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    Thursday, June 10, 2010, 5:07 PM [General]

    This is the world of Reality. The place I wanted to change.  
                                                                ... 30˚ 51'51"N, 53˚35'48" W.
    I wanted it to look different:  other--better-perfect.  Wanted it to have a new address, a new apartment number, a new floor, new decor, new adornments, new walls made of nature's stone, not man-made American plaster, but if plaster, then the fine artistic plaster of the frescoes of the Italians would be on order .   Ah, reality was supposed to be different than this one.  I wanted a new phone number because the people who called me here, were not who I desired to speak with nor what I wanted to deal with. I wanted new impressions, new conclusions, new excursions, new illusions.  I wanted oak flooring in the reality I desired - what is with this linoleum?   So not me.  and who, who are these people walking in and out of the floor of  reality I was living?  Where did their manners go, their self-respect, their outer respect, where? Where was their "value-driven" life vs. teh ocnvepts they defended.   How did I get this reality, and not that one-or  those ones....I wanted another reality.  
    What  I didn't realize was that in THIS reality,  here,  no matter what I "thought" -no matter what  behaviors, ideas, images, that I interpreted...this was IT.  My Reality.  My choice to create the painful or joyful reality I was living.  My thoughts.  I created the reality I was in.  I questioned.   Neither t he or she, those or  them make my REALITY. ..I do.   What I think about , does.  No matter how hard I prayed for things to  be OTHER than what they were, fell victim to my beliefs, it was STILL going to be my reality.   I thought  if I kicked an dscreamed and fantasize how other people ought to change and tilt the frame this way or that, shift the kalediscope of my reality, then all would be well.   But guess what?  I finally saw the light of REAL reality...
    LOVE WHAT IS! Embrace it all. It is going to be AS IT IS any way, so love it.  
    What freedom!  What acceptance! What flow! What peace!  What love!   
    As my teacher John Friend says, this reality is really just a big giant
    "pulsing blissball of love"
    and can't you feel it when you LOVE WHAT questions other than complete  acceptance and gratitude for what is yours today, and for what is mine.  To share my reality with you is all joy.  And to not share is joy too.  Because my joy depends on me, not you. 
    Love my new address. Love my new house, new hearth and home. Love the people who come and go and grace me with their lovely selves.  Love my linoleum, my chairs and plaster walls, my decor and all the adornments, just as they are. 
    I am home, in love.  

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    Monday, November 2, 2009, 1:45 PM [General]


    HUMAN POTENTIAL, from within. 

    Living asleep, or DYING AWAKE, and thinking your value system comes from something outside of yourself, defining WHO you are by the clothes you wear; the job you have; approval by someone ELSE; the girlfirends, or boyfriends;  your sexy quotient; the cars; the money; the cool social network you are a part of today---that is not success. success is who you are WITHOUT all that. 

    By CO-PARTICIPATING with the DIVINE through life, we get to taste the greater force in this global community of the heart. When we 'step inside" to OURSELF--all that we say, think, do and become- are from a seed that germinates inside of you. You get to choose HOW.
    We cultivate an inner compass that is directed by our sole purpose and not our persona (ego) that fit the bill for THAT day.  We engage in feeling who we are and how we are under all circumstances, and who is running the show......the singular, sole/soul you are with your extra-ordinary talents that you are genius in and not just excellent at.  When we live in "excellent" we can maintain an inertia, dying awake,  that keeps us the same, without expansion of any real current that lofts you higher into the next realm of possibility, your human potential.

    I wish you may blessings to reveal what lies within. The concealment was the "sleep". Allow your heart to open and feel, see, taste, become, and revel in the gifts you already have. NUMB, is the walking DEAD. WAKE  UP and connect with yourself and then to all the rest.
    1.  Sit in a relaxed fashion, either in a chair with your feet right below your knees.
    2.  Scan your body/mind with a beam of conscious awareness.
    3.  Locate a part of your body that you are aware of that is holding some sort feeling that is not just equipoise, perhaps a sense of tension.
    4.  Breathe in to that area and ask yourself to come up with some words that express what that feeling is.  Rattle them outloud... ie: "stuck", rigid" burning" etc.
    5.  Use you entire body to then create the shape of those words, the theme of your conscious awareness.  Then list words of how you feel IN the position.
    6.  Then you may ask yourself, "what does this shape of my body do for me?" how has it helped me deal with life in the past, perhaps when i was much younger.  ie: "protection" "invisible" "Hiding" "courage" 
    7.  Then ask yourself (EGO) to take a backseat and speak directly to this "persona" that has helped you "deal" and ask when he/she was born and what their role was to serve you.
     Suprisingly, you may find that the very persona that has risen to the surface is the EXACT persona that has lead your life (and is the opposite of what you wish to Be-come) and has been in charge , keeping you small and not expansive.  Kept you in the EXCELLENT zone and to expand we need to jump up into GENIUS ZONE to live your life form your own purpose and NOT from the purpose of a "self-created" persona that has little or nothing to do with the talents and gifts you do have.
    My Experience:  Disclosure:  
    The persona, "Invisible" has had a lot of airtime in my life,  She has lead me astray.  I, the real me, wishes for the gold carrot, but INVISIBLE says, "No, just go "this" far, your peers will get the gold, not you.  I will keep you Invisible, keep you safe from your fears.  You are good at hiding and being Invisible. It is your Excellent ZOne.  Do NOT move to Genius."  In fact, I was so excellent at this, that I have maintained this desiring/frustrating place to REALLY SHINE but never really actualize my true SOLE purpose ME!  So, I begin somethings, follow through on most, but leave many I walk around feeling "frustrated" because I gave away my power to "Invisible".
    A brief new look inside to the workings of mySelf.  Maybe YOUR Persona has been running YOUR LIFE....Think again, visit that persona and ask them, How old you were when they met you and HOW did they arrive on the scene of your life".
    Human Potential, growing, moment by moment.


