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    The Cat Who Came Back Home

    Wednesday, February 6, 2008, 8:43 PM [General]
    Posted By: AngelAnimals


    By Eliza Gilner  


    Cats have always been in my life.  Some of my earliest memories involve them. I feel closer to cats than I do to anything else.


    When I was ten, Lion-o was born and came into my life. He was an orange and white American short hair. We were inseparable. He would follow me everywhere, even to school.  I would have to tell him to go home, and usually he would obey and go.


    When I came home he'd run to me. I would pick him up, and he'd wrap his paws around my neck and snuggle close.  He was my cat soul mate. We spent many happy years together.


    Sadly when he was only eleven, Lion-o was taken from me. He developed a horrible illness that could not be cured. I dreamed about him constantly. I cried all the time for him; my grief could not be stopped.


    For two years I begged God to bring Lion-o back to me.  I had for a while stopped having dreams of him. Then one night, I had such a vivid dream of Lion-o that I thought he had never died.


    The next day I found a litter of kittens one of my cats had had outside my window.  We brought them inside, and found a baby to whom I was absolutely drawn. I thought it was my Lion-o come home.


    It turned out that this kitten was not Lion-o, but he had certain qualities that reminded me of him. His name is Jerrybear.  He helped to bring me back. He showed me love and devotion, just as Lion-o had done.  He followed me everywhere, gave licky kisses, and was just the sweetest cat you could ever meet.


    The dreams of Lion-o stopped for a long time.  I knew Lion-o had sent Jerrybear to me, so I could go on and live again.  Jerrybear had filled the void that Lion-o left.  I still thought of Lion-o often, and my grief was still there although not as bad.


    Three years after Jerrybear was born, I went through a very rough patch in my life. I was sitting in the cafeteria where I work and was close to tears about the whole situation. I started thinking about Lion-o.  I whispered, "I miss you Lion-o. I wish you were still here so I could see and hold you. I need you. "


    I heard a shuffling noise and turned around but saw nothing. When I turned back again to the table, I saw Lion-o. He was cleaning himself. He stopped and looked at me, gave me kissy eyes, and jumped off the table.  I looked to see where he went and called his name,

    but he was gone.  I started feeling a lot better and had this excited feeling in the pit of my stomach, though I did not know what it meant.


    That weekend I went to visit my mother. One of her cats had just had kittens a few weeks earlier. All of them, except for one, were fuzzy orange and white babies.  I put them all on her bed to get a good look at them.  They were running around the bed, mewing and having fun.


    All but one was playing. He just stared at me.  There was a look of knowing on his face. He proceeded to walk up to me and reached up with his paws as if to hug me.  I looked at him and I asked, "Lion-o?"


    The kitten started purring and pawing at me. I picked him up. He put those paws on my chest because he was too small to hug properly. I started crying. He kept right on purring. Eventually he fell asleep in my arms.  My baby had come home to me.  It was the happiest day I had had in a long time.


    This kitten came to live with Jerrybear and me.  At first, Jerrybear was a little upset when I brought Lion-o home. He hissed and tried to attack, but Lion-o did nothing. He knew not to retaliate.  Soon, though, both cats learned to love each other.  Jerrybear knew who

    Lion-o was.


    Now I have two wonderful guardian cat angels to love and watch over me.  I thank God for them everyday and love and kiss them all the time. I make sure they both know how much they are loved and how they saved my life.


    So my angel, Lion-o, sent another angel, Jerrybear, until he  returned. Now I have two angels.



    Eliza Gilner is at the moment a secretary at a mental health facility.  She is also a singer, musician, devoted mommy to six beautiful cats and an animal lover and protector.  Eliza lives on Long Island with her fiance and her mentally disabled brother. Someday, Eliza hopes to have a cat farm, where anyone can bring cats to her and adopt them too.  She wants this so fewer cats will be hungry and homeless and unloved.



     Have you been re-gifted with an angel animal who returned?
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    When the Rainbow Appears

    Wednesday, February 6, 2008, 8:43 PM [General]
    Posted By: AngelAnimals


    By Linda Turner-Zwetkov


    My beloved Chihuahua, Benny, who is ten years old, was recently diagnosed with an enlarged heart more than double its size and with fluid in his lungs. Basically he was on the verge of a heart attack.


    The good Lord has been keeping him alive, and I've learned so, so much about what to do when grief grabs hold of your heart. I must confess that I didn't take it like a champ. Quite the contrary, I sobbed like a baby. But finally I realized I was allowing myself to be far too negative. So I decided to examine the truth.


