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    Ah that Issue about SoulMate. Sorry folks it is not necessarily a person you marry. Firstly let’s discuss what a Soul Mate is NOT: A Soul Mate is not someone you have the instant hots for. Reason a Soul Mate Relationship is more spiritually based than physical. A Soul Mate is not an excuse to have an Extra-Martial Affair. Remember a Soul Mate Relationship is more spiritually based than physical. Soul Mates Complement Each Other You don't have to agree on politics, but you better have compatible ideas on the nature of G-d (even if you practice different religions). You don't have to like the same comedians, but you have to understand each other's humor. You may give to different charities, but you have to share a generosity of spirit. One can be Felix and one can be Oscar as in the old T.V. program – The Odd Couple. However, you both better be on the same page when it comes to running the household moneywise. Most of all, you have to feel a connection -- a connection so strong that you say, "This may be the most remarkable person I have ever met in my life." Where you look forward just as much to conversations and activities out of bed as the other way around (although you want both). Soul Mates Have a Different Kind of Love A soul mate is not necessarily a love interest. A soulmate is someone that will mirror you, show you everything that is holding you back...a person who will bring you to your own attention so you can change your life. A true soul mate is probably the most important person you will ever meet. They will come into your life to reveal another layer of yourself to you, and then they leave. Soul Mates Navigate Differences It isn't the least bit important that they agree on anything but that they can still love, respect, and yes, even appreciate the differences of each other. It is the differences of other people that cause us to grow. Differences also smooth out the edges on our own personalities. A good relationship changes people for the better or rather facilitates an evolution that is both spiritual and personality wise. Soul Mates Feel Like 'Home' Where you can look at each other and no words need to be exchanged. There is no other feeling like it. The connection is physical, emotional and spiritual, It just feels like you have found your "home”. Soul Mates Learn from Each Other A soul mate is someone who walks beside you not in front. It is someone who listens when I speak and speaks while I listen. Supports you physically, emotionally and spiritually. That person doesn't have to agree with you all the time but is at your side. Someone who doesn't execute authority over you, because only our Creator in Heaven only has that right (regardless of which religions you happen to belong to). It someone who accepts you as the person. Your soul mate knows this and accepts it, and walks a mile in your shoes, then you both discussed what has been learned. Now I would like to present to you additional ideas on what a Soul Mate is and some of these ideas come from a book called “Finding Your Soul Mate” by Paul Fenton-Smith. In his book, he point out that a Soul Mate is someone that you have shared a previous life with. That it can be good or bad. Example in a previous lifetime, one of you was the gambler and wasted the other person’s money away. Now in this lifetime, you have come back together and it is a case of role reversal. In other words, you now get to experience the pain and suffering caused by someone else stealing from you, lying to you etc. So according to this gentleman you could experience a Soul Mate Relationship as a learning curve and this relationship is not mean to be permanent, it is just until you have completed the lesson together.

    June 15, 2012
    11:52 AM
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