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    The secular scripture

    Friday, March 21, 2008, 5:18 PM [General]

    We live in a violent world that is over run by violent men and women who maintain an educational system that fosters violence in our children.

    Each year our schools churn out pupils who are all taught about the heroism of our forefathers who fought for our freedom and democracy. We are expected to sit idly in our chairs while their little eyes wander over the pages of our mouldy old history books full of pictures showing heroic kings, leaders, generals presiding over death and destruction. The teacher may not say verbatim, “These are our heroes, children. They have helped us to be the nation we are today,” but the history writing and the pictures sublimely proffer this in a form readily understood by a ten year old to be a message about the glorious exploits of their country, their tribe. “God and my right” emblazoned on the nation’s livery.

    A nation that is full of violent citizens who lose their temper and go into a rage when they can’t get their own way has only its educationalists to blame for such an attitude. A nation at war is a nation that has been conditioned by its teachers who allow the subtle message of social and political approval of State heroism and State self-assertion to be slipped into the teaching programme alongside social criticism of ‘bad kings’ and ‘naughty despots’ whose heroism and self assertion does not equate squarely with the ethical principles of their curriculum masters.

    Youth carrying knives in our cities today express their understanding of a nation’s self assertion through buying the way heroism and violence is cellophane packaged by our teaching establishment like a commodity on the shelf. The kids buy it mentally at an early age that violence and military pursuit is an integral part of social life and this psychologically conditions them to imagine that if their teachers allow such ideological themes to be included in their education it must have the approval of their peers. Violence therefore becomes a national characteristic institutionalised by the teaching and media profession who are both narrating from a scripture of history communicated both bluntly and sublimely to every citizen through mediums of display that are visceral and direct. War memorials, war museums, triumphal architecture, war plaques, war trophies and medals, victory celebrations, war anniversaries, memorial services, war games, propaganda war films, are worshipped by generations of leaders and teachers who uphold their significance and their historic value to maintain a consciousness of violence and bloodshed as part of the normal cycle of life of a nation.

    Political leaders acquiescing by keeping silent in Parliament about the sanction of Government for the mass destruction of citizens in Iraq, Bosnia, Grozny, Afghanistan and Palestine means that a nation has lost the battle for civilisation abroad and lost the respect of hearts and minds of youth at home. Although the violence and bloodshed is not done directly by the hands that instruct the military, the spirit that connects them together, however, is the same. The spirit that surfaced when Christ took away the divine cause the Jews believed justified their violence towards their neighbours is the same spirit that inspires our educationalists and leaders today.

    A nation that finances a killing machine to go and kill their neighbours is no different morally or spiritually from their neighbours who finance their killing machines to send troops to kill in retaliation. The argument as to who struck first, the one that scrapping children use in a school playground to justify a retaliation that is often slightly harder or delivered with a greater measure of pain to balance the score, is discussed at the highest level in military academies. This is the playground where the pugilistic mind within military intelligence coins the idea ‘pre-emptive strike’ as a kind of methodological approach to a punch up, ‘hit them really hard first to pre-empt any notion of retaliation.’ This culture of little children fighting over a teddy bear has become a global paradigm in industrial/military institutions.

    The vicious cycle of violence and murder forever being glorified in history books to homogenise a sense of national identity and purpose comes from a system of thinking that is rooted in ideas borrowed from ancient myths about the omnipotence and supremacy of human strength to overcome the dark side of human nature. The stony pseudo theocratic ruler or ruling junta of every nation creates a revered upper caste of articulate priests, teachers and lawyers who are all well paid by them to work together with a unified mind to propagate the lie about the righteousness of acts of violence in order that a consensus of belief is achieved across the nation that would be strong enough to violently assert the lie.

    As an Anglican Bishop once remarked in a reply to my question about Jesus leading an army of soldiers into battle against evil men, ‘sometimes it is necessary that the few suffer to benefit the greater number,’ the cultic myth has even infected the reconciling life of Christ.

