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    The Bunny Trapped in A Bird Cage

    Wednesday, March 19, 2008, 10:51 PM [General]

    Please pray for the bunny trapped in my neighbor's birdcage in their solarium.  I saw it for the past three days trapped in there and had to bring some food to it from the ground next to the cage for it had none for three straight days.  I tried talking to the neighbors about it who blatantly lied and tried to say that what I saw wasn't so and I know that that is BS and a way for the guy to cover for himself should I call animal protection law enforcement.  These people can try to get away with saying, "Oh that's just a temporory cage".  For three straight days?  That poor animal barely had any room to move in.  I know I should have just called law enforcement and got it over with from the beginning.  Now this animal probably has a long slow tortured life in front of him while they try to hide even further what they are doing to it.  I hope I can still get the chance to rat them out because I can never feel like that is not the kind of rat I choose to be for I am glad to be a good rat for G**.
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