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    good day to you joannie,,thank you for reading my post and for your lovely comment,,i learned from my dad a long time ago to keep trying and it is a good thing because that has helped me stand up as an adult even in the hard times,p.s. i hope you will cuddeling up this winter with that beautiful blanket, luv A

    September 30, 2011
    9:09 AM
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    Hi Ordained, I am happy you can appreciate the diverse methods our psyche has by which it unconsciously seeks to make the self whole. The statement: "Everything is projection" is too often dismissed out of hand as it can be challenging to conceptualize or concretize. I am quite fortunate in that my chart allows for me to rather easily do this mental gymnastics. LOL. It is however really simple. When we fall in love romantically we project pieces of our self we love dearly the other. Another word for falling in love is "soul projection" which is why it hurts so much when you invest so much of yourself in another individual and they decide to walk away. And it's possibly why we call this phenomenon "falling" in love. And there is another sneaky reason our unconscious in the Western world allow for this. When two people fall in love *big sigh here* it is also the unconscious of one connecting with another for the purpose (unless you know yourself really really well) for the purpose of healing childhood woundings through your parents. Ever wondered why a man usually picks out a woman with similarities to his mother and vica versa. Can't tell you how often I have told hubby of almost 48 years: "I am not your mother!" Almost everytime he says no to me, I know it is his mother who he is responding to cause it just does not make common sense to me. So I have learned to just do what I want to do and he loves me enough to just shake his head as if to say "something else." I enjoy sharing my knowledge with someone who does not just reject it out of hand because it does take much thinking and perhaps rearranging some neurons. lol. Blessings.

    August 25, 2011
    4:27 PM
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    Hi Joan ~ Thank you for commenting on my message "Iron sharpens Iron". I'm bringing your comment over here to respond back to... "I see a double meaning in this. Even a pancake has three sides. LOL. Some sharpen the countenance of friends/loved ones by the acts of love and some by the acts of self hatred projected onto that other so much so that in self preservation one must learn exactly all about how the psychopathology of the mind works and how little of what others say to us or do to us is ultimately about us. I am blessed." ~ Joan I like what you said about the pancake. The rest of what you said is really something to think about...acts of love versus acts of self-hatred. That is such an interesting concept that I never thought about it before as being applied to this Scripture -- but there is much truth to it. I have applied the concept of self-hatred being projected onto others as those things that the person really hates about theirself being projected onto another to condemn the part of theirself that they so hate. Subconsciously they would like to rid theirselves of that negative personality trait, but don't really know how. But now to look at that same concept in connection with this Scripture, it takes it even deeper -- you've brought in the dynamics of self-preservation and the fact that one must learn exactly all about how the psychopathology of the mind works and how little of what others say to us or do to us is ultimately about us. If that doesn't sharpen a person's countenance, I don't know what will ~ LOL! BIG HUGS Joan ~ I love hearing from you!

    August 22, 2011
    11:07 PM
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