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    TITLED: "THIS SEASON,......PASSED!"... Sometimes,...I have needed, a good bit of distance, to gain the perspective to see,...what I've been taught... Once I,... ("Give-Up"),......thoughts of career advancement and concentrate only on growth, "Abandonment",......(of Self-Indulgence),...even the worst situations,...can be received, God's Gift!...... Talking about a,…”Season of Suffering”, talking about a Quality to Life, that endures over an extended period of time... Behind all the doing,...exist also, an intense feeling of waiting... Mourning, can also be a,…”Season of Suffering”... When my Father, died,...the World, didn't stop, so that I could Mourn. I was never far, from a sense of grief coupled with,…”Anger at God!”...... For weeks,...that stretched into months,...I was busy going on with my Life, but afraid to Pray,...afraid to unleash my Anger... Finally,...a friend urged me to go ahead and be Mad... God could take it. This was yet, another part of my Life... I had to Surrender to God,...another step in,…"Abandonment!"...... And so, even,…"THIS SEASON,...PASSED!"...... Your Friend, With All of My Love; Israel Falcon, (Izzy!...) 9439 San Jose Blvd. Ste. # 159 Jax., Fla. 32257

    February 4, 2010
    12:05 PM
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    Hello Everyone, I am Angel20937 and I just recently joined Beliefnet. I am here for the spirituality, faith and inspiration. I am currently going through a very difficult time in my life. I lost my beloved mother to breast cancer in 9/07. I am hoping to find prayer, strength & comfort during this time. I once was a happy person and once enjoyed life. I need to find that light again because my soul is in that dark valley, slowly dying and I need to get out.

    January 23, 2010
    4:19 AM
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    DEAR Angel from your comment about your mother I assume she recently went home to be with OUR LORD AND KING JESUS ,I lost my MOM n 1994 also my gmother+ great aunt all n 1994 1 n feb. 1n april +MOM N DEC. Please know I will ask GOD to send love of friends,family, and special gifts of Love and comfort from above in this very difficult period of transition in your life. I would like to become your friend n community ,I just joined last week, my member name is UPLIGHT. I am also of Christian faith and would like to share common or uncommon interests. GOD BLESS +KEEP U ALWAYS ,Remember matt. 5 verse 4,UPLIGHT

    January 20, 2010
    5:01 AM
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