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    Attention to Relationships

    Saturday, August 29, 2009, 4:27 PM [General]

    Remembering that what we experience as "negative" in ANY relationship is only a reflection of what lives inside of us. This reflection has shape and form in time and space. Easy for us to identify the "negative" in the "other" person, situation etc., yet it is never really ever about the "other".


    It is about US.

    They become the gift for us. They are doing EXACTLY what they are supposed to:

    to help us refine our OWN SELF ever more.

    When we "respond' from love and abundance for "ourSelf' , we no longer need to RE-ACT from FEAR and lacking. Then the "other", non-locally and naturally, responds to the highest transformed frequency of love from your heart. 

    POWER vs. FORCE?

    Then we cultivate and become the powerful beings we already are and no longer need to be the reactive forceful one . This is the blessing and wonder of attention at it's best.

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    Human Personality

    Sunday, July 19, 2009, 10:48 PM [General]




  when our individual human personality unites with our divine expansion, we call that yoga.   The attitude.  And it is in that expansion where we find ourSelf...together...deep.


    This is the place we begin to disCOVER ourSelves.  May each expansion reveal yet another moment to play with what we have UNcovered.   We get to place a renewed sense of consciousness on something we had not known before.  We are never "wrong", we just hadn't gotten to where we are now.   With revelation, comes the beauty of discrimination, the power of our "free will" make choices that serve our highest intention.


     Since we have a "body", how lucky we are to play with it.  TO  move with it, to groove with it, to listen to it with care and sensitivity, with Grace.  This Grace supports you to bring you to places you may never have thought ever possible.  Grace comes in the form of a new idea, a person, an inspiration, a shift...and boom!!!  You have transformed!


    May you have the blessing of being so witness to your sweet uncovering.  You are gift the Universe offers.  Live it!!!!

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    "Chronic Fatigue"????

    Thursday, July 16, 2009, 4:56 PM [General]


    Back to where I once was...




                                                     WOUND UP       and     WIRED...



    ever get that way...?  a little bit? sometimes?  once a month?


    Yup...uh huh...once again.  What did not get healed the first time, needs healing this time.  From the place of utter LOVE and Truthfulness and not FEAR.   Boy, that fear factor really jazzes things up a bit.


    Met a lovely older Russian couple on the beach yesterday, immigrated artists and yogis, and they had the attitude of "So what?!?"  in that gorgeous, supercilious tone as if to say, "Who cares?"  NO FEAR.  And a young man i know when he hears someone say "Go ahead", particularly from the NY/NJ area, he thinks it sounds like "See if I care" and THAT attitude just cracks him up.  In reality,  it means  "i agree, go ahead, do that".  


    So what about all this fear?   Fear is constructed to keep us pedaling the same bike on the same path to STAY the SAME.  Afraid of the unknown, of judgment of so much else, of being left alone, of having disruptions in our relationships..but i emphatically say, "WHO CARES...really, come on,  who REALLY cares?".  The cast of players in your life who are meant to be there, ARE and will be.  THis takes utter TRUST that your FAITH in something bigger and most supreme is at work here.  TRUST and FAITH.   Who cares?  The Divine in you and I care.   


    Okay, MAYBE, just maybe, chronic fatigue is just chronic FEAR!!!!!   hmmmm?  But who cares? (Joy Behar, do you hear?)





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    Creating and Re-Creating The World

    Wednesday, July 15, 2009, 11:01 PM [General]

     We are artists creating and recreating the world.   There are 6 billion artists creating this world...whether we create drama or beauty, we are all artists.  We are part of this grand sea of energy.  And by our choices we get to participate in it...our way.

