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    An abundance of thought

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    We at an abundance of thought beleive in the power of our spoken word, and the power of our thoughts.This is a group offering support to those on the path of new thought or those who are new to this concept,But we warmly welcome all faiths,and people of any age.
    New thought basically means new thinking,we think positive thoughts and inturn our creative mind, which governs our life will bring positive experiences to us.
    At this new thought goup we will discuss work by Ernest holmes,Dr raymond charles barker,louise l hay and various other new thought authors.We will also discuss,affirmations,spiritual mind treatments,positive thinking and supportive suggestions.
    Please come join us and take a step towards the abundant path of richness.

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    I am so grateful to find this group and I think its great! :-) I created a website where people can become a part of a movement to spread positive thinking and to help create a shared vision of unity. I just wanted to share it, check it out. :-) Camille

    January 19, 2011
    5:53 PM
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    I am exhausting limited self and expanding my awareness of my limitlessness.

    June 27, 2010
    9:46 PM
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    I'm pink, therefore, I'm SPAM.

    April 29, 2010
    6:45 PM
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    I am so grateful to find what I need in this moment of my life. I enjoy the teachings of Thich Nath Hanh, Mahayana Buddhism. I have believed for a long time that we all have seeds of all sorts of feelings and behaviors. I suppose that we can stop the nature versus nurture conversation by simply adding that some seeds are more fertile in some than in others. But it is watering or offering nutriments to the seeds that allows them to grow. When we find a negetive crip and become angry and use hostility toward ourselves to CUT this unwanted part away, we only feed more negativity. The only, and I mean only path to peace and serinity is to practice peace, serinity, happiness, etc... peace, serinity and happiness are the way! I must water the counter oppisite of the negativity in my life and watch it bloom as the negative withers away and no longer pesters me. Ah, but to be so American, even in this wisdom the desire for quick results is persistent. I was fired 12/3 from a job that I thought would answer several struggles and pains in my life and mind. Ah, but bitterness will only water pain. I am saved from having to make sad choices everyday between caring for elderly and meeting paperwork demands. I have a new vigor for returning to the path of doing no harm, relieving suffering and teaching. Thoughts are nutriments and water for the garden of our mind and therefor our behavior. May we use fresh spring water of positive thoughts and leave the acid rain behind.

    December 7, 2009
    6:11 PM
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