    Benny is still alive, still breathing, and he even sometimes plays Catch the Tiger. His brush with death is bringing me to a new perspective of how to look at death, especially the death of someone so close to your heart as your dear pet. When this happens, you're looking death square in the eye and you dare not blink first.


    When I think about death, though, I am forced to think about life. Death, after all, is part of the laws of our earthly plane. There's no getting around it. The good news is, it's not an end. Those of us who have experienced that Other Side know this very well.  And the better news is, it's a wonderful, new beginning. A new lease, so to speak.


    I was watching Benny just now and thinking that I should just be thankful for every minute he's alive. And later on, when he's further "alived" by God and taken to a better world, I should be thankful that I have an angel waiting for me.


    I shouldn't weep over my dear butterfly's lost cocoon. It would sadden my little Benny to see me sobbing and grieving. I don't think he would be able to understand it, because he'd be happy and light. He'd be pain-free and joyous but then he'd see me freaking out. That would then create a conflict for him -- he who loves me dearly.


    If we believe in a life hereafter, which I am convinced exists, then it's logical that those who have gone to it before us are no longer bound by this blind state we continue to live in. They see and love us still. They most likely would choose to stay with us if we were grieving for them so strongly.


    So I'm realizing that I need to see the bright side of this shadow of death. "For God is with me." I don't need to fear it for my dog and I certainly don't fear for myself. I know it's real. There is true love, and it is endless and eternal. The short pipeline that gets us through this life and into the next one is stronger, even than death.


    An angel named Benny has touched my life. The amazing thing is, that the encounter was not for a moment, as some phantom that comes and goes and seems miraculous. Instead, I've had ten wonderful, love-filled, enchanted years with a little dog whose greatest happiness is to be with me.


    How can I be sad, when a soul as marvelous as Benny is chosen to live on the other side of the rainbow and will greet me when I arrive at a little bit later date? Why should I be sad about that?


    As Benny looks up at me, sometimes weakly, sometimes lively, then weak again, then excited, then weak, my emotions are being worked on. It is difficult to stay on an even keel. However, I can't lean on my own strength. It isn't there. So I trust in the strength of Someone whose strength is endless.


    My Ben, I thank God you are here right now. Thank you for staying with me a little longer on this rough path. When I see your wonderful tail wag as I walk in the door, I thank God for the blessing to see those loving eyes one more time. And the happiest time is yet to come when we will never be apart again,


    But. . . How could I not miss you? You've shown me that true love exists and never ever dies. How could I not want to see you every day for all of my life and into forever? How could I not want to be with you? You've been my best friend. Finally, I know what that really means. You've taught me to be a friend.


    You gave me your all your love and then some. Now, you're tired.


    If I love you, I'll let you rest. I'll let that wonderful head lay down one last time and fall into a long, restful sleep, without pain and filled with joy and fun doggy things to do. Till we meet again up there.


    I'll meet you on the other side of the mists. Out of the shadows and into the springtime of love. I'll see you waiting for me, wagging your tail and running towards me as you've always done here on earth and just for me.


    Adoringly, your earth Mom, Linda


    A few final thoughts:


    If you find out that your beloved angel is on his or her way home, take those last minutes, hours, or days to shower him with a well-deserved love. When he gets to the Other Side, you can know your angel knows he's loved on this side. You will meet again.


    If your beloved pet dies suddenly and unexpectedly, then you can rest assured that he's now closer to you than ever and in a far better place, still aware of your love, for your hearts are always connected.


    Of course you'll cry, but remember: he's no longer in pain. He's playing and running and leaping.  He's not alone. He's joyous and in heaven with all the other doggie angels waiting for their masters to follow them the rest of the Way.


    You will meet again and again and again and again. You will always, always meet again. Even as the tears well up, I know that we are not apart.


    "For the creature was made subject to vanity, not willingly, but by reason of him who hath subjected the same in hope, because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God." (Romans 8:20, 21)



    Linda Turner-Zwetkov is an American living in Austria since 1980. She has a husband, a daughter, three grandchildren, and four dogs. For thirty years Linda was involved in full-time Christian work in seven countries. The experiences she gained in such work were the fuel that ignited her ambition to write. Storytelling has always been Linda's thing, and when she saw how much these stories helped people, she got serious about writing them down. She is the co-founder and president of Children's Bridge of Hope, a non-profit society dedicated to rescuing abandoned babies in Romania. (



     How have you treasured the final moments with your beloved pet?
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    Ginger's Coincidences

    Wednesday, February 6, 2008, 8:42 PM [General]
    Posted By: AngelAnimals


    By Marci Garcia


    I have had dogs all my life. They are my favorite creatures, especially the Dachshund breed.  I have had three Daschunds in my adult life, but eventually they all passed away.