     Sometimes we find ourSelves creating more beauty for ourSelves with more ease, love and kindness, while other times, it seemingly feels so much more effortful.  Other times we create more of what we say we don't want.  What makes all the difference is what follows.

    All life is in the form of energy.  When we have an image in our mind, it creates a thought, which creates a "feeling" which creates a "frequency" and that "frequency" creates "FORM" out of the formless, and that "form" is what we  call “OUR LIFE".    What makes all the difference, to create more beauty, health, love, pleasure in our life, is our "will", our artful, strategic, self-honoring “choice”. We get to create beauty by how, who, where and what we choose for ourSelves, vibrating with a frequency of what we want to create MORE of.  This is a magnetic resonance.  What we say and do is exponentially expanded, so by choosing wisely gives us more of the good stuff, to come our way-energetically.

    Energy needs to be kept moving so inertia is not cultivated.  Money needs to be circulated to create more, we need to exercise to keep energy flowing in our bodies and we need to keep learning new things to allow movement in the brain.  This is where optimal health is derived from, from carving the sculpture of life, energetically, through love.

    One very crucial tool us "life artists" use, is the brush stroke of our word.  Our word holds so much, much like a seed, holding all potential within -  Matrika Shakti. “Matrika” coming from the word “mantra or word”….and “shakti”, meaning energy/power.  What that power does, where it flows to and from - is attached to the words that shape, sculpt and determine what our life as we know it looks like, right now.  

    As this Midlife Mama notices, we can look at how this energy is harnessed to create constructive living.  We get to discriminate and use discernment to direct this energy.  The power of the word is as powerful as the tip of a protect or to destroy.  

    When life flows, ah..we feel so great, everything seems to just ‘work out”, traffic flows, co-workers offer you real time support, projects move with ease, finding the “executive parking spot” at the most crowded area,  your children are content and happy at school and in their lives…all is well in your world!!!   A pleasure-filled life!!!!!  Conversely, and we ALL have had this experience at one time or another, that no matter what, no matter what you do, how hard you plan, no matter what insight you may have,  a series of events that you are not happy with, keep occurring.  That is where the phrase “When it rains, it pours” or “I can’t win for trying” or some other powerful Self defeating word series seemingly became adopted. But energetically poisonous.

    Two scenarios…one bliss is brokered and the other, well, more of the same negative attracted energy.  Why? Because how we speak about our life is how we create and recreate it.  When it is going well, how many of us say, “ Well, I don’t know how long this is going to last”, or “This is a down market economically, can’t invent ‘that’ thing now”, or “Insurance companies are here to rip us all off” or “Kids today, they just don’t have any respect for authority”…and then guess what happens?  All of that becomes TRUE!!!  The negative energy of the words attaches itself to our reality. (Reality follows thought). I have lived it.  It is a habit of negative, victim, self-judgmental virus permeating our society and we all think it is real, because we all do it.  Then we wonder why someone else has all the luck.  Perhaps they digest life a bit more positively and offer frequencies of energy that construct, support, and rally the forces of the Universe in their direction toward beauty.  When thought, words and actions are aligned, an easeful quality emanates through everything.  

    To understand why and where positive or negative energy is borne from, we can look at our LIFE from a perspective of  “The ART Project".  A is for ACCEPT,  R is for “REJECT” and T is for TOLERATE.  When we are in a place where we ACCEPT or REJECT, we are clear minded  and our energy is so clean and in alignment to what we value, so we feel good.   Our values reflect what is near and dear to our heart.  For instance, a simple example, is most men value their wallet and keys, and they know exactly where they are at all times.  It is either in their back pocket, or their front shirt pocket, but close.  Our values cannot be compromised once we have them and IF they were to shift, we’d be the captain of that ship.

    So how does the letter  T for TOLERANCE fit into all this.  Here goes.  When we tolerate a situation, an idea, a schedule, a diet, a person, place or thing it conflicts internally with our highest values. This then creates an energetic disturbance within, and we feel it, it is a chasm between what we value and settling for some other value system that is not inherently our own.  Our intuition for what is right for ourSelf becomes disrupted.  While we wish to think we are compromising beings, what we are really doing is tolerating. Not accepting, not rejecting- just TOLERATING.

    The symptoms I have found of “tolerance” are anger, anxiety, criticism, contempt, defense, impatience etc and these internal feelings infuse every relationship you have, including the one you have with yourself.  This is theKEY:  yourSelf. When we do not honor ourSelf it creates low self-esteem, having ignored our own internal compass, our desires and values - we have sold out for something not our own.

