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    Hi- Thanks for your continued interest in my writings. I know for all of us life can often be so confusing. The Lord can give us strength and such as we need to continue. Love ya', Steve

    February 22, 2013
    5:49 PM
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    Sweetheart- I believe it was King David who first said in a Psalm- I am a worm, and not a man. I agree with David. I believe that the more people realize how far we are from what we should be, we would all think of our-selves as not much more than worms (not trying to be harsh- but just in comparison to our eternal Creator who loves us in spite of ourselves). I know that in my lifetime, I have often been angry without cause at others, and misjudged others, and 'assumed' things that turned out to be false about others. I think this is a widespread human condition that not too many really stop and give much thought to. I may consider myself a 'worm', and you may consider yourself a 'worm', but I would never think of you as a 'worm'. This is just an expression of humility that I believe all Christians should honestly consider. Don't beat yourself in the head for not being perfect, because recognizing our need for our Savior is the major step in knowing Him. Without our immense need for Him, then how would we consider how great was His gift. Love ya', so very much, Steve

    November 1, 2012
    2:17 PM
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    thank you anniesheart for reading my journal and posting too, bless ya luv annie

    October 11, 2012
    5:17 PM
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