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    Status: Eager to learn how to live the life intended for me!!

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  • Yes, it has been nearly a year, or more since I visited this website. I don't know what I expected exactly but I do know I wanted a ... more
  • I am excited to begin this journal.I don't quite understand how it's supposed to be done, but I hope to learn as I go ... more

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    today I would like to give Thank's for all my Blessing's and ask forgiveness for all my sin's. I say a prayer for my friend Danny Russell and my Uncle Jim Waldon, both who are suffering with Stomach cancer. Please ease thier suffering and give them renewed hope in your Love and Protection Lord. You are the One!I also pray for my Husband Terry, that he may find the Peace in your presence as he did before. I love you God and want to be close to you and your wonderful Love!! Amen

    January 21, 2011
    3:08 PM
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    This has been a most inspiring first half of the week! I have been given the oppurtunity to help someone who is going through a hard time with a loved one. The same hard time I have been through with my loved one and survived. More to the Point, My loved one survived! The feeling one get's when helpng another get through what I've aready experienced is very gratifying and I am thankful to be able to do so. I guess there is a reason I am at this place at this time. A place I wasn't sure I wanted to be, but am now grateful to be there. I should put more trust in God, whom I am so curious about!!

    September 30, 2009
    11:05 AM
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    I am hoping for opinion's and feedback from any and all!! I will appreciate any insight from seasoned blogger's who can help me gain confidence with opening up and sharing my question's about how to live my life to the fullest, the way God intends for me to, so I can be a better role model for my loved ones. Thanks!!

    September 23, 2009
    1:15 PM
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