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    When the doctors told me I had cancer, I went in search for a cure. They told me I had to wait three months before surgery and I new if I didn't do something it would be my mind, not the cancer that would destroy me. I tried turmeric and warn water; reiki; learned yoga and meditation; I carried funny crystals in my pockets and around my neck; I cut out sugar, coffee and alcohol. I learned about free radicals and antioxidants and how important they are for our bodied to renew. When it came time for the surgery, the doctors were surprised how easily it went and I needed no chemo or radiation. To celebrate my successful operation I began Artcures, a website with a single painting, 'Gratitude Orchard'. The deal was I would sell giclees of the original for a year, raise a bunch of money, give it away, and I would have fulfilled my obligation to the Universe for my recovery. I had no idea the Universe had other plans. I learned happiness is not a by-product from helping others. Joy come from within. Today Artcures is now a registered not for profit organization devoted to inspiring wellness through creativity. There are four artcures on the website now and an Artcure Juried Show this June in Aurora to find other artists to join me. On September 18th, 2010 Aurora will be dazzled with a special event. "Passport to Wellness" an entire day of workshops and seminars; a wellness market and tea room; special guest speakers and artcure auctions. There will be a limited number of passports printed depending on the capacity of the newly restored Aurora Cultural Centre. We hope to fit 180 people. If you live in the York Region of Ontario (and even if you don't) put this on your calendar. For more information visit: It is our goal to have other communities follow this pattern and bring their healing resources together to show their neighbours how easy it is to live in wellness. While you are on the website, visit my Vision Labyrinth. Last summer I help build a 55 foot stone Labyrinth in Nobleton. When I got home I dreamt of making smaller versions for my home. I combined the power of vision boards and built a labyrinth with river rock on top. Now, in the comfort of my own home I can use my finger (kinetic yoga) to travel through the stones while reinforcing my goals visible underneath. I showed a couple of people and now I teach workshops in hospitals. hospices and private homes. The energy of a group of people creating their goals together with like-minded friends is amazing!! I have one more check up this coming June. The doctors are confident they will never have to see me again. It sounds odd, but my cancer diagnosis help transform my life into something better than ever could have imagined. I've just built a new website; It is a wellness resource for the mind, body and sprit. I am looking for people who would like to share an article on a wellness topic of any type, either written by them or if you have saved an article that has special meaning. All articles posted are credited and I would be happy to link them to you if you choose. I hope to hear from many of you soon. Be well and live light Herbert Pryke

    February 27, 2010
    9:26 PM
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