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    Angels have knocked on my window

    Tuesday, March 17, 2009, 12:46 PM [General]


    Angels have knocked on my window. Seeking a message to give.  The words though never spoken yet clearly embedded within. You are not alone though you think so, and the road can be riddled with distractions. All souls are not ready for prime time, as each one has its own road to travel. 

    You can't make it easy for others, but you can lend a hand through your actions. Your choice to live is not simple, but the way you decide may determine. "Are these the thoughts of a universe whose hand is in the midst of my lessons? " "Are these material or spiritual in nature, and who can tell me which one is my calling?"  We race in and out to accomplish, but don't realize that NOW is not the issue, because just as soon as the words have been uttered, the NOW word has transcended.   

    Ask for the power of God's Light, which has resided within all.

    This is a message of kindness of no strings attached in the giving. Just as was written, and done through the ages, It is when you feel the blows of oppression, it is then that your give as your maker.

    Take it and give it out slowly! Give them the Joy of a sunrise, the whisper of the wind in the meadows, the innocence of a baby's smile full of wonder. These are the thoughts of the lifetimes. 

    We were created for greatness in love within the spheres of the heavens. So far yet near have we traveled to live in a world yet not perfect, but in all lies all the strength and the knowing what is our real life journey.

    A life you may think is a tell all, but don't be misguided by not knowing. The truth lies so close and yes, within us.  Listen in stillness and peace will surround you, Work each day to help others, and prosperity will come forth as a quickly. Life is just not here for the taking, but to grow in all ways of the heavens. 


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