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    A Course In Miracles Mind Training Team 2008

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    A new year is starting here on our beautiful planet, Earth; and it's a perfect time to start gathering together a group of people who want to study the "Course In Miracles Workbook" together, read the Text and Teacher's Manual. Last year around the same time, I was called to start a group and did with about twelve friends. I created a website, scheduled Conference Calls, etc. The group never really connected, and I fell out of my daily practice several months ago. So here I am about to start "A Course In Miracles" again; and I'm inviting anyone interested to come along with me. I can't promise a lot of dialoging with anyone who chooses to join as I work and travel a lot. It would just be real sweet to feel like there are others on this path with me; and you all could dialog as much as you want with each other. This is a daily practice and asks for an ever-increasing time commitment. I truly believe it's the most powerful teaching on the planet today and is some of the best information available on the workings of the Ego (see my first Journal entry regarding Ego). I will share more information regarding "A Course In Miracles" in my daily Journal entries for any of you who have never heard of it and are feeling "the pull" to learn more. For those of you who already know about it and have been thinking about starting, here's your invitation. Frankly, it's a surprise to me that Beliefnet doesn't already have an on-going "Course In Miracles" Group. Well, NOW IT DOES!

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