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8 years ago  ::  Apr 30, 2010 - 3:44AM #1
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Hi Lynn, Hi All,

I hope you wont think I'm being a Jerk here, but in the end its hard to launch a thread about where I would agree with you, and much easier to throw something up for discussion where we differ so that said, ...  

On the issue of Karma,

   You mentioned that a person who having been weak in a previous life might "choose" to be born into more challenging circumstances, reflected by a more challenging chart;

but I don't think it works like that as Kathleen Higgins, in her series of lectures on 'World Philosophy' for the teaching company (c2001) describes Karma like this'

Imagine you stand on a beach, as the waves lap on the shore, the cause ripples in the sand, lending a certain character to that beach, now then the ripples in the sand will disturb waters coming in creating a self feeding process; and while a person might be concerted effort smooth the waters, and erase the ripples, but it will take time and effort, and it is not just the waters, but the sand that must be undone.

So when a soul passes on from this life, and into its next it is these 'patterns in the sand' that describe the pattern, ie chart, we carry into our next life. I KNOW this is not a popular opinion in the new age community; where-in the thought we choose and plot out our next lives is very popular; but in matters such as Karma and Reincarnation, I believe we are best advised to familiarize ourselves with the thinking of the Hindu's/Buddhists and other traditions that have held these beliefs for thousands of years.*

I would also venture that while we in the West love choice, it has been our inheritance now for generations, in the long history of the world; in the long history of our souls if reincarnation is true; choice is the Anomaly.

For the Great bulk of our history your status was a function of your birth, Tutankhamun could no more have chosen to be a peasant as the son of Akhenaten, than on of his peasant chosen to be Pharaoh. If we seriously believe in the notion that as above so below; we must at least consider choice to be a relatively new experience for our souls; and that much more may be predetermined than our Westernized minds can readily accept.

Oh Well nuff said by me for one night,

Looking forward to your reply. BB.


*I highly recommend these lectures especially disks 6 to 12 to fellow Pagans and other New Age types; It seems to me that as a community we often  borrow ideas from the east without really understanding them, and while 7 hours of Lectures will not give us more than an outline, it will begin to ground our understanding of Idea's like Karma and Reincarnation in the Belief/Traditions of the people that birthed and developed them.







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7 years ago  ::  May 31, 2011 - 11:14PM #2
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I am new here, so please forgive me if I overstep any boundaries or protocalls... I read this post and felt a need to respond.  This is the premise I wish to share;  if the goal of meditation and a reflective life is enlightenment and freedom from suffering, then you are working to erradicate karma.  The seeds of family karma, the karma you may have come in with, and definitely the karma you have created day by day in this life. 

To me, the birth chart is a map and reflection of the possibilities of our lives going forward; an imprint of the first breath we take here on earth, the setting of an original pattern.  To take one way of looking at that reflection as a fixed reality robs you of the opportunity to see the whole thing.  We all work to turn around and see where we have come from, by developing relationships with others that can mirror those patterns to us.  Why focus on one view when there is a greater picture to be seen in that reflection? 

The point I want to make is, if a reading of your birth chart allows you to see where you have come from (karma), and really understand the good and bad of it, then you become empowered to change that pattern, to find a greater peace and happiness in your life.  We all see this differently, and therefore we are each mirrors for each other in our paths.  This is the beauty of the Sangha, that our brothers and sisters on the path see us from their own perspectives.  In wisdom we accept their sight of our lives with understanding that they live in the same predicament that we do - an imperfect and limited physical body. 

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