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    HI ALL IN "CHRIST": During these, most holy of days, I would like to and thank our loving GOD, and for the strength that only GOD the FATHER, SON and HOLY SPIRIT are able to bestow on MICHELE on Holy Saturday as she is Confirmed into the Roman Catholic Church... May GOD bless and the HOLY SPIRIT always bless, strengthen and be with her at JESUS CHRIST'S side forever... Larry

    April 8, 2009
    9:55 AM
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    I was just checking out some info from Happymomoffive. I wanted to post this & see where it ended up. I'm still trying to navigate my way around suckville, I mean the new Bnet format.

    March 21, 2009
    2:10 AM
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    Hi every1. Just want to wish you all a belated Happy St. Patrick's Day. I hope to stop again, soon. This is a nice group. Catch you later.

    March 19, 2009
    5:13 PM
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    I CAN FINALLY POST A COMMENT ON THE GROUP I STARTED!!!!! I don't understand anything about the new Bnet format, & I haven't the slightest idea about how to navigate my way around either, but with the new format, I have been able to actually get in here & post something without it automatically being deleted & then being kicked off of my compuer. how is everybodys Lenten season going? what have you given up for lent? has anyone been attending Stations of the cross? I am looking forward to talking with all of you & getting much feedback and many new ideas. GAME ON, SO LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED. GOD BLESS YOU ALL & THANKS FOR BEING SO PATIENT WITH ME AND WELCOME TO A CALL TO CATHOLICS!!!

    March 13, 2009
    8:47 AM
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    I can't figure it out..

    March 10, 2009
    5:03 AM
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    How do you start a thread? How can we get our recent posts back? So far, this new B'net sucks. Dave

    March 1, 2009
    11:09 PM
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