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    February 1, 2009
    10:51 PM
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    I read your profile by doing a search for people under the topic dreams. I use to live in Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn. I pray that you find what you are looking for. In life you will come across many people and there are just as many beliefs, but you will have to search for what belongs to you. If you believe in Jesus Christ, then you might want to find a church that speaks to your heart. There are many types of ministries in christianity but not all of them will be for you. Beliefnet is a great place for educating yourself on different religions but if you seek spirituality that is not something you will find in a book or a website. Maybe some meditation will help you understand yourself more. The fact that you put yourself out there and say that you are searching but not quite sure what you are looking for says a lot and it's a wonderful place to start. But you should look at your personality and it will tell you a great deal about where to look for like minded people. Always be honest with yourself no matter how bad or embarrassed you may feel. There are no boogey-men in your life. You will always be your worst enemy and everyone does have a darker-side to them. We are all made of light and dark but it is what path you choose to follow that will tell you who you are and who's you are. Like Jesus said, "choose life or death and He suggest to choose life." I am a follower and believer of the Lord Jesus Christ. I know without a doubt that He lived here on earth and He was from the Father. That is all I can tell you I know, everything else I have to learn with time and experience. I'm sorry this is long but I've been there and done that. You can always find the Lord in the eyes and hearts of many people you come in contact with. If you belong to the Lord, your heart will always be your guide. May His Grace, Mercey and Peace be with you always, Jamila

    October 1, 2008
    9:24 PM
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    Just wanted to say hi:) Wishing you a great week and week-end ahead:) Ray

    October 1, 2008
    7:36 PM
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