    Since we cannot control any one but our ownSelf, we need to honor our Self and the divine beings that we are.  We can hear what is said or done and we can redirect that energy to the highest.  When you find yourSelf relating from "habit",  aka negativity, bring mindfulness and recreate the moment,  Breathe and then be ever kinder to yourself and say “I am sorry…Please forgive me…Thank you…I love you”…all to yourself and all FOR yourself.  This lifts your frequency in this big sea and vibrationally elevates those around you.  They will respond differently once you have. 

    Re-creating the world depends on you living your life in sync with the value system that honors it all and the words that represent it.  Matrika Shakti. .  And it is here where we create the world, one of 6 billion artists, brush stroking the colors of our individual palettes onto the universal canvas from the  love of ourSelf.

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    Midlife Mama Musings

    Friday, July 10, 2009, 10:03 AM [General]

    It has been quite the trip....raising three children, one who was born in a hospital 26 years ago, and two children, 20 and 17 1/2 born at home...that was when the kaleidiscope of my purpose for parenting/living was ever refined.


    You see, as a lttle girl, with hope, faith, promise of a world unfolding...being nestled not only with siblings, friends,  so many cousin's from first to second and to thrisrd and fourth once removed, twice removed...parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles and great uncles, i loved and was loved AS IF i was truly the center of the Universe and THEY were all my cheerleaders. 


    Here, today, in midlife, with one child out of the house, and another in college who walks in and out of our homelife pattern like a patron moving through a revolving door to some upscale hotel,  and one ready to go to college, it makes me reflect on WHO AM  My aunts and uncles are all gone except for three, i have lost cousin's who have died prematurely, witnessed and lived through suicide of close people, watched my own dad stuggle with being paralyzed only to gratefully walk again, although feebly, but decidedly strong to keep his pride and my mom, the Rock of Gibraltar, suffer through some surgery where she was faced that she can not do all she was able to before...her expectations so high, resisting 'going with the flow"....and now the my younger sister dissolving her vows of matrimony as she embarks on the stepping stones of divorce...with two young children...and my kaleidisope is in need of recalibration.


    Ah, so me...where am I in all of this?  Well, with a career as a Special Educator who turned Macrobiotic chef and coach to those who wish to make "well-being" their primary focus;  President of Non-profit chapters while mothering my three children all naturally, educating them in an alternative setting of anthroposophy with a focus on the Divine within themselves... I became and did very well as an Anusara yoga teacher/therapist, for the past ten years.  I worked and consulted with individuals, grops and corporations and helped them move from it emotional, mental, spiritual and/or physical-often times hard to draw a line between each.  Add a dash of motivational therapeutics for developing and honoring healthy self-esteem-the thread of my skill set offerings was to "empower" to see "potential" whether a special needs child, my own children or a group to step up and into the fullness of who they are...TODAY, with all the GIVENS exactly as they are...  That empowering, with attitude, alignment and action steps/ tool,s we can all shift and move with the currents of grace...and from that choice an energetic shift occurs.


    So, that is where I am now...floating in this SEA of ENERGY.  after my Midlfe Meditation this morning I shall speak more about this.  Right now, this moment i am ruminating, digesting and bobbling in the midlife waters of transformation-the change, the shift, the potential...


    Breathe in, PAUSE, Breathe out, PAUSE...all the way through men-O-pause, midlife...


    always, the midlife mama!!!

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    who do you want to be?

    Monday, April 13, 2009, 2:07 PM [General]

    we get to "choose' our reality by the gift of 'free will".  we get to align to the current we are in , right now.  we are offered the gift of embodiment to make beauty and art in this moment.  we get to live our  immortal selves within our mortal body.  how we choose, and what we choose to align to, and connect to, or  to bind to, for and with...creates the life we live. 

    "we become the company we keep, so keep great company"...the company we keep includes the form of our words, thougths and our actions....our cosnciousness through what we align to seals the deal.

    blessings on the beauty of your own heart...

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    another day in paradise

    Sunday, April 12, 2009, 11:07 PM [General]

    dear beliefnetters, 

    truly exciting to be on a site where so many are steeped in consciousness and bliss.    what a great response from you all.  thank you.

    connecting to the big the big picture as we live our embodiment connected to one another as supreme consciousness.  may we make this day, another day as a pearl on a silk strand..our lives, breath by breath, reveal that interconnectedness...

    shalom, shanti, peace-amy



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    Saturday, April 11, 2009, 6:52 PM [General]

    Dear Beliefnetters...

    I welcome and invite you step into this current, the current where we get to connect to our own hearts first, by opening up to the BIG open sky.  By opening up to the vastness of the Universe, we get a hit of the Universe that dwellls within you and within each of us...and together, when we are in that space and time, we are ONE.


    Join my group, Amy's Yoga Practice Group, and let's expand into the wildness of our own embodiment...and let's Live it UP!!!!


    always, amy



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