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    February 27, 2014 I saw today people's true colors. I could no longer deny it. And I finally spoke up and defended myself. Kathi said I roared today and she was happy to hear that. But she did not want me to go to Chicago and be betrayed by my abusers. I agree with her. I am glad I talked to Kathi today. I love myself enough to walk away. I am not a Gardner or a Dillman. I never was. I let them go.

    February 27, 2014
    5:26 AM
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    I am in the middle of an Artist's Way journey! Right now I feel a great sadness and longing. I don't know how to meet this aching need. I hunger for contact and a warm embrace. I long for the day that I can feel love. I am very sad.

    December 2, 2013
    3:36 AM
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    Greetings fellow travelers, I am happy to be a part of this Artist's Way I am a part of all three other Artist's Way Circles. I am combining all the unity of all four Artist's Way Circles together. The Yahoo! Artist's Way Circle is the oldest circle of 10 years with a message archives. The Facebook Artist's Way Circle is newest Artist's Way Circle. Beliefnet Artist's Way Circle is the second Artist's Way Circle and I like the emphasis of the site being based on spirituality. Wurlwind is a growing Artist's Way Circle. Each has it's interesting features and it's been fun to learn about how to best use those features. I am going to each of my Circles and asking them what direction would they like their Artist's Way Circles to go. What direction would you like to see this Artist's Way Circle to take? * Would you all like to do a 12 week Artist's Way journey together as a group? * Would you like suggestions for Artist's Dates? * Would you like me to make videos going over Artist's Way topics from the book? Let's hear your ideas of the direction you would like your circle to take? Love, Buffy

    June 10, 2010
    1:45 PM
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    Buffy's Check In Greetings Fellow Travelers, It has been brought to my attention that some of you are going on your Artist's Way journey and are struggling. I didn't know this because I am not receiving regular check ins from you or an email expressing your frustrations. Please use the Artist's Way Circle. It's here for support that's what the Artist's Way is about. Reach out to someone, it doesn't necessarily have to be me. There are many people who are willing to help. Send a message to the group expressing your challenges as you go on your journey. Please don't suffer silently. I wrote 6/7 Morning Pages this past week on college ruled paper. I am starting to get the hang of writing 45 minutes each day. I am toying around with different ways of storytelling. What if you could tell a love story from two perspectives in the same story. The girl's version and the guy's version. How would that meld together? I have been writing down pages of discussions in my Morning Pages this way. This conversation between a guy and a woman. It's actually coming out quite beautiful. It kinda appeared awhile ago and it seems to keep growing these conversations. My Artist's Date I went to my favorite women's spirituality and wellness sanctuary and had some Jasmine and Passionflower tea while listening to the sound of the water fountain. I pulled a meditative quote from a box that comes from a Conversations of Miracles. Sometimes I crave adventurous artist's dates and other times I crave quiet reflective artist's dates. A major synchronicity was finally meeting Sonicsuns after over a year of hoping. It actually came together! After awhile I questioned whether it would ever happen, however things finally fell into place. Finally, my dream has come true! Recovery issue for this week not to doubt yourself. When I first came across Sonicsuns in 2008, I was so starstruck by his videos that I was afraid to even leave a comment let alone dare to send an email. Back then I didn't get that people on YouTube were approachable. I kept thinking it was like tv where people were harder to connect with. I should have sent Sonicsuns an email when I first encountered him. I should have said what was really on my mind when it was happening. Instead I doubted myself and held back for 8 months. Finally, I mustered the courage to take a chance and I sent that email. Ironically, what lead me to Sonicsuns was his Artist's Way video Which the Artist's Way was the topic of his email I wrote to him. I think it's cool how the Artist's Way brought us together! I love the Artist's Way! With Love, Buffy

    October 6, 2009
    4:23 AM
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