-less, that is an idea of the mind. You have told  yourself that you are without energy. You really know that you are  filled with energy, for, at any moment, energy can be restored to your  awareness. You could be the most tired person in the world, and, yet,  what happens when you hear you have won the big lottery? Your energy  revives! You have the energy to launch a rocket.


Do not interpret what I say to mean that your body is not to rest. Of  course, your body is to rest. But you are to know that, at rest or  swimming the English Channel, your body is filled with energy. That is  what I want you to be sure to know.


Say to yourself right now: "Energy is always available to me. I am  connected to an infinite source of energy. The yellow sun in the sky  gives me its energy. God gives me His energy. I am energy itself."


Pause to refuel, yet know that you are an infinite source of energy.


Your intelligence is energy. You are not wanting for intelligence.  Even when you do a dumb thing, your intelligence hasn't gone anywhere.  Beloveds, even if you flunked school, your innate intelligence keeps  your molecules intact and spinning. You can call the energy within you  life, if you like. And that light of life does not even diminish when  your erstwhile body drops away. You, without cease, are still energy.  You, without cease, are still light.


Right now you have access to all the light imaginable and  unimaginable, and right now, light being that you are, you are also the  access to all the light imaginable and unimaginable. You are the Olympic  Torch that is carried through the One World. You are that candle that  lights another.


Here you are, all this brightness, and so often you may think of  yourself and others as not much at all. You think you are limping  through life when you are a high flyer. Will you please no longer  downplay yourself? You are a Great Being in a Great Universe. Perhaps  you have been reading too much fine print, or you have been writing  disclaimers and printing them on your heart.


Now, I ask you to write exclaimers!  Write in your heart now:


"I am a Great Being. I am great enough to do great things. From this  day forward, I believe in myself. From this day forward, I acknowledge  to myself that what God creates has to be great. How could I ever think  it could be otherwise? What was I thinking? What could a child of God be  worth but greatness? No longer will I belittle myself. No longer will I  belittle anyone. I, who am a Great Being of God, uplift others to their  greatness as well. I am a Messenger of God, so, from now on, I no  longer deliver small messages to myself or anyone.

"From now on I acknowledge myself as a tribute to God. God created me  to be a tribute to Him and His art. Now I accept that what God says is  what I am

"Gratitude is the music of the heart its chords swept by the breeze of kindness"
~Author unknown~
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6 years ago  ::  Apr 08, 2010 - 9:03PM #9
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HEAVEN #3422 The Server and the Served, April 8,  2010

God said:

When did serving get a poor  reputation? When did it become touted that it is better to be the one  served rather than the one who serves?

Is the one who dines at a fine restaurant more honored than the  waiter who serves the food? The world would say so. I do not. Serving  and being served are the two ends of one seesaw. Both are primary. Each  serves the other.

It is a fine thing to be a diner who makes it possible for another to  serve. And it's a fine thing to be a waiter who serves food to the  diner. This is a noble interchange.

It is a fine thing to be someone who cleans, someone who sews,  someone who rakes the leaves, shovels the snow. Start thinking of the  honor it is to serve. It is not a cursory thing to serve, nor is it  cursory to be served. You have every right to serve and to be served.

You know by now that the one who serves another is ultimately serving  himself, yes, and also serving Me. You are My hands. Through you, I  give.

And through the person served, I am served. Inasmuch as I am the One  ultimately served, then you are served as well. Server or served, you  stand in for Me.

Serving and being served are of one motion. How intertwined are  Heaven and Earth, you and I, I and you, whomever I am speaking to.

He who is served also serves. Who is a greater Server than I?

And, on Earth, does not the king serve the most? When service is  given and received with a good heart, service is equal.

The kindergarten child who paints from his heart is not less an  artist than a famous artist. They are equal givers. From my vantage,  which is much like the vantage of the mother to her child, the child's  painting is just as dear as one the world calls valuable.

The teacher serves the student. The student serves the teacher.

The pen that writes serves the paper it writes on. The ink serves the  pen and the paper and the writer serve the reader. The writer serves  the reader, and the reader serves the writer.

In the world of love, what is separate, My beloveds? In the world of  love, all is One, one single motion of Oneness, the way a saw saws a  board.

Your hand serves you, and you serve your hand, and your hand serves  Me as I serve you.

In the world, no one owns anything, and everyone owns all.

No one partitions the sky and says: "This is mine. It's not yours."

No one says, "The air is mine and not yours." .

No one says, "You can step on this square of sidewalk, and not on  that one."

No one says, "If you pass by my lilac bush, you are not allowed to  breathe in its sweetness."

No one quibbles with the idea that the sky and air and sidewalks  belong to all. No one is selfish about these matters. If they wanted to  own the sky and air and sidewalks, there isn't a way for them to own  them. Sky and air and sidewalks are not ownable. May it always be so.

And yet food is divided. Space is divided. Other people's love is  even separated and owned. "You can love me but not that one."

There is no beginning to the service of love, and there is no ending  to the service of love. Love cannot be clutched in the hand. Love is  still free and not to be held onto. Love is given in service to the  Universe.

"Gratitude is the music of the heart its chords swept by the breeze of kindness"
~Author unknown~
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6 years ago  ::  Apr 09, 2010 - 5:39AM #10
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Love this post #3422.  Love the message, we are One.

With love,

Rev Dorris
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