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    A New Relationship

    Monday, July 13, 2009, 11:04 AM [General]

    A friend of mine recently got an interesting message in his fortune cookie.  It said, "You will have a new relationship".  Immediately our mind goes to romance. It could also mean, a new relationship with someone else.  What would you think about entering a new relationship with yourself with all the anticipation that you enter into a new romance?

    Buddhism is so essentially the study and acceptance of yourself. Just as you are now. Just as you are next week,  Just as you were last month. How can there be anything else? We fight with ourselves because we do not want to be who we are.  Who else exactly can we be? There is a battle going on in the mind that tries to exert force to be someone else. We want to be better lovers, better students, the best meditator and the most enlightened Buddhist. If we approach ourselves with compassion, we see that we are not perfect, only perfectly ourselves.

    Acceptance is not resignation.  We continue to strive for ethical behavior, a more disciplined meditation and a truer experience with life. Acceptance is acknowledging that, right now, you are doing what you are doing, thinking what you are thinking and being here. Personal change is born of acceptance. It is not struggling with and rejecting who we are as people. It is a choice to embrace and make your own the Eightfold Path. It is a choice to sit in meditation and practice being in this moment.

    It is a step toward forgetting the self. It is a step toward ending suffering.

    Awareness of our feelings and actions brings acceptance.  We discover who we are in this moment. From acceptance of the moment, we find that we change. We also find that we remain the same. Somewhere in there is peace.

    Welcome to your new relationship.


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