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New Astrology Blog, New Group! Hi. I'm Matthew Currie, the new astrology blogger by and have a look! Since it seems that there's not central place here to discuss... 0 Replies
Tropical & Sidereal Astrology Dear Thomas, The different between a chart in Sydney & Buffalo is more to do with what signs arises - starts of the Wheel if using Troprical or the Square if using Sideral.You... 1 Replies
New and wondering??? Hi Bobbi - Thanks for your interest in reactivating this board! I'm afraid its dormancy is my fault, but let's see what we can do to get things more active. I'll put something... 1 Replies
New and wondering??? Hi Lynn, I read your blogs on occasion, as I wend my way through day to day reflections on the planets and what it means to be on the planet now. I see that most of the posts... 1 Replies
Karma to be or not to Be ... Be .... Be ... I am new here, so please forgive me if I overstep any boundaries or protocalls... I read this post and felt a need to respond. This is the premise I wish to share; if the goal... 1 Replies
Galactic Alignment 2012 Hi Thomas, sorry to be so delayed in responding, I have been neglecting this board but ready to come back to it.Your statement that the ecliptic passes through the galactic... 1 Replies
Tropical & Sidereal Astrology Hi Lynn,Great show this weekend, I definately will be listening to it a few times through, One thing I found most interesting was the conversation about the Tropical Vs Sidereal... 1 Replies
Karma to be or not to Be ... Be .... Be ... Hi Lynn, Hi All,I hope you wont think I'm being a Jerk here, but in the end its hard to launch a thread about where I would agree with you, and much easier to throw something up... 1 Replies
Rectification Question. Hi All, I'm working with a couple charts for a good friend, a woman about my age, BD 1947; whose taking care of her father now, (28April,1915; Stacy Fork KY) and while I have a... 0 Replies
Galactic Alignment 2012 I moderate another group on Yahoo, in which a rather interesting Question has Arisen.My Understanding of the Dec 21st 2012 Event is that basically not only will the normal event... 1 Replies
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