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  • Still damp and lovely here.  I think Beliefnet is going to be a good support network for me plus give more people to pray for.  Just ... more
  • It's still Alaska/Seattle weather here: cool, damp. I am thinking about our soldiers in Afghanistan, Iraq, scattered around the world ... more

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    teaching english often falls into your lap as an english teacher living abroad... i'm interested in international social development so that put me in another country and in need of a job, so i gave it a shot to see if it's something i'd want to do in the future. i think it may be an activity for me to do on the side, but teaching doesn't quite spark my passion (or at least my most recent experience didn't). being a teacher is something one has to really want. that's my little thought of the day. have a good one!

    July 15, 2008
    2:09 AM
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