    When the scripture of a nation, an essentially secular and morbid scripture sits on the same cultic pedestal as the scripture of a Bible or a Qur'an, a pedestal below the eternal authority of Jesus’ scripture, it also sits on the throne of the ego. In fact any canonical narrative that prescribes violence and bloodshed as a divine or ethical cure for evil is a lie from the pit of hell.
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    Tribal violence

    Thursday, March 20, 2008, 5:54 PM [General]

    The reason for the emphasis on authority in relation to Jesus Christ is very clear in my mind on this topic of violence but perhaps not clear for those who have some alternative ideas about how authority works in history.

    The political driving force behind the rise and fall of civilisations centres on the use of authority and its usage relies on a strong legal narrative that imbues human will with god-like powers to decide who dies and who lives. ‘It is right that some should die for the benefit of the greater number,’ gives a flavour of the kind of reasoning that infects the political process of legally endorsing the authority of tribal or State violence.

    Jesus Christ came to show that the authority of political systems relying on this kind of moral philosophy is responsible for inbreeding and multiplying the very attitudes and ideas that undermine its own survival.

    The presence of war in the world is a testimony of the abject failure of the human will to exercise responsibility and care for itself and others. Sin is the cause. The solution is not within the grasp of any human power, whether or not regulated by law, for it is the law that divides the human will against itself by sanctifying the wholesale slaughter of its own kind. (Read 'Web of Deceit by Mark Curtis and MI6 by Stephen Dorril) Regardless of the boasting rhetoric of high culture, the verbosity of academia that makes it all look so shiny and successful, the freak show of human power is really nothing more than a brief appearance of the ego in eternity.

    Authority is a serious problem for those who don’t understand its purpose and even many Christians have been sucked into the most common of all fallacies about secular authority being part of God’s rule.

    At the end of the day, there are two types of authority. One is man-made and it is about legalising evil. The other is CHRIST-made and it is about stripping the authority of those who believe they can legalise evil. The former is an aggressive authority that dominates by force and its three dimensional form restricts it to a finite history. The latter is a passive authority that dominates by meekness and its spiritual form goes well beyond the small-minded world of materialism. The weapon of the first type is a physical implement and of the second type is knowledge of eternity. The former doesn't cause death, it just confirms the mindset of those who are already dead to God. The one personified as a murderer by Christ is the same one who tempted Him, with the small mindedness of materialism, to dump his spiritual power of obedience to the truth for the obedience to an inferior knowledge that empowers success through violence. War is a manifestation of the mind of Satan that has inspired lies and murder since the beginning.

    The question of authority is also a question about the nature and character of mankind therefore, which is answered by its long history of bloodshed, bloodshed caused by both religious and secular hierarchies sometimes working together, sometimes independently, but in a unified attitude toward the purpose of imposing their crippled understanding of ‘authority’. The kingdoms they form, using geographical, economic, intellectual, ideological or national boundaries rely on authority in a brutish way and this way has no mandate from heaven – even if it were sought with loud prayers and fasting.

    The Kingdom of Jesus Christ is an eternal Kingdom that does not advance by violent means other than by the spoken Word and by the Spirit of God who reveals the meaning of the spoken Word. The Word that became flesh and dwells among us today is able to teach their meanings to those whose sin has been removed. The word of Christ i.e. His blood and His Spirit, are inherently opposed to the knowledge of God being mediated by the law and by a violent application of the law.

    The endless cycle of violence that secular authorities have been relying on to control human nature since Abel killed Cain, whether in the context of a cultural construciton that is uniquely Jewish, Persian, Greek, Egyptian, Roman, Indian, Chinese or European, is the clearest and most lucid indictment of how human development is inextricably driven by a knowledge of authority that is fatally flawed and fatally idiotic.

    God's name is used in vain by all cultural narratives where violence is attributed to Him. The Jews got it wrong. The Minoans before them got it wrong. The Persians, the Greeks, the Hittites, the Huns, the Egyptians, the Romans, the British, the Americans got it wrong. Christ is the only narrative that will stand for eternity as the truth. All else is sin; the human framework of violence and retribution based on lies.

