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    Experience animals as guides, healers, and friends. With pets in 63% of American homes, the highest number in history, share stories and discuss the many ways animals are wisdom partners and cherished companions.

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    Hello everyone! I so agree with this. I have a mini poodle and she is great! I would be so very lost without her. She is my baby and she knows everything I say to her. Plus I think she thinks she is human. I talk to her all the time and she will do what I tell her. I can not understand people who do not have animals in their lifes.

    December 10, 2009
    12:33 PM
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    Hi everyone, I'm the pastor of Metro Detroit's ONLY Pets Welcome Church, All Creatures Universal Life Church ( I love animals and believe, as do the Andersons, that animals are not just a part of our life here, but always part of our lives, here and hereafter. I look forward to meeting others in this group. ~Reverend Claudia and the critters...

    Red Feather
    March 25, 2009
    1:46 PM
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    my husband and i also have a story like yours. we have had a total of 10 cats in the last 41/2yrs, our current count today is 5. out of the 5 we have lost, either from disease or just never returning home,we had one that was only 6mos old when we finally after 3 weeks of bed ridden in my lap! he was the hardest to cope with. as when he came into our home just when i had lost a very dear friend, jack. our newest kitty right after that, was pure white with a little blonde crescent shape patch on the top of his head! he kind of ressembled my dear friend jack,thus becoming his name! he had a wonderful 2mos playing and growing, especially with his 2 new brothers who were the the age as him. then he took his turn for the worst, he was diagnosed with FIP. that was the worst news we could have gotten, as this disease is non curable, and susposed to be extremely contagious. we first discovered his illness after his tummy just kept bloating up and up daily. he never did show any other symptoms like they say, but it was heart breaking enough to watch him aech day. just 3 weeks into it, giving him a prednizone pill daily, to help ease his discomfort, and to try to boost his immune system, we finally had to made the big descision to put him to sleep. it was like god told us the night before that it was time for jack to go. just about a mo later along showed up jack`s brother.he was totally pure white. we named him JB for either jacks back or jacks brother! there was just one problem, he actually had an owner already! a young girl living above us in our apt. but because of allergies in their household, there was restrictions as to when and where he could be in their hous. we also took him in when ever he wanted, we took him along with our two boys his age and got all 3 nuetered. unfortionatly as of 6wks ago he has not been seen by either us or his lil girl owner. i could go on and on with stories of all our cats and them being angels for all different reasons! jack and jb i feel were brought to us to help us grieve over our loss of our dear friend jack! and it worked!

    March 25, 2009
    7:32 AM
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    I have had so many wonderful angels in my life I hardly know how to begin. I have had dog angels, cat angels, horse angels even. Each one has filled a special need in my life. Last fall one of our treasured kittys died on a tumor on her optic nerve. My husband and I were in such grief then suddenly a little kitten came along that was so sweet that he melted our hearts. Not long after that I kitten showed up who was the spitting image of our Bitty Witty that we had lost only he was a male. He came inside our home. That made us have 5 inside cats. I know Bitty Witty in her own way found us those two boys to help us griev. Believe me I have had so many beautiful pets that I'm used to the grieving of the loss of each and every one of those little family members. they give us love, encouragement, they stay by our side in times of illness. There is no way on earth and heaven that animals aren't angels in furry little suits. Thanks for your site.

    March 7, 2009
    8:01 PM
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