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    Friday, August 1, 2008, 11:00 PM [General]

    Ever wonder why at 50 you feel like your are getting a second chance to do it right but you really don't care? Why you still look at the world with all of its' problems, through rose colored glasses?When you will feel like a grown up? Of course that one was for people like me who consider-themselves to be late bloomers?why you can't think yourself thin after you have blown the diet?Why your most complex yet logical ideas don't come to fruition?Why those wonderful thoughts in your minds eye also don't come to pass? Why you think the way that you do?Why it took you so long to learn that you were in charge of your own happiness?Why some people get angry when you say that if we were following God's design for men and women meaning that women are women and men are men, things would be better?Why only design intervention will save our planet? Why I found it so necessary to ask why.....Is it because I know the anwers but just wanted to see it in print?InnocentCoolSmile


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