    My husband, Mark, and I went two years without any dogs. During this time I missed them terribly.  Mark and I have no children, and I feel the need to take care of something small and cuddly like the Dachshund.  I missed the happy greetings, taking them for walks, and most of all, their happy wet kisses.


    I started speaking to Mark about getting another Dachshund. I told him the one I want must be a cuddler and a bit mischievous. I was trying to talk Mark into having the new puppy sleep with us in our bed.  Finally after quite a bit of convincing, he said yes. I started looking immediately.


    The first place we went to see some puppies, I had no connection with them. So I continued to look.  I called another woman and made an appointment for the following morning to see her two Dachshunds. The morning we were going to see the puppies, Mark and I were lying in bed, talking. I told him I wanted to get my puppy a diamond rhinestone collar.


    When we arrived at the lady's house, she brought out two Dachshund puppies, and I sat on the floor with them. One of the puppies ran as fast as she could, jumped on my lap, and kissed my face. My eyes instantly filled with tears of happiness. I squeezed the puppy tight. My husband and I said, "This is the one we want."


    The woman asked what I was going to name her. I said, "Ginger, because her fur is the color of gingersnap cookies."


    She replied that once she had a Dachshund named Ginger.  As she was getting the paperwork finished, she said, "I have one more thing for you."  She walked out of the room and brought back the most beautiful diamond rhinestone collar. It looked like the one I had wanted to get for my new puppy. I knew something special had just happened.


    Ginger is a wonderful girl. She is everything I had dreamed of and more.  She loves to snuggle and will let me hold her for hours. When she is exceptionally happy, she will take my nose in her mouth and bite ever so gently.  She and our chocolate Lab, Luke, are my constant companions.


    One late afternoon Mark and I were on a walk with Ginger and Luke. Ginger was a few steps beside me.  In the next minute I heard this awful yelping from a dog. I looked down at my side and saw that Ginger was gone. I knew it was her yelping.


    Mark ran into the brush to look for her.  I heard yelping three more times and then, there was silence. My heart was breaking. At the same time all of this commotion was going on, a good friend dropped by and was standing on our deck. He said he had seen a coyote chasing Ginger through the avocado grove.


    He jumped in his truck and drove down the road to the avocado grove where Mark and I met him.  We searched desperately for Ginger. When we finally found her, she was lying lifelessly in the dried avocado leaves on the ground.  Mark picked her up and carried her to our friend's truck and placed her on the tailgate.


    She was barely breathing and covered in blood. We rushed her to the vet where she stayed over night and had surgery She had over a dozen bite wounds, a punctured lung, and a rib was separated from her chest wall.


    The coyote could not give Ginger a fatal bite to the neck, because she was wearing an old collar of Luke's that he had outgrown. There were bite marks on the collar, but they never

    penetrated the material. The collar worked like a piece of armor. I was so thankful we had put Luke's old collar on Ginger before our walk. That was the first time she had wore it.


    I was also very thankful our friend had dropped by at the time of the attack. I believe when the coyote heard the truck arrive at the grove, it scared him away and kept him from doing more harm to Ginger.  I also think when Ginger and Luke wrestled, it taught her how to defend herself from a larger dog.  All these things helped to save her life.


    It took a while for Ginger to heal, but she is back to her normal self now. She and Luke still love to wrestle. This is a funny sight because he kneels on his front legs and only uses his head, resting on the ground, making funny noises.  Ginger jumps, wiggles, and growls around his head.  The oddest thing is this little ten-pound Dachshund is the alpha dog over Luke who is seventy-five pounds.  So she really did turn out to be my mischievous girl.


    Today Ginger is four, and Luke will soon be four.  These two dogs bring my husband and I much joy and laughter.  I love to hear their paws running through our home.  They make our home more complete with their constant love and companionship.



    Marci Garcia lives in Valley Center, a rural town in San Diego County, California.  Her husband, Mark, has a small construction business, and Marci does the paperwork for the company.  They enjoy the weekends when they are able to load up their travel trailer with their dogs Ginger and Luke to go camping.




    Have coincidences brought you and your animal companions good

    fortune?  Did you know that animal rescue organizations have

    purebred dogs available for adoption?

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