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    new church?

    Tuesday, October 6, 2009, 7:26 PM [General]

    So in the beginning (lol) I took the beliefomatic quiz.  I know what I believe....I just didn't know where I fit.  So it tells me Universal Unitarians 100% and 98% progressive quakers.  Hmmmmm.  Well, there are no progressive Quaker congregations in this area....although all of them are progressive as compared to the general Christians here.  So I checked for UU congregations and found two in nearby cities.  I looked over their websites and I was really inspired.  I felt like their UU ed would fit what I wanted for my children and their goals and purposes matched mine.  Now....I just have to get there. 

    I am having trouble seeimg my way to/through things.  I feel like I need a ladder with itty bitty steps to lead me where I am going.  I keep feeling like things will be better once I am out of my current living situation but I know I need to be working on changes and moving forward every day. 

    Words of encouragement would be appreciated. :)

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    Sunday, September 13, 2009, 11:38 AM [General]

    Lately this keeps coming to mind so I am going to write somewhat stream of consciousness and see where it leads.

    It is difficult for me to justify all of the conflicts that arise over ownership.  Is there any tranquility or happiness in owning something or does it just feed an ego?  Is having a real Jackson Pollack any more satisfying to your soul than seeing the image? 


    When helping "hoarders" there is often a question of why this or that thing is important.  The owner answers that it belonged to someone in their family.  It is then pointed out that this thing that is so important is not being treated as such and is given no place of relevence in the home.  Is it the memory they are trying to protect or the thing?  This was daddy's pocketwatch and he left it to me.  It was his favorite thing so I must be his favorite...not you.  Isn't that what we are saying when we fight with family over the estate....aren't we really just fighting for position?  If we are happy and whole within we need to claim a position?


    Our neighbor is very concerned over which trees may be too close to the line.  He'd like to cut them down...we'd like to keep them.  I never think about the line except for knowing where to mow.  I like trees.  They make me feel more at peace.  This man never looks happy...even when his words are nice.  He is supposed to be very devout but he is sour.  I don't think that is what a relationship with God should look or feel like.  


    God gave us dominion over the earth and all that live on it.  I think that means that we are supposed to care for it.  Instead we fight over it, exploit it, pollute it, deplete it, kill it's inhabitants etc. etc.  When we were tribes, we worked with the earth, the weather, the animals.  We used what we needed with little waste.  Ownership was for the things that we used in housing, travelling, or working.  All of this could be carried with us from place to place.  We needed it for use daily.  Why do we need to own land, things to look at, etc?  We cannot take it with us after this life is over.  What are we fighting over?


    It seems to me that we are fighting over what is God's and claiming it belongs to us.  We are here but for a while and God has granted us use of this earth and asked us to respect and take care of it while we stay.  We are failing miserably and meanwhile arguing over an ownership that doesn't really exist.


     - al68 

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