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    Hi, I'm Misty... just joined this group tonight... looks like a good subject.

    January 31, 2011
    6:07 AM
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    I am so intrigued! I just joined your group, I believe I can learn so much, the concept described in what I read seems to be just what I am yearning for.Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this group!!

    January 24, 2011
    5:00 PM
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    ... BEING .. BEING OURSELF BEING . U MAN BEING . so strange how we would consider that the Creator is only the Creator of Light so very strange how one limits the Intelligence not only of the BEINGS OURSELF but of the BEINGS who Created OURSELF as a BEING .. .. as within many is darkness as well as light . we need both . the Creator must have BOTH to have them as entities with us . no doubt there is some kind of separation just as MAN male & female had some kind of separation to be able to perform conception & birth the progression of BEINGS as U MANS . through the Inspired Spiritual Powers of Sensuality . with the Revealed Inspired Carnal Knowledge so as to be able to perform such vitally beautiful acts for creation of the seeds of LIFE ...

    December 5, 2010
    10:36 PM
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    .... BEING . BEING OURSELF . U MAN BEING . strange how BEING is such an unidentifiable word . yet fills the place where once was only space .. .. we as U MAN BEINGS are definitely in some way an Entity of all that has been Created . our dependence on all other creations is obvious to some degree we need all Creation to remain for our personal success with growth development & progression .. .. though we all are in a RACE to obtain the Ultimate . by Intelligence with Spiritual Power we need to know . therefore knowledge is vital to our Existence so as to be able to exercise wisdom in all things that are pertaining to & regarding ALL forms of LIFE .. as all LIFE is relative to our Existence and Progression ...

    December 5, 2010
    10:21 PM
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    These words are for the world at large-- in other words they are not directed in any way at this group... they are just things I've been feeling as I interact with both people of light and people of darkness as a social worker: Those who love, live in love. Those who choose open hearts over closed hearts know open spirit. Those who choose condemnation will find darkness, and those who choose unconditional love and acceptance will find light. God is ALLLIGHT, so what person believes that condemning others in the name of God will be rewarded with light? Condemnation and separation are by their nature dark ways of seeing others or oneself. How does God see us all? How does God want us to see ourselves? Obviously the answer is, "In the LIGHT." What is difficult to see about all of this? Let's all walk together loving one another in the light. Let's celebrate the greater whole that we all are together. It will feel so much better than continuing lying to ourselves and one another that we are separate creatures.

    Ty Clement
    November 5, 2010
    9:00 PM
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    Congratulations on getting your book, “Reflections from the Heart” published. Wonderful news. Peace Love Stardove

    October 14, 2010
    11:28 AM
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    i find being ourselves as fundamental in our growth... spirit calls it 'fleshing out our souls'... 'i am' 'we are'... i look forward to sharing... stev :o)

    September 2, 2010
    1:54 PM
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    I accidentally browse this site and came to love it. I am new here and I hope that this will give me a lot of insights and help...

    August 11, 2010
    4:43 AM
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    I am new here and I am glad to be a part of this group.

    August 4, 2010
    6:30 PM
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    Women of all ages are invited to become empowered & create the lives you’ve always wanted on . Through other women's mentoring, learn to use your unique talents from an authentic and inspired life so you can bestow your gifts to collectively make our planet a more balanced, prosperous, and compassionate home to co-exist.

    Kirstie Palmer
    July 13, 2010
    1:23 PM
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