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    'American Idol': Inspire Me!

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    It's that time of year again! 'American Idol' is back, and this group will be the place where we can discuss everything from contestants to judges to theme weeks. My name is Lilit and I cover 'American Idol' for Beliefnet. I'll be leading this group over the next few months as we go from auditions to Hollywood to the finals. We will be looking at the inspiring moments from shows past and present and voting for the contestant that most inspires us week to week. Upload photos, link to video and music from the show and get in on the conversation. Start your own fan groups around contestants and get into the spirit of American Idol by sharing your own performances.

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    From last Thursday's "Wild Card" Show, I cannot believe that the blond girl (Sorry, I forgot her name) who did that weird funky dance, got chosen for the top 12 (13). She sang "Black Horse Under The Cherry Tree" horribly. I think they put her through for demographic reasons. Also, I cannot believe that they chose the last guy who sang "My Perogative" for the 13th slot. He sang that song awfully. I, also, think they put him through to make their group more ethnic and diverse to please the public. He certainly could not sing. Well, however they sing, I'm still obsessed with that show and I'd still watch it even if they all were tone deaf. What can I say? I'm a American Idol-aholic. I need help!!

    March 10, 2009
    5:48 PM
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