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    The British Emblem

    Thursday, March 20, 2008, 4:54 PM [General]

    As a hallmark and stamp of Crown Authority the British Emblem has been appearing on most ministerial orders issued from within HM Government since this island became a nation, bearing the word 'God'. “Dieu et mon droit”, meaning ‘God and my right’, is immortalised by HM Government as signifying rule and authority. The enormous implication of its meaning in a modern multi-faith world they so proudly boast is being shaped by their more liberal ideology isn’t a topic their spin makers and media lackeys have much time for these days. So busy are they conspiring to deceive the public through media propaganda (with the exception of Channel 4 perhaps) about the reasons for the debacle in Iraq and Afghanistan, and for the horrific waste of life their decisions have caused, they simply don’t have time to face up to the reality of what this phrase actually means.
    The God who is given such prominence on the regal and military livery of British Royalty and her two poodles, Government and Parliament, must be very proud to receive such filial duty from such loyal servants. I rather suspect though God’s feelings on the matter are probably quite the opposite. The word ‘God’ means nothing to a race that doesn’t honour the Son and equally the word ‘civilisation’ means nothing to God who doesn’t recognise any of its attributes in the secular history of it’s short spell on Earth.
    If ever there was a case for using God’s name in vain then the meaningless repetition of it on a gold leaf emblem topped with a crown and a lion must stand out as the most long standing example. Not only is it pertinent to the case that no-one really knows precisely who this God actually is and where He has come from but, more to the point, no-one can agree on a doctrine that clearly defines His character, nature and form even when they do. Neither can people agree on doctrines to define the precise nature and character of socialism or nationalism. In both cases the canonical narrative upon which they build their beliefs is so full of vague and abstract terms, to do with values and measurements essentially subjective and therefore egocentric, that even the laws and regulations they imagine will homogenise people into a state of peaceful co-existence are in fact used by egotistical monsters in Church and State hierarchies to justify circumstances and situations that homogenise people into a state of fear and aggression.
    The perception of God’s character, form and nature is as laughable today as it was when it was portrayed by the imaginations of men in the Old Testament who threw out His Son using these secular perceptions.
    The idea of a ‘Christian’ or ‘Moslem ‘country existing anywhere therefore in eternity, or that God specifically invests in nationhood and tribalism, comes mainly from unbelievers who project their own ignorance into the heavens by vainly associating a big name like God with their flawed existence. ‘We beat the Germans, the French, the Spanish, the Prussians, God gave us victory’ is a phrase as intellectually impotent and as vain as ‘God, and my right’.
    The perception of God by unbelievers is so twisted what when I hear people in this country go off in a rage about religion causing war and conflict I shove the British Emblem in their face and ask the question ‘which evil religion is this then that your taxes preserve as an emblem of military and political mayhem and might?’ Eh?371d36d75e05eda735858f8e467be99c
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    Jesus is not the Bible

    Wednesday, March 5, 2008, 8:54 PM [General]

    I have writtten a book for Christians who are confused about the contention between the Old Testament story concerning the so-called commands of God to wipe out enemies and the New Testament story concerning the commands of God to 'love our enemies'. This book challenges the orthodox view of the Bible as a God-breathed canon but promotes the Lordship of Jesus Christ in a manner that more eminently befits His divine status. It is the latter detail that somehow got shoved to one side by the Romans when the canon was formed, when the survival of Rome's hegemony was pre-eminently more important than the Lordship of Christ. The purpose of the book is to help Christians see a life transforming aspect to Jesus' reference to eating His body and drinking His blood that for centuries has been understood to mean a 'memorial feast' that for most people has become a ritual. Preview at

    The way the early church 'fathers' retrofitted the testimony of Jesus to the Old Testament people as if He was deferring to their testimony as a holy record of man's portrayal of God has meant that the church has for centuries been feeding on lies about the nature and character of God. As a result many religions have evolved from this cesspit of lies creating religious hierarchies that lead their flock into believing God instructs His children to kill their enemies. Worst still, using the Old Testament as a canon of inspired words and deeds, (inspired by Satan mostly) they have created doctrines that speak of 'justified killing' that have produced mainstream relgions that both worship The Old Testament.

    The Bible brings dishonour to the Son for it was compiled by men whose minds were confused from the outset about the nature and character of God. For them Christ was a sandwich filler between  slices of Jewish culture and Roman hegemony.

    Following on the heals of this book is a 96 Thesis called 'Beyond Christ Authority is Evil' which further elaborates on Jesus' renunciation of the Old Way and places Jesus back on the pedestal as the Only Teacher and Only Word that will fill Eternity.

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