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    A Course In Miracles Mind Training Team 2008

    The Great Work Begins

    Tuesday, January 1, 2008, 2:24 AM [General]
    Posted By: Being Grace

    Here we go into a new way of perceiving the world. One year from Deceber 31st, some of us will have completed the “Course Workbook”; and depending on our individual efforts, our openness to the teachings, and our understanding of the teachings, our experience of this reality will have shifted.  If you’re just starting your Course work today, that’s great.  Take your time and go at your own pace. You’ll finish in perfect order.

    You’ll find the first few days to be easy as you’re all geared up to do your Workbook lessons; but as the days roll by, we may need to prod one another along. This program is as challenging as it is rewarding. Reading the Text is often equated to reading poetry as it is written in a style similar to that of Shakespeare. The daily Workbook Lesson takes discipline.

    That’s why we have each others e-mail addresses. If you get behind and find yourself needing some motivation or if you don’t understand what you’re reading, e-mail someone in the Group for help. Also be sure to read “Disappearance of the Universe” as soon as possible because it explains the point of view from which this teaching is coming, which is non-duality.  

    In these first months of our Training, we really don’t understand non-duality. We live in a dual world where everything has it’s opposite. What this Training is all about is moving our Mind away from dual thinking to non-dual thinking. In one year, you will know what non-duality means. This is the best gift you can give to yourself, your family and to the world for 2008. The fact that you’re in this group is testimony to your awareness. You are an evolved Spiritual being with a very high consciousness. That said, I must now remind you that in non-duality, there are no levels and we are all the same, no one being higher than another. Let me leave you with the following quote, the source of which I apologize for not remembering right now.

        “Christ has risen from the sepulcher of my indifference, and I behold him in the Light of my devotion. I, a sleeping son of God, am coming out of my bodily prison into the vast freedom of Spirit.”

    That’s what this work is ultimately all about–our freedom.

             HAPPY NEW YEAR,  COURSE WORKER     


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    Welcome To The A Course In Miracles Group

    Tuesday, January 1, 2008, 2:11 AM [General]
    Posted By: Being Grace

    Welcome To Our Present and Future Members:

    This is an informal group dedicated to starting the “Course In Miracles Workbook” in 2008 as a daily practice.   This group has formed  as a support team of like-minded individuals whose goal it is to complete the Workbook,  read the accompanying Text and Teachers manual.  This group also understands the importance of reading three other books, two by Gary Renard, “The Disappearance Of The Universe” and “Your Immortal Reality” and one by Robert Scheinfeld called “Busting Loose Of The Money Game,” as they are important in establishing the non-dual nature and, therefore, the true meaning of “A Course In Miracles.”  To be a Member of this group, you simply must have the intent to start the “Course In Miracles” Work this year.  Some of us started on January first.  Others are still planning to start. If you would like to be a Member, just click the Group Name on my Profile Page of this website so I can accept you to our Member list.  

    This Group site is a work-in-progress and Journal entries are being continuously added.  We are so pleased you have decided to join us.   Once you’ve signed up, feel free to e-mail anyone on the list to talk about your progress or experiences while doing this work.  That’s what this group is all about--SUPPORTing one another until we all get it done, the Workbook, the Text, the Teacher’s manual, the two Gary Renard books and “Busting Loose of the Money Game” by Robert Scheinfeld.

    The official Course In Miracles website is at  It shares the daily Workbook lessons in both visual and audio formats; so, if you forget your book and have access to a computer, all is well.  You can order your books on   Take a look at “The Secret” DVD.  You can access it on line at thesecret.TV or purchase it at most Spiritual Book stores.

    For those of you who are local to the So. California area or eager to make a trip from where ever you reside, there’s an incredible Workshop/Retreat coming up on March 15 & 16 with Gary Renard, the author of “Disappearance of the Universe”.  It’s going to be held at the Joshua Tree Retreat and Event Center in the high desert above Palm Springs.  Just go to my website at and click on the name Gary Renard for more details.  You can also register on that page or call (949)306-2150 or (760) 228-3201 for more details or to register for the Retreat.We can’t think of a better focus for 2008 than by anchoring each day to a Workbook Lesson.  New pages will be added to this journal on a regular basis so keep checking in. 

    Wishing you many miracles in 2008,

    Love & Light Grace

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    We are now a Group of 4

    Wednesday, December 19, 2007, 1:36 AM [General]
    Posted By: Being Grace

    Hello Kismut, Littlebit,  and Loneimc (hopefully I've spelled your names correctly).  If not I'll do better next time.  I'm so pleased to say "WELCOME TO THE A COURSE IN MIRACLES GROUP!"  Right now, we're a foursome.  Let's get acquainted by sharing some things with each other like:

    1.  Why you're in this Group.

    2.  Have you done the Course before?  If so when and for how long?

    3.  Do you have all the materials?

    4.  Do you need more information about the Course? 

    Tomorrow, I'll lead the way and answer these questions first.  Till then, be well.

    Love & Light, Being Grace 

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