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    Hi Angela. I just wanted to comment on your beautiful choice of background for your page. It has elements of the orient in it, and yet the flowers reflect the image of the Hawaiian hibiscus flowers that flourish and thrive here in Kona Hawaii where I live. I also wanted to tell you that you signed on to this site for a reason. It wasn't just to "connect" with like minded people. You are going to find the divine guidance you have been looking for, or "praying" for. Just be patient. God will speak through the right person to you. Just know that sometimes when a door closes, it takes a little time for God to "orchestrate" the new "open" door. But know that there is always an open door. Things just have to fall into place first. You know what it is that I am referring to. I won't go into it more at this moment, because God is telling me this is a period of "willingness" for you, in that you are cultivating a greater sense of unity with the ultimate "plan" so to speak. Don't worry though. At the exact right time, you will receive your guidance. For now just "let go" of the situation and you will find peace that you didn't know was available surrounding this. Your "willingness" to "let go" is what is going to open that door for you. Have faith sweetie, everything is falling into place as you read these words. Peace be with you -Dave

    May 9, 2008
    6:54 AM
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