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    Heavenly Father and Creator, I pray for KurlyMarie to have peace with You. When she cannot understand everything that is going on in her life, and things are not going the way she wants...grant her power (the anointing of Your grace) to be a maker and a maintainer of peace with others through the wisdom of God's Word. I pray that she will have peace and enjoy life today and everyday.

    July 18, 2008
    3:54 PM
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    I hope this picks you up (whether it is final or your loved one returns). Loss is always difficult to reason. Whenever someone suffers such deep rooted loss it brings a pain that simply can not be explained. The only (true) comfort (other than hoping all will turn out well) is knowing that such loss reflects the way God felt when his creation fell from grace. This is why sometimes such loss can be viewed as God calling you to love / know him. This loss means you now have some way to connect with God because you share something at a deeper level. This is not to say: your love won't return or you won't find someone to embrace you the way that you are yearning for. Such happiness is inevetable. Know God cries with you when you cry and he looks forward to seeing you happy (filled with joy). Bless

    May 13, 2008
    7:57 PM
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    April 22, 2008
    5:57 PM
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