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    HBO’s ROME

    Monday, October 22, 2007, 5:33 PM [General]
    Posted By: Innerpoint

    Has anyone else seen HBO’s series Rome? I still have two disks to go to finish the series.

    I have been enjoying it immensely. It is very historically accurate.

    The parts with Vorenus and Pullo are the most interesting as they tend to be not of the upper class. Most here know what happens to the upper class.

    I am rather glad I missed it on HBO and watched it on DVD. There are more options on the DVD. If you watch it watch the "All roads lead to Rome" version. There are popups that explain things that are going on in the scene.

    A warning to anyone that is shy of the naked body and sex. There is a LOT of sex and naked bodies. But that is the way things were then.


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