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    Science and the Existence of God

    Thursday, November 8, 2007, 4:39 AM [General]

    The world view on the relationship between science and religion has changed to a great extent since the days of Galileo who was punished and jailed simply because he propagated that it is the Earth that goes around the Sun and not the other way as mentioned in the religious scriptures at that time. Religions originated to guide the human beings for ethical way of living. These were defined by the religious leaders or so called representatives of GOD either verbally or through scriptures. Unfortunately the practice of religions in due course degenerated in to power politics to gain control over the society. Binding rituals and practices were prescribed and common people were made to follow these for fear of earning the displeasure of GOD if not practiced. Today the ethical living has become secondary and the practice of most religions is primarily through following certain prescribed religious practices.

    Scientists have by and large ruled out most of these religious rituals as unscientific. However some scientists have been trying to figure out the existence of GOD through scientific reasoning. Einstein’s famous equation E = mc2 indicated in early twentieth century that all matter is in the form of energy. Max Planck, the father of quantum physics, regarded consciousness as primary and matter as its derivative. Dr Bhowmick has in fact written a book called ‘Code name God’ that tries to link science with God at the time when universe would have been created. The paragraphs below rely mostly on the contents of this book 

    All matter is created by the combination of the basic building blocks of molecules. This is true of all inanimate as well as living objects. The only query has been about the ‘life’ in the living objects. Human intelligence or understanding cannot be adequately answered as being some form of interconnected bank of nano-computers.

    The universe has a continuous interplay of energy in and around everything. While we don’t see energy we can realize its impact. The various forms of energy are confined in some form of ‘non-physical’ packets called fields. We don’t see these fields also but know them by the force associated with them. There are certain fields defined by forces like gravitation force that we can perceive. But there are other fields that pervade all the space and time. They are quantum fields. They are not geometrically locatable but are everywhere. Their dimensions are not constant and hence can never be measured. Particles are created by the interplay of these energies and are held together by nuclear force. Only some of these particles combine to form molecular matter, as we know them.

    Before the cosmic explosion or ‘big bang’ there was no space. The main question is what is it that ‘banged’. How did it become the universe we now know? Dyson stated that the universe while being created would have known in some sense that intelligent life would come. An observer at that moment would have had an interactive and a participatory relationship. Scientific ‘nothing’ has to accept the spiritual ‘nothingness’.

    As Dr Bhowmick says, when we are ‘alive’ there is some sort of coherence that gives us the ability to ‘understand’. Cosmology, the science of cosmos, also points to the existence of a singular governing force. Are mind and matter but different projections from some very orderly process where this division does not exist? Is there one source in this understanding that is both primary field of our universe and consciousness? It would be logical to infer that this one source of spiritual tradition is part of scientific reality. Is this one source same as